Planning to buy a new TV set?

tv bracket project in SingaporeTV panels today are not merely television screens but technological marvels in their own respect. Twenty-Five years ago one wouldn’t have imagined that TV screens large enough to display life-size and with internet/web access would weigh only 100 pounds. Such latest technologies, although look fascinating but at the same time cost a bang. With advent of 4K UltraHD and Curved screen technology, the prices can reach up to SGD 40,000. This is the upper limit of TV prices, but let us accepts the fact that consumers buy white goods according to their purchasing power. But for people at TVBracketsSG, we provide solutions to safeguard your TV from mishaps, regardless of its cost.

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If you are spending few thousand dollars on a device that is probably going to provide you entertainment for 10 years, it’s not good idea to not spend a few extra dollars on a safe and smart TV bracket or a Mount. We get the latest gadget launches before other countries, as people here are tech savvy and like to keep them updated with latest developments. But protecting such gadgets are important especially TVs as they are fragile but not you worry, as we have made available high quality TV Brackets in Singapore just a phone call away!
What are the benefits of TV Brackets over conventional TV placement solutions?

  1. Utilizes the unused expanse of area on the walls VS Require dedicated space for the TV
  2. Space in the Room/Hall/Office is saved VS These in fact eat up space
  3. A robust Bracket or a Mount is all you need to spend money on VS Require fancy decorations; Entertainment centre or a table to keep TV on
  4. Offers a range of adjustments depending up on the type VS No adjustments possible other than moving the whole setup
  5. 6 Way adjustments possible; (1) Up- Down tilt (2) Left- Right Swivel and (3) Fore- Aft movements VS Sorry nothing here!
  6. Safe and Secure; Your TV will be out of reach of children and pets VS LCD/ LED panels being light, often get damaged thanks to children and pets, when kept on table tops
  7. Offers the flexibility of hanging your TV anywhere you like VS Certainly you wouldn’t want to keep your TV on a table in your kitchen
  8. The money you will spending on a TV bracket or mount is not much VS A entertainment centre is an expensive furniture and a TV showcase or table just don’t have any benefit of their