Parts Of TV Mount Bracket In Singapore

Parts Of TV Mount Bracket in SingaporeAfter choosing your desired TV brackets, determining where you want to install your TV and figuring out other aesthetic and technical issues comes the second process which is deemed the most difficult: installing your TV brackets. It is totally doable on your own; however, it would be a much wiser and better choice to hire a specialized company in order to do the work for you. Installing TV brackets can be a stressful process when done on one’s own, and can even cause danger, harm, injuries and further complications to both humans and objects if assembled incorrectly.  You might not want to pay extra money for installation. Fortunately, there are many companies in the field. But there is one that particularly stands out for its stellar services and affordable prices: TV Bracket in Singapore.

The Right Equipment

Before you install your wall mount bracket, you need sure that you have the right equipment at hand, as you will not be able to perform any assembly tasks without them. These tools include a number of different screws depending on which TV bracket you have, a drill, a hammer, and screwdrivers. Make sure that you practice basic safety precautions when using these pieces of equipment so to not cause harm to one’s self or any other individuals or objects around. Since not many people possess such equipment, hiring a company such as TV Bracket in Singapore can facilitate the whole process since the company has a number of trained professionals at hand who are in possession of such equipment and are fully trained to deal with it and deal with any issue that might arise during the assembly period.

Parts and How to Assemble

When you purchase a TV Bracket in Singapore wall mount, it comes with several different parts; each one has a different use and a different way of assembly. First of all, you need to specify which kind of TV you own: either an LED TV, or a smart TV. These two are different, and require different parts in order to be safely mounted onto a wall. After that, you will need to determine the size of your TV, as different sized TVs require parts that are differently sized, obviously. This will make sure that you get the right parts to support your TV properly and keep it mounted nicely and safely. Next, you will choose the style and function. After you have done all these steps, a TV Bracket in Singapore technician will visit your space to process any essential information and data. The technician will flush the wall where you want the TV mounted to make the attachments invisible. After that, you will be provided with three different parts: A level, a stud finder, and a wrench and screwdrivers. You will also need to have cable finders, pipes, epoxy glue, nails, and bolts. You might not need to have all these tools, but keeping them close can make installing the TV bracket easier.

Final Process

After you receive the parts, you will need to lay the long horizontal plate on the wall and mark the points where you want to hang it with a washable marker. Just make sure to press the plate firmly and mark the points properly. After you’re done, drill into the six holes already available on the plate.

Afterwards, use the studs and make sure they’re at the back of the wall where the drilled holes are. Prior to drilling, make sure to consult your landlord or a technician to avoid accidently drilling into water pipes or electricity wires to avoid unwanted complications.

After you drill and attach the plate, place your TV face down (on a soft surface to avoid scratches or damage!) and attach the two brackets on the back of it whilst making sure they are both as symmetrical as possible. Use the spacers to tighten the bolts on the TV as much as you can. When all is done, you should have no problem assembling your TV on the wall, as all TV Bracket in Singapore wall mounts comply with the VESA standards.

After all this, what you need to do is to connect the wiring and the cables in order to plug your TV in. That’s about it! The process of mounting a TV on walls made of different materials is quite the same. For best results, make sure to contact TV Bracket in Singapore by visiting thewebsite ( and checking their informative blog. TV Bracket in Singapore will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you have.