Mistakes people make when mounting a Tv Bracket in Singapore

Mistakes people make when mounting a Tv Bracket in SingaporeMounting a television is not one of the easy tasks you could take on, and especially if you are doing it all by yourself and for the first time. It comes with its own challenges an if you are not careful right from the start, don’t be surprised to find that you’ve missed a step or two. Most people don’t like the look of dust accumulating on the stand and therefore, they feel that mounting the television is the best option, also for therapeutic advantage and creating an aesthetic ambiance around the house, Tv Bracket in Singapore are the best option.

Mounting the bracket wrongly could result in so many ‘catastrophic’ and tragic accident. Mounting the television wrongly could be indeed costly. So how do you avoid ugly scenes? Mounting the television properly! But mounting the television properly on to the wall sounds like a tough challenge, trust me, it is but lucky for you, we have compiled the right procedure for you to follow.

Read the instruction manual

The first mistake that most people do is throwing away the instruction manual after they unpack their Tv Bracket in Singapore. Well, if you are one of these people, I wouldn’t blame you much because everybody hates reading documentation, I do! But do yourself and read the instruction on the best practices on the manuals. It will go a long way to helping you avoid numerous mistakes and accidents.

Choose your location wisely

The next thing you want to do is choosing your location very wisely. The best location is determined by a number of factors including the viewing angle, sun exposure, the location where you are put connected devices and to the location nearest to the power outlet, and believe me the worst mistake you could ever do is mounting the television only to realize that the plug won’t make it to the power outlet. Then there’s the issue of where you cable work will be, hanging cables can be an eyesore therefore, you have to make a consideration where your cables will be placed.

Avoid mounting above fireplace

As counter-intuitive as it might seem mounting the television is a bad idea. Many houses are laid out with fireplaces as the focal point and thus, mounting above the fireplace seems like the best place, it is obvious! Well, most experts argue differently and you will find different materials on the internet advocating for this, but one thing is, electrical appliances do not mix very well with smoke, not with immediate but with time, you will realize it. in fact, it shortens the lifespan of these appliances.

Mounting on dry walls

Dry walls are a danger to everything you plan on hanging on the walls. Unless you want to risk all your investments and watch them free falling from the wall, I’d suggest you completely avoid the dry walls completely. Before mounting the television, you should do an investigation to determine if the location. All in all, you have to make sure that the place you are mounting the television is not drywall. Use your stud finder or a drill to make sure that you have the right location.

Make the right selection

There are different Tv Brackets in Singapore, and if you are not careful, you will be confused and you’ll end up with the wrong choice and with poor quality. We have tons and tons of information that will help you make the right selection of your television mount. Among the choices, we have flat, full motion and tilt which alters the viewing angle. More importantly, you have to make sure that your Tv Brackets in Singapore follow VESA guidelines if your television does.

Secure your television and the mount safely onto the wall

Lastly, after mounting the television on to the wall, you have to make sure that everything is working properly and that the mount and the television are safely held, each on to its place. The mount should be held firmly on to the wall, and the television should be held firmly on to the mount. You have to make sure of this.

Don’t Focus on The Bracket, Focus on Your Television

Don’t Focus on The Bracket, Focus on Your Television in SingaporeOver the years, I have read tons and tons of materials about Tv Brackets in Singapore and they all have one thing in common, they put so much emphasis on the bracket itself forgetting that there are several aspects of the television that the user has to consider when shopping for the right even before focusing on the bracket related aspects and features.

Why the television you might ask because its why we have gone into the trouble of finding the right mount. A lot of people make a mistake and go buying the Tv Bracket in Singapore without first of all considering the television and today, we are going to discuss some of the most important consideration about the television before buying the wall mounts. This might seem very obvious and having mounted televisions for quite some time now, I can confidently tell you that the most important consideration you can ever make is about your television.

Weight Limit of Your Television

The weight of the television is an important consideration that you need to make before buying the mount. Most people make the assumption that just because the flat screen panels are slim, they are light, and they are, compared to the CRT tubes.

Putting this consideration in mind, whenever shopping for the mount, you must check that your best choice for the mount can support the weight of your television. The worst tragedy is mounting the television and the next thing you know is that it has fallen down. However, I am not saying that if you exceeded a certain weight limit that the television will fall, most of the manufacturers err and therefore, you must check the maximum capability that your television mount can carry.

We’ve seen it happen especially with the full motion television brackets where a person exceeds the maximum weight and the result has been catastrophic because when you put a strain on the full motion bracket and then you try pulling the television out of the wall, the weight become excessive.

Maximum Size of The Television

This seems so obvious and in fact, most people would ask what relation there is between the size and the bracket capacity, at least, for the weight it would be understandable. If you are unsure of the size of your television, measure from corner to corner of your television in inches and that is the size of your television.

Why size? Most people don’t know that the older version of flat screen television had a wider frame around it and therefore, you would make an allowance for this. Most of the newer versions barely have a frame at all, the infinity screen but you will notice that they come with two sets of speakers on the side which makes the television appear bigger. And while this might seem a non-issue, imagine when you want to access a cable on the back of your tv but you cannot because you are being blocked and can’t reach the cables. So, this is an issue that most people forego but it is very important to make that consideration.

The VESA Guidelines

This perhaps is the most important consideration you will have to make before purchasing the television mount. The VESA guidelines allow the user to fit in the television perfectly on to the mount and exceeding the weight or the size parameters of the television is obviously bad, but not being able to fit in the television on to the mount is tragic! VESA positioning is measured in millimeters. Before purchasing the mount, you have to check the measurement, otherwise, it will be a drain of money and effort, after that, check with the Tv Bracket in Singapore that you have purchased is compatible with the television.

One other important thing, do not assume that because VESA specifications of the TV brackets exceed that of the distance between fixing holes on the back of the television that it will automatically be fine because it won’t.

Understanding the Full Motion Tv Brackets in Singapore

Understanding the Full Motion Tv Brackets in SingaporeWe have in the past covered the different types of Tv Brackets in Singapore. But we have to do a recap of what a bracket really is. In our previous article, we said that a bracket, according to Wikipedia is an architectural element with some decorative properties, it can be made using all sorts of materials. Typically, it projects from a wall, to carry weight and sometimes to strengthens an angle.

Today, we’ll discuss a particular type of bracket, the full motion brackets which I think, is one of the most misunderstood Tv Brackets in Singapore and people are running towards other types of the brackets, foregoing the full motion television brackets.

The Full Motion Brackets

Just as the name suggests, the full motion brackets will enable the television to tilt in full motion. Just as simple as that! The beauty of these brackets, unlike other types of Tv brackets in Singapore, is that you can be able to view the television in a manner that you desire, from whichever position.

The motion, however, comes with a cost, that is something that I would like you to remember as we demystify further the concept of full motion brackets and perhaps, this is one of the reasons why most people prefer other types of brackets. In truth, the full motion brackets are expensive, BUT worth every cent.

One other reason that I think people avoid the full motion television brackets is the fact that they are too complicated to install. To install the full motion television brackets requires an assembly of three parts. There is the bracket itself, there is the arm and finally fixing the mount on the wall. Basically, to do all this work, you will need two to three people for the work. So, most people avoid this hassle by choosing the other types of Tv Brackets in Singapore that are much easier to install.

Full Motion Television Brackets and Tilting Television Brackets

Over the course of business, we’ve had to deal with people who do not understand the difference between the full motion television brackets and the tilting television brackets. They might sound the same, and actually seem the same but as far as the movement goes, the key difference between the full motion and the tilting television mounts is that the full motion bracket will allow the user to adjust the viewing angles of the television to a level that is much more comfortable to the user.

Basically, the full motion television brackets allow the user to move the television physically, unlike the tilting television just tilts the television but from the same position. That is what makes this type of television bracket very unique.

Technology Behind the Making

Earlier I mentioned that the full motion television brackets have three very distinct parts which is one of the primary features that tell it apart from all other Tv Brackets in Singapore. the full motion television bracket is a modified version of the tilting with the only addition being the moving arm.

The movable arm connects the flat panel to the wall and makes it possible for the user to extend the television from the wall. With this addition, the user is able to swivel the television on its horizontal axis.

Why Use Full Motion Television Brackets

It is expensive, yes and we cannot deny the fact that it is hard to install, but that should not deter you from using this television bracket. There are a ton of other benefits that you will get by simply using the full motion television brackets one of them being that they offer buyers extended flexibility. The full motion brackets allow the user to tilt and swivel the television allowing him or her to position the television in the best viewing position.


The full motion television brackets are mostly useful if you are planning to use your flat screen television set in a large room where placing the television statically in one position is not ideal. You want to place your television in a place accessible to everyone such as the corner, yes, all other television brackets may work, but the full motion television brackets are built for this highly advanced position.

Tv Stands or Tv Brackets in Singapore

Tv Stands or Tv Brackets in SingaporeOver the years, this is a question that has raised a debate. Some people prefer normal television stands while others prefer to have their television mounted on a wall. In theory, both the options seem very good and none seems to be best, all are, but today, that is precisely what we are going to be looking at. The television mounts and the television stands. In the end, you will have a good judgment to make.

Television stands or the entertainment units

With people watching televisions now more than ever, it is very likely that they are to invest in modern technology now more than ever before. While all these appliances and television sets improve the quality of life and entertainment, the value of a humble entertainment cabinet should never go unwarranted.

Tv stands make your home look organized

While the mounts are an efficient way to conserve the floor space, that might be the only reason why most people prefer them, otherwise, they are not very functional. Have you ever mounted television and you left wondering where to put your cable work? That’s just one of the many worries that you’ll experience with the mounts. However, having a television stand will help you keep everything organized and in order. It is a great way to conveniently store and organize all the accessories, thus helping you reduce the clutter in the living space.

Bring out the naturality of your home

Let’s be honest, cords hanging everywhere? That’s ugly! Having an attractive stand has the potential to boost your home natural feel. With a decorative piece, you will be able to arrange everything in order. To attain that natural ambiance of your home, you have to make sure that the television stand matches the existing décor of the room. Contemporary interiors can gain many benefits from the television unit, especially where it is made of stainless steel or even glass – provided that it’s strong.

A versatile and safe solution

Wall mounting involves a lot of drilling and precision but for the entertainment units you just need to place them at the desired location and that’s it. one more thing, the television stands are quite flexible and you just play around with them, you can move them whenever you want, which makes them a convenient solution if you want to have the flexibility of rearranging your furniture layout in the future. Also, do not forget that some television is so heavy and therefore being supported by a television mount can really be a problem. with the television stands, the weight of the television is a non-issue.

Television Mounts

Well, television stands are good but the fact is, every flat screen television was designed to be mounted. If you look at the back of the television, you will notice that it has some holes which are meant to be attached to the mounts and brackets.

Save space

One of the main advantages of television stands is that it allows you to save so much space. Because the flat screen panels are so thin, it means that they can be secured so close to the wall and they will hardly stick out at all. This means that they do not take up much space, unlike the television stands.

Establish a focal point

The other advantage of the television mounts is that they establish a focal point of a room which further gives you a sleek and modern finish. The cable works can be hidden to make the room less cluttered.

Easy and cheap

Tv Brackets in Singapore are very easy to handle and very cheap compared to the television mounts. In addition, there are a lot of options when it comes to the television bracket, unlike the television stands. In addition, they are easy to install. They come with a step-by-step guide to help you install the Tv Brackets in Singapore.


I think these two options are great, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I also think this is the 21st century and the television stands are being bypassed by the wall mounts.

Installing Bathroom Television Brackets in Singapore

Installing Bathroom Television Brackets in SingaporeModernizing your bathroom seems like the best choice ever and if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a television for your bathroom, you’ll need to first consider your safety, and the safety of your bracket. We have almost a decade of experience in the installation of Tv Brackets in Singapore. So today we are going to discuss about the safety of television bracket installation in the bathroom.

Unlike the kitchen which is the center of family life, or even the living room which is a den of the for family and guests, a bathroom is a private retreat and a hideout from all the world around, temporarily at least. One of the reasons why people love having a television in the bathroom, is the soothing background noise as one prepares to go for bed, or even, as you prepare for the day, you’d like to get a jump on the day’s headlines as you prepare in the morning. However, mounting a television bracket in bathroom is not as simple as it may look. And its not the same as installing a bracket in the living room.

How safe are bracket tv brackets in Singapore?

Most people have safety concerns for the Televisions mounted on the living walls and surely, having a television mounted on the bathroom raises a lot of safety concerns. We understand why most families have an issue installing waterproof television in the bathroom for the first time, but our services meet the market grade requirements of safety standards.

One thing is certain that installing a television bracket in the bathroom is not easy and therefore, this explains the safety concerns. Therefore, you need to find a company that has a good reputation and professional services. Tv Brackets in Singapore is well versed in all matters to do with television mounting. So, depending on who installs your brackets, I’d say television mounting in bathroom is a very safe option.

Installing television in bathroom

Shop for a waterproof television

In bath, especially one that is used on a daily basis, shopping for the normal television set is not a good option. In fact, I would totally ignore installing the normal television set for any bathroom. It won’t stand the humidity. A waterproof television is designed specifically for the bathroom. It withstands the humidity and moisture buildup in the bathroom. When purchasing your television, make sure to select the one that’s rated for bathroom or outdoor use, which means that it can withstand wet environments. You should also check for more specialized versions for example televisions that have built in fog resistance.

Choose your view

Different people will experience television as an amenity and a center for luxury and comfort, while others will view it as an invasion to the daily life. If you want to install a television in the bathroom, you need to choose an optimal location where you will install it. it is not supposed to be too high, otherwise you won’t see a thing, and, it is not supposed to be too low. After you’ve decided where you want the television, if its too high, choose a wall mount that will tilt to a position of optimal view. Hop on to Tv Brackets in Singapore to view our wide collection of brackets.

Make sure to tilt the television for comfortable viewing

If you want to enjoy your television while taking a bath, the last thing you want is to have to crane your neck to see the television. When deciding the optimal view, you either mount the television low, or go with a style that will pivot up and down to allow proper positioning of the television where you are most comfortable to watch it.

Consider hiding it

You will notice that television in the bathroom do not naturally fit and therefore, you should consider hiding it to avoid drawing too much attention. You could conceal it in a bathroom door in a recessed niche. You could also fit the bract in a movable piece of a framed art for it to appear as natural as possible.


Having a bathroom television is one of the best choices and a number of technology companies now offer television screens embedded within bathrooms mirrors. These make the television completely disappear as soon as you press the button.

What TV Bracket Do I Need in Singapore

What TV Bracket Do I Need in Singapore If you have decided to mount your television, by now, I am quite sure that you have noticed that it’s not an easy task, maybe as you had previously thought it to be. Most of the modern television sets, in fact, all of them come with more advanced features than the old sets and one of these features is the ability to mount the television on the wall. And this has a lot of advantages, which we will cover later on.

When looking to buy a Tv Bracket in Singapore, you will have very many different and diverse options which might confuse you. Given the rapid pace by which technology is evolving, it wouldn’t be surprising to find different television brackets and their modified version in the same market. So, before making the purchase, we advise our customers to have the right information and knowledge of the available TV brackets in Singapore.

What are TV Brackets?

For those of you totally new to this concept, lets first understand what a bracket is. According to Wikipedia, a bracket is an architectural element: a structural or a decorative member that can be made of wood, stone, plaster, metal or any other media. The bracket projects from the wall, usually to carry weight and at times to strengthen an angle. So basically, a bracket is just an architectural element that is designed to support the television on a wall. Depending on where you want to mount or “hang” the television, you will find that the market is awash with various television brackets. We shall get into this later on in the article so keep reading.

Television Sets that can be Mounted

Now that you understand what a bracket is, the question that you may be asking yourself is, can all televisions be mounted. Technically, yes! While I am quite sure that I might come under heavy fire from enthusiasts in this field, I would like us to really consider what a bracket is, it’s just an architectural design meant to support something. So, I believe almost any television set can be mounted on a wall.

However, today’s television sets are ultra-thin and they come with provisions that allow them to be mounted on a wall. Basically, every flat screen television was designed to be mounted on a wall, why, let’s do this practice! If you look at the back your flat screen television, you will realize that it has four distinct holes which are placed at a unique distance from each other, these holes are what we use to mount the television successfully on the wall. Without them, we can never be able to mount the television on the wall.

So basically, the television sets that qualify to be mounted on the wall are the flat screen television sets, but essentially, every television can be hanged on a wall, let’s get the difference. There is mounting, and hanging the television on a wall. Mounting is fixing the television on the wall.

The Type of Bracket You Need

Well, here at Tv Brackets in Singapore we have a variety of television brackets and mounts but the question is, what are you looking for? You will find that there are a variety of Tv Brackets in Singapore and all seem good, but what is your end goal? And what type of a wall mount are you looking for?

In the market, we will serve you with different television mounting options. But before that, let’s get into the three categories of television mounting.

  1. Fixed Television Mounting

Just as the name suggests, a fixed TV mount does exactly what it does! It fixes the tv statically on a wall, in a single position. These are the most popular Tv Brackets in Singapore on the market. The good thing with these types of brackets is that you can get the television as close to the wall as possible.

  1. Tilting Television Brackets

Opposite to what a fixed television bracket does, the tilting television brackets allow movement. These brackets allow the mount to tilt either side by side or up and down at a fixed angle so that the television can be seen better. These are better and good when the TV is to be positioned at a relatively higher position than the normal viewing point.

  1. Full-motion brackets

These are the modified version of the tilting TV bracket that allows the mount to move in almost every direction. With these mounts, the TV can be made to move out to and from the wall. It offers flexibility and allows the viewer to watch the tv from all angles and directions.

To sum up, when shopping for Tv Brackets In Singapore, especially for the new buyers, make sure that you not only consider the price but even the tiny details like the mount style. But TV brackets are the most advanced and specialized form of mounting a tv that will give you comfort when watching and guarantees security.


How to install Ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore

How to install Ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore In our last article, we talked about what a ceiling mount is and some amazing aspects of the ceiling mounts. Today, we are going to discuss more on these mounts and specifically, how to mount them. If you read our last article, you must be wondering, how to install these ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore because, on the surface, it looks really complicated.

Remember we said that the ceiling television mounts come in handy where the space is quite limited. They are mostly used in restaurants and bars, but if you’re they still one of the effective ways to ultimately maximize the benefits of owning a flat screen television panel to economize on the space available. Contrary to what you may be thinking, mounting the brackets on to the ceiling isn’t that hard than mounting the bracket on to a wall. I will outline the procedure and if you follow it, you’ll see that’s it a very simple process.

Gather up your supplies

Of course, you will need the mount itself. These mounts are sold out on different outlets but if you are looking for genuine products, then Tv Brackets in Singapore is the place to shop for your bracket. We have a wide variety of these brackets. Now that you have the bracket, let’s try installing the bracket, but first, some of the things you will need include;

  • A drill.
  • Fasterners
  • Ladder
  • Socket wrench
  • Stud finder
  • Screwdriver

Am assuming that you have all these tools with you. The next thing I want you to do is to inspect the mounting slots on the back of your television. If you have been following our blog for long you must have noticed that each brand of television comes with a different placement for the mounting slots. They may either be in the square form or a rectangle form.

After identifying the four recessed holes with threading for mounting screws, the next step is to attach the mounting brackets to the back of the television. These are frequently long metal pieces with screw holes. Position the bracket such that the screw holes align with the mounting slots on the back.  Fasten this alignment.

At times a person will get so detached from the process and this might result in damages so after fastening the arrangement, the next thing you need to do is to make sure that the television mounting brackets are firmly attached and that there are no loose wiggling or gaps.

Working on the ceiling

Now that you have the set up with the television ready, it’s time to work on the ceiling. With a ladder, grab the stud finder and with it pass it back and forth to where you want to mount the bracket, when you find it, mark it with a pencil. It is very dangerous to mount your ceiling mount on any other place other than on the stud. It could free fall at any moment.

With a drill, make a hole on the ceiling for the television wires but this is really not necessary, but if you want to make your television wiring tidy, then make a provision for that.

With a pencil, you need to make an outline of where the ceiling mount is to be placed. After you have located the place where you are going to place the mount, hold it against that place and make an outline. Line up the wall mounting holes with the studs you had marked earlier, when the mount is in place, gently outline it.

Finally, fasten the mount on to the ceiling. Using the drill, screw the ceiling mounting plate into the ceiling studs. You’ll need to fasten the mount with bolts in which case you will need a socket wrench. Tighten the plate firmly into the ceiling.

Attaching the television to the mount

This is the last stage; all you need to do is assemble the mounting plate extension. Most of the ceiling television mount that you will see, have an arm or a hanger that descends from the ceiling. Attach the mount on the television with the provisions on the hanger. Also, you should make sure you connect the extension to the mounting plate with the fasteners.

That’s all you need to know about installing the ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore. It is fairly an easy process, but you have to make sure that everything is in place firmly. Always keep on checking the stability of the television mount time to time to make sure that everything goes well.


Ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore Buyers Guide: What They Are and Should I Use One

Ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore Buyers Guide: What They Are and Should I Use OneYou have bought a nice, sleek and modern flat screen television and you want to use it for your home entertainment and after your research, you have found that there are various ways to sit your television. But no, the stands seems so traditional and so you decide to go for the mounts, as you do your research, you note that there are different types of Tv Brackets in Singapore, you are not a cheap person and therefore, you make a decision to go for something with extra class and elegance, and that’s when you notice the ceiling mounts.

In our previous articles, we’ve been talking about the different types of wall Tv Brackets in Singapore, the television mounts and they are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Some of the mounts are ‘hybrids’ of the traditional mounts and brackets and come packed with features that truly makes them stand out from the other Tv Brackets in Singapore. We have not talked about the ceiling mounts and in this article, we shall be explaining as well debunking some myths about the ceiling mounts.

What Are Ceiling Mounts

What I love about most of the mounts is that they are self-explanatory and just looking at the name itself, you will understand what we are talking about. Now in our case, the ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore work in the same principle as all other mounts in that they hold the television in a fixed or moving position but now, on the ceiling.

They are an excellent alternative to the wall mounts and these are very special especially where the room is small or even having unusual designs. So, in essence, the ceiling mounts are just wall mounts but now dangling from the ceiling. A plate will attach to the ceiling, with a mounting arm that hangs down to hold the television.

Usually, some of the ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore have tilted and rotate the functions-built in. Some of the mounts will also allow the screen to swing upwards and therefore, the screen will be out of the way whenever not in use. basically, the ceiling mounts are just an advanced mount of the wall mount. Some of the mounts are designed to swing the television nearly flat against the ceiling.

Types of Ceiling Mounts

If you have walked into a bar, restaurants, banks, you must have noticed the different ceiling brackets that beautifully show the screens in a way to serve everybody. And while our houses are becoming more and smaller, the televisions are getting bigger and therefore, we need a space to support them and what better way than the ceiling mounts?

There are four main types of the ceiling Tv Brackets in Singapore and most of them are motorized and that means that they can be remotely accessed.

Dual ceiling mount which just as the name suggests, it can hold two television sets. Basically, these ceiling mounts are designed to be used in restaurants and bars.

Rotating ceiling mounts which allow the users to rotate the television up to 360 degrees. Therefore, it will not matter where you are, you can be able to watch the television from anywhere in the room.

The folding type; which are very modern and discrete. When you want to watch your television, you can just unfold the mount and watch. When you are not using the television, you will just fold it away. These folds are very aesthetical and they come with a lot of flexibility and practicability.

Extendable ceiling folds which ensure that the height of the ceiling will not be an issue as they can extend, or simply, they allow you to alter the height. Good thing is that you can operate them manually or with a remote.

Before Buying…

Having a ceiling Tv Bracket in Singapore is fairly simple and with today’s market, you will get almost anything and everything you want. However, before settling on the price, consider the size, the model and the price. Good models are pricier. Make sure that you are getting a television of high quality because you are installing the tv on a higher level which means the quality of resolution may be affected. Also, the quality of the mount counts a lot. Also, check to see the environment, for example, the room might be adequate not to put up a ceiling mount. In our next article, we shall look at how to install the ceiling mount.

Stop, Read This Before Hiring Freelancer TV Mount Companies

Stop, Read This Before Hiring Freelancer TV Mount Companies TV wall mounting offers additional benefits and convenience – and it is no surprise why it is popular in Singapore and many parts of the world. In Singapore, wall mounting the television is the best thing you can do with your newly-purchased TV. However, there are two different ways to mount your tv bracket in Singapore. The first one is to hire a TV mount company and the second one is to wall mount it yourself.

Given the fact that tv bracket in Singapore is quite popular, there are many tv mount companies that offer such service. One of the top-rated tv mount company is the TVBracketSG. With its years of experience in this industry, your television will be in good hands.

Wall Mounting Your TV Using TV Bracket in Singapore

TV wall mounting is simply putting or hanging your television on the wall with the use of durable and sturdy TV bracket in Singapore. However, before using a tv bracket, you must know its different types, the things you need to do and don’t, and the factors you need to consider. TV wall mounting must be done carefully because the safety of your TV depends on it. Generally speaking, you should not do the installation on your own without enough knowledge about the process. It is safe to hire a reliable TV mount company like TVBracketSG to ensure safety and security of your television.

Questions to Ask the Freelancer TV Mount Company

If you are planning to wall mount your television through hiring a freelancer tv mount company, then you should be aware that knowing the freelancer first is the first important thing you have to do – before letting them do the installation process and into your property area. If you failed to do this, there is a huge possibility that the process will not be done accordingly and smoothly. To help you in this step, here are some of the most important questions that you need to ask with your possible tv mount company:

“How Long Have You Been in this Industry?”

You cannot deny the fact that hiring a reputable tv mount company is always better and safer. Wall mounting your television using TV Bracket in Singapore is not a joke – and you need to take it seriously. There are a lot of tv mount companies out there that only claims to be the best when in fact, they are not. Do not spend some of your money to the wrong company and waste your time and effort.

“Do You Have Your Portfolio That I Can Check?”

Checking the portfolio is one of the best ways to see if how this freelancer works or do the installation procedure. With this, you will have an idea of the outcome of his work. Failure to provide you a portfolio of them means you need to think twice before hiring them.

“Can You Provide Some Guarantee On Your Service?”

A good freelancer installer of TV Bracket in Singapore will provide you guarantee about their service because they know in themselves that they provide a high-quality of work. If the freelancer does not offer you a guarantee, then you need to ask yourself about what kind of work or service do they offer.

“Do You Have a License?”

Owning a license is also one of the important things to do as a tv mount installer. If the installation has something to do with electric modification, then you need to make sure that a licensed electrician will work on it. Do not risk your home’s safety as well as your family.

Why is it better to hire a reputable freelancer tv mount company?

The answer is simple. Hiring a reputable freelancer tv mount company will make sure that you and your family will be safe. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about what they are doing and always offer high-quality service. Here are some of the additional benefits of hiring a reputable freelancer tv mount company:

High-Quality Viewing Experience – hiring a reputable one offers better results than doing it on your own. They offer to commit less to zero mistakes while doing the work – and this will also ensure that your viewing experience will be better and will enjoy it.

Time Value – after a long tiring work, you surely want to relax through watching a tv. Furthermore, valuing your time means to satisfy yourself about the things you love to do.

Respect Technology – as a reputable freelancer tv mount company, you must know about the updated technology and how you can put it on your work. Adding some features might help to level up the viewing experience.

If you are now sure about the installation company to install your TV Bracket in Singapore, then you don’t have to worry much. Everything will fall on its own smoothly.

Guidelines on How to buy the best TV Bracket in Singapore

Guidelines on How to buy the best TV Bracket in SingaporeTV brackets are being trendy and popular nowadays. No wonder why because it provides numerous benefits to everyone especially for the viewing experience of every viewer. For every kind of television and your viewing needs, there is a perfect TV bracket you can find on TVBracketSG. There, you can find high-quality TV brackets that will fulfill your viewing experience.

TV bracket installations is a good idea – at some point, you can install it on your own, but we, at TVBracketSG, suggest that let our professionals do the work. That said, you can assure the safety of your television. In this article, we are covering the guidelines you need to consider when buying the best TV bracket.

Type of Wall

Yes, you read it right. Walls play a huge role when installing TV brackets. And most of the TV brackets are compatible with a certain wall called drywall. But if you do have a wall surface that’s masonry or plaster, then you will be needing stronger hardware. Our company suggests that never install TV bracket on the fireplace if you have other options to place it.

Flexibility, Weight, and Size

Every TV bracket websites, including TVBracketSG, rated their TV brackets through the size of their TV screens – which can be considered as a critical factor. But keep in mind that every brand has a different weight of TV brackets even though the size of the TV screens are the same. So, if you are searching for TV brackets, read carefully the description of the product and see how much weight it can hold as well as the size of the TV screen. Another thing you need to consider is how flexible your chosen TV bracket is. Because this will affect your viewing experience.

Everything you should know about choosing a TV Full Motion Bracket for 90 degrees Swivel

If you are seeking to wall mount the TV to enjoy watching TV more pleasurable, or you want to save space to make living room tidier. It’s a good idea to wall mount your TV on the wall, it will save more space for your living room. There are different types of motion brackets available in the market, every TV wall mounting bracket may not suitable for you and your needs, and in this article we will discuss how to choose wisely and best TV wall mounting bracket for your living room.

TV bracket in Singapore offers you the best full motion bracket for 90-degree swivel for your TV, and also take full responsibility to provide you the optimal TV full motion bracket for you and supplies you. TV bracket Singapore provides best services to the customers including assembling and installation related to any type of television. The company always make sure that the installation process is done appropriately and correctly, their expert’s professionals have a minimum of 5 years of experience in this field.

TV bracket in Singapore deals in different kind of TV-related products including title mountings, fixed mountings, full-motion mountings in double and single arm, TV stand table, gas strut television mount, mobile TV stand, and monitor or gas strut desktop mount.

Choosing the Right TV Full Motion Bracket for 90 Degree Swivel

Choosing the right TV mount is very important. These days numerous designs of televisions are coming continuously, and also designs of brackets are changing continuously. TV bracket Singapore at present becomes a significant part for your household. Always choose the right design TV bracket.

Why Choose TV Bracket in Singapore?

TV bracket in Singapore have years of expertise, 4p principles always applied by our company.

  1. Professional
  2. Product
  3. People
  4. Price

With these 4 principles, we take care of all customers and provide the best services and price to give them a good experience for their television mounting, etc.

The Bottom Line

There are various TV bracket Singapore are available and you can easily order them online. It’s your choice what you need and what are you looking for. Once you have selected the best TV full motion bracket for your television TV bracket Singapore will deliver and install it for you. Finally inspect construction, quality, and your choice will be finished. TV bracket Singapore always gives you the best customer’s service and they care for its customers. They help you in all aspects starting from choosing and finally mounting your TV on the desired location. TV bracket Singapore is a registered and trusted company and they have 6 years of experience in this field.