Professional tv bracket in Singapore

Professional tv bracket in SingaporeIn most cases, guessing the size of a TV is sufficient – along with its price – to direct the choice on one model rather than another. However, there are situations in which the customer or the professional who studies the rooms in the house needs to know the exact measurements of the width and height of the TV. An example may be the installation of the TV between two windows, in a niche, or a motorized TV bracket on the ceiling.

Whenever we want to adjust an extraordinary material in our room or our house we can’t go for common material, but we need a professional material, in this case, we can say that if we want a tv bracket in Singapore which one can disappear and reappear when we want then we’ve to use a professional tv bracket with a motor which can fulfil our requirements, we can’t go for a simple tv bracket, otherwise, it can’t fully satisfy our requirements.

However, I’ve to underline the fact that it’s not enough to have only a professional TV bracket, but with a professional TV bracket, there are many things which are necessary to achieve an excellent final result.

Easy, simple, fast. Here are the available features of the most common support in domestic homes:

Fixed Professional tv bracket

The fixed connection is the cheapest and easiest to install. It is also the most stable if the TV is large and heavy. In practice, it allows you to have the TV hanging on the wall as if it were a painting, with no possibility of movement. It’s okay if you watch TV from the same distance and position (e.g. only from the fixed distance sofa).

Tilt Professional tv bracket

This type of support allows tilting the TV vertically ensuring the inclination of the screen towards the other or downwards. It is ideal if there are problems with light reflections or if you watch TV from positions with different heights (e.g. standing, chair and sofa).

Swivel Professional Tv Bracket 

The swivel version also allows movement on the horizontal axis and is convenient for orienting the TV towards different positions within the same room (e.g. in an open space either from the sofa, from the table or while cooking).

Warning! The supports that are at the same time inclinable and rotatable, although they seem to solve many needs, risk leaving a TV that is always a little crooked. This is because, while tilting the TV to the right or left, there is often the risk of compromising the inclination by a few degrees (even if the gear has been tight). If the inclination is not strictly necessary, it is preferable to opt only for orientation on the horizontal plane.

Visible Professional Tv Bracket

If you like the ceiling solution and want to show off the elegance of the bracket, you can opt for visible support with a great aesthetic impact. You will thus have the opportunity to free up space but at the same time give a touch of elegance and style to your living room.

All ceiling brackets can be controlled remotely, with wall switches or directly from the home automation system. The unsightly cables are hidden inside the bracket ensuring order and cleanliness.

Warning! Before installing this system, it is important to have checked the tightness of the ceiling. It must be made of concrete or solid brick.

Movable arm Professional tv bracket 

These brackets allow you to move the appliance away from the wall and therefore facilitate viewing if the TV is far from your viewing point. To be evaluated if you have a medium-sized TV or cannot meet the optimal viewing distance

Remember! Except for the fixed model, it is possible to find some models with motorized movements.

Floor Professional tv bracket

It sounds like a bizarre option but in reality, it is so modern and designs that it is becoming increasingly popular. The TV floor bracket is undoubtedly functional as well as an aesthetic solution of great impact.

The floor brackets can be simple totems to which to hook the TV (and other devices) or motorized. The latter allows the TV to tilt slightly, position it at the desired height, and rotate the screen 360 °.

Fixed or with practical wheels that allow you to move the TV wherever you want. The floor TV brackets become real furnishing elements as well as a source of lighting thanks to the multicolour LED base.