Best OLED TVs: Buying Guide with durable tv bracket

Best OLED TVs Buying Guide with durable tv bracketAs it stands, OLED TVs have become the most selling TV technology on the market. OLED TVs use a display technology called OLED (Organic Light-Emitting diodes) to display brighter, flexible, better contrast and deeper blacks.

These positive and better-displayed features are a result of the switching off of individual pixels. OLED TVs are a higher technology since they transmit sharper images with higher contrast, higher refresh rates and better light consumption.

OLED TV: What To look For Before Buying

There a number of things you should consider before you splash your hard-earned money on an OLED TV. After all, money is not easy to come by. Take a look at these factors:


Make no mistake about it, every top-quality item comes at a price. But you can get an OLED TV that will accommodate your budget. This is why you need to partner for the best price for your OLED TV.


 Typically, OLED TVs are compact and space-efficient. Go for the one that gives your room a befitting look.

Display Resolution

TV is all about display. It’s an OLED because it shines on quantum dots, and not liquid crystals.

Top 5 Best OLED TVs

·       LG CX Series OLED TV

It comes in different sizes of 48, 55, 65, and 75 inches. It is characterised by transmitting drop-dead black levels, incredible picture quality and LG’s usual stellar design.

You will find a new a9 gen three processors inside that makes the picture processing even more sophisticated. Its images are transmitted thin, with a low input lag. It also has a web OS smart platform making it one of the best 4K resolution TV

Since it comes in different sizes, you can afford to get the smallest size of 48 inches at a relatively reasonable price despite its high features.

·       Panasonic HZ2000

This also comes in different sizes of 55 and 65 inches. However, you will not find this in the US, though residents will love to have this OLED TV top class in their homes.

Its OLED panel elevates it’s display to new heights, creating a cinematic experience for viewers. Its peak HDR is delivered with brilliant restraint, adding blackness and detail to night and shadow scenes while gifting also vibrancy to daylight scenes.

It is also known to deliver bright images with sharp contrast even in brightly lit scenes. It also has 140W Dolby Atmos speakers and upward-firing drivers tuned by Technics giving you great cinema experience even in your living bedroom.

It may be quite expensive; however, its features give an excellent deal for its price.

·       Sony A8/A8H OLED

It offers quality images using OLED panels through the Sony X1 Ultimate processor; it’s pixel contrast booster and a new OLED version of the X-Motion Clarity feature.

It produces an excellent sound system by combining a two-subwoofer bass system with acoustic surface audio tech giving the user great movies experience. However, it has low brightness creating pictures that look a bit deem.

·       Philips OLED 805

It’s available in 55 and 65 inches. It transmits excellent picture quality with sharp contrast. Its enhanced images are through a P5 picture processor communicating beautiful colours.

It has an Ambilight feature that projects colours around the TV’s edges; this particular model (805) can do so from three sides.

This spec also makes available Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support. These features are made available at a fair price tag.

·       LG Gallery Series OLED TV

Last but not least on our list of the best OLED TVs is this set from LG. This comes in various sizes; 55, 65 and 75 inches. It also offers you the same panel and processor as LG CX OLED. It also features built Dolby Atmos speakers and ARC support which are all encased in a 5mm profile.

Final Thoughts

OLED TVs are in the in-thing tech for TVs if you are looking out for TVs that will give you a great cinema experience while in your living room. It’s ideal to find what suits you considering the size and price tag you can afford. You can visit for quality OLED TVs at affordable prices.

When you get top-quality OLED TV in Singapore? Of course you must get the good quality and durable tv bracket in Singapore.  Check out more from here!


GETTING THE RIGHT VIEWING ANGLE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM TOP TIPSIf you’ve met people who mounted their TVs, you will probably hear 15 out of 20 people complaining about not being comfortable when watching TV. Any lament about the degree of neck strains they experience after completing a movie series on their favorite TV program

But then again, what is the ideal viewing angle and height to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience? Being able to answer this question correctly will save you a lot of brainstorming about ways of reducing neck strains while in front of the TV.

Imagine getting a headache, squirming, or even squinting while watching ‘The Witcher’ simply because you could not get a comfortable position to place your head while seeing the series. Now, this neck strain and the zero comfort can be a combination of both personal preference and “let’s try and see’.

Next thing to do is to read up tips on how to effectively reduce neck strains and get a comfortable viewing angle while seeing your favorite movie. This article will offer detailed tips on how to get the best viewing when mounting your TV.

Viewing Height

First things first. You should check out the proper screen size and distance for your sitting room. The perfect view is to have you’re the middle of your TV or your TV at eye level which in most cases you have a lot of people watching a program with, and it won’t be fair if the TV height is only set for a pair of eyes. Now, because of these, you would likely want to reconsider changing the position for all to see.

Several height factors go into “eye-level” which are your cushion height, the distance of the TV from your seat, your height and the height of your TV. Now, grabbing a paper and trying to run some calculations will make you go crazy and frustrated at the end of the day.

The only real test is trial and correction. First, get at least two people to help you while you try to get the perfect height, sit in your favorite spot and let your friends raise the TV incrementally till it feels right with you. Once you get that figured out, quickly mark out the spots and from there, you can carry out your mounting calculations.

No Fireplace

As beautiful as it is to mount your TV above your fireplace, it is also a very disastrous idea. First, the electronics packed inside the TV are quite fragile and sensitive and could get damaged from the intense heat that the fireplace generates.

Also, the viewing angle for your screen above the fireplace is usually uncomfortably high. However, if you insist on mounting above the fireplace, then you are going to need an adjustable mounting bracket. You won’t get a perfect position, but you will be able to tilt the TV screen to your viewing position.

Benefits of Getting the Right View Angle

Sitting down to watch the TV is one of the ways to take off your job’s stress hangovers from outgoing week and allay the fears that lie ahead of the coming week. So, getting the best view angle makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting the best viewing angle for your TV:

Eliminates neck strains: getting the best viewing takes off all forms of neck strain. I’m sure you don’t want to experience this horrible thing called neck strain; not even if you have to sit all day in front of the computer as a customer attendant in the office.

Provides comfort: you receive quality comfort while watching your favorite TV if you get the correct view angle.

Makes you Enjoy TV program: the essence of watching a TV is to enjoy the program. Neck pain can take down your interest. But a right view angle will make you want to stick to the program until the end.

Final Thoughts

The middle of your TV screen is about 10-20 inches from the bottom of the TV. So, to get that perfect viewing angle, the bottom of your TV screen should be 25 inches up the wall.

By all means, you should try and make a tiny pencil mark on the wall to all the exact positions (left, right and centre) of where the screen will be placed. Before mounting, you should hold the mount to the wall at about 15 inches up from the marks and then make new marks where the screw holes will be inserted.

Finally, provide the mount connections to the TV in the centre. Do all of these, and you will have a very comfortable viewing height. Try TV Bracket in Singapore for quality services.



MOUNTING TV BRACKET ON A METAL STUDSThere are several ways to mount your newly purchased TV, and mounting on metal studs is one of them. Mounting on metal studs can be a little tricky and challenging, but you don’t have to be discouraged about it.

You have to understand that metal studs are quite hollow and thin walls; unlike the usual wood studs, you can simply just push in the bolts and screws. Although mounting on metal studs looks rather challenging, it is possible to mount your TV to metal studs by yourself as long as you do it carefully and properly.

We have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step mounting guide to help you mount your TV on metal studs. If you follow the guide carefully, you can rest assured that your display won’t fall off the wall and get damaged.

Step 1 – Get the right Hardware.

Getting the right hardware is perhaps the first step to mounting your TV on metal studs. Unlike the usual lag bolts and screws that are the perfect hardware when you have wall studs made from woods, metal studs are quite different. Metal studs are somewhat complicated and require different hardware for proper mounting.

As earlier stated, metal studs are narrow and hollow, so you need to get strong enough hardware to support your TV’s weight. Also, when purchasing the hardware, remember to go for the ones that are not only strong enough but long enough to reach the metal studs.

Step 2 – Locate the Studs

Locating the studs is similar to the wooden studs because all you have to do is find the studs using a stud finder. However, most metal studs are about 1.25” wide, so drilling in the precise center can be critical but possible. Simply use the stud finder on the drywall at the appropriate point in which you plan to mount your TV. Next, mark the right and left edges with a marker or a pencil in different spots along the vertical plane.

Now, to get the correct edges of the studs, as you will need the exact location later, get a small drill, and use it to explore behind the wall. Don’t worry about the holes; since they will be behind the TV, they will not be possible once you are done with the project.

Step 3 – Pre-drill the holes.

The next step is to use a small drill and drill ½” point to fit the hardware; this is to ensure that the drilled hole in the center of the stud. Then, you can now use an already made TV template to check the holes on the wall. Be sure that the TV template is mounted straight, and once you get it right, you can now drill a large ½” hole correctly.

Step 4 – Attach the hardware and the Bracket.

First, you need to install the hardware vertically to ensure that they line up with the metal studs correctly. Doing this will ensure that the TV brackets sit flat on the wall, and then you can now attach the bolt and rotate it to ensure the wings open vertically. Next, be sure that the bracket is well placed, then you can now tighten the bolts. The bolts should be well secured against the metal studs and the wall.

Final Step – Attach your TV

Now, once you are don’t tightening the TV bracket safely to the wall, you can go ahead and attach your TV carefully. We highly recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

Final Note

Mounting your expensive TV on metal studs comes at a price, and it requires some skills. The thing about is that you need to understand how to go about it.  First off, if you follow the procedure above, you can get the expected results.

However, if you feel that you cannot handle it through the DIY method but you’re still very much inclined to mount your TV on metal studs, you can always call the experts at TV BRACKET IN SINGAPORE. Our professionals are very skilled and well equipped to get the job well done for you. With TVbracketsg, you can always trust that your TV will be mounted correctly using the right materials.



It is always interesting and overwhelming when we get a brand-new television; it even gets more exciting when it is an upgrade from a small size to a much bigger size. However, deciding the exact location to mount your TV is a tricky and frustrating part. Now, if you already planned to wall-mount your TV, the next question is if you should mount it yourself or seek a professional.

Some people are already skilled, handy, and won’t find mounting a TV a big problem. But, then again, the fact is that not many of us are quite skilled in that area. Taking on a project like that can leave you with a damaged TV to even a big hole on your wall or even worse.

So, before you decide to try to do it yourself, you should look at some of the problems you are likely to encounter while mounting. In this article, we have itemized some of the issues you’re likely to face when mounting your TV. Let’s get started.

Finding the Right Stud

The first step to wall-mounting your TV is getting the right stud because your display needs a sturdy stud on which it will hang comfortably. To find studs, you will need to use a stud finder to locate any behind your wall. However, the problem is that these stud finders can be really tricky to use as you could be misled to take the seam in the drywall for a stud.

Eventually, you may not be able to find studs in the particular location that you have in mind to mount your TV, or you might end up with studs that are not spaced suitably for your mount. The only solution to this is to use either a mounting plate for the spacing problem or a hollow wall anchor for areas where there are no studs.

VESA Size Confusion

Another problem that most people face is the confusion about the VESA sizes. So, if you have zero ideas about the VESA mount sizes, then you need to do a whole lot of research or reach out to a professional to get your TV mounted.

VESA sizes entail precisely where the holes are placed at the back of your TV, so if you want your TV attached safely and correctly, then you need to be sure that the mount and your TV have the same VESA specifications.


This is another problem that most people usually ignore sometimes. Imagine finishing up all installations, and you take two steps backwards and realize that your newly mounted TV isn’t level at all. That can be really frustrating and re-adjusting a wall-mounted TV is not an easy job to do. So, you are going to start all over or allowing yourself and family tilt their head every time they try to watch TV.

Concealing all the cables

As earlier stated, mounting a TV on the wall looks exciting but having tangled cables hanging everywhere is not exciting at all. There are several ways to conceal your cables, but you may need to do some rewiring which might cost you more money and time.

Selecting the right spot

You might have able to cross all other hurdles of finding the studs, concealing cables, and others, but getting the right spot to mount your TV is a hard one to decide. Getting the right angle and position is pretty important, or you might end up with a poor viewing experience.

Mount your TV too high, and you will end up with neck strains, put it too low, and you will end up with a headache. Mount a TV to the side of the room, and you might not have a clear picture. The best way to handle this is trial and correction.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read this, you may want to avoid all these troubles and damages. Don’t worry, we have the best installers at TVbracketsg that are fully ready to help. Our experts at TV Bracket Singapore understand all it takes to properly and safely mount your TV and are prepared to work with you to get just the right position for your display.


Which one to choose between tv wall mount vs tv stand

Which one to choose between tv wall mount vs tv stand

Now that you have finally come to a decision to get a new TV to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, news, and sports, there are steps to achieve better viewing. Some of the steps include deciding what screen size you want, the kind of features you desire, and the brand of TV you want to pick. Apart from all these elements, there are also smaller things to also look at out for, such as how you want to place your new TV screen.

What is a Stand Mount?

The stand mount, which could be a TV stand or table with a moderate height that raises the television to a level for you to watch. Using a stand mount is the easiest and quickest way to set your television up as most TVs today come with a base stand, which helps keep the TV upright and stable.

Why Stand Mount

Using a stand mount helps you maintain a safe and reasonable distance from the wall behind your TV screen. With the distance, you can access the ports at the back of the TV, and sometimes most of the stands come with storage to place other accessories and equipment for easy reach. With the stand mount, you can also move your TV quickly when needed, especially when cleaning, repositioning for a better viewing angle, or moving to a new room.

Drawbacks Of Stand Mounts

One of the top disadvantages of using a stand mount is that your television will occupy surface space. This is because, with a stand mount, you need a tabletop or a flat surface to place the TV on and has to be wide enough for the television base stand. Sometimes, with a stand mount, the viewing height depends on the height of the stand that you purchase.

The other drawback is the fact that withstand mounts, your television’s safety is not guaranteed. Aside from your TV’s safety, your kids and your pets might also be at risk. The TV simply rests atop a flat surface, which can easily tip over and fall with just a small accidental push. This might lead to television damage and might even hurt someone.

The Wall Mount Clearly Explained

Just as the name implies, you mount your television directly to a wall with a wall mount. It doesn’t matter whether it is the living room or bedroom; you can always place your TV on the wall to your suiting, which allows you to watch your favorite shows conveniently. Although the wall mounting is not quite easy as the stand mounting, you can always reach out to our professionals to help install the wall mount and television for you.

Most of the latest designs of televisions come with the option to wall mount, while some televisions makers even go as far as offering free wall-mounted installation with your purchase. So, if you want the tv wall mount, you can simply take a look at our collections and be patient for our technicians to come over and handle the installation.

Why Wall Mount?

One of the prevalent advantages of using the wall mount is that it saves you enough space. This is so because you don’t need any surface space or table to place the Television on, which is very efficient, especially for a small room or apartment. It also gives a classic and organized look, since it allows a more minimalistic look and you can even have your television exactly where you want it and the high you desire.

The wall mount also solves the problem of size as you no longer need to worry over the television fitting in the space you want. As long as you a wall is wide enough for the display, you can go for that large screen you always wanted.

Shortcomings of Wall Mounts

The installation method usually requires a professional for proper installation, which could add to the already inured cost. Installation is very important as you have to ensure that it is securely done properly since the mount will be holding your large or expensive television.

The second problem is that you could lose or damage that TV if the poor installation is done. Therefore, we advise that you take extra care if you are located in areas where there are heavy and consistent vibrations to avoid any damage to both the television and the mount.

Choosing the best Mount in Singapore: Where To Go

For the best wall mount or stand in Singapore, you cannot help but choose This is where you get the top products and services.


The Seven Important Considerations to Make When Buying TV Wall Mounts In Singapore

The Seven Important Considerations to Make When Buying TV Wall Mounts In SingaporeBuying a TV bracket in Singapore can be quite challenging if you do not know where to look. You would have to consider the material as well as the weight of your TV bracket or wall mounts if you want to have an efficient implement to use for entertainment purposes.

If you want to have the best when it comes to TV wall mounts, it is important to consider a few simple things first. These particular criteria will allow you to make the right decision when it comes to  the specific product that you would be buying as soon as possible when it comes to mounts in the long run.

The Top 7 Criteria to Look For In A Singaporean Wall Mount

The Wall Mount Design

First, you have to think about the design of the wall mount. You can both have an articulated or a full TV bracket if you wish just as long as you are able to use it properly and with ease. You can even choose a steady wall mount if you don’t want too much movement and redirection happening while watching TV.

The Allotted Wall Space

Secondly, you have to think about The space that you have at home. Will it be able to accommodate a large flat screen TV on the wall? By considering the space of your own apartment, you will get to choose the right kind of TV wall mount for your specific wall.

Usually, people really don’t have a problem by using a wall mount mainly because we have a large enough wall to hang the TV on. However, in a small room it may still be an issue. That’s why you have to make sure but you have enough wall space for a flat screen TV. Otherwise, use a TV tray to position your television set. It will even give you more storage down the line.

The Materials

You also have to consider the materials used before purchasing a TV wall mount. The material should be able to support the weight of the flat screen. For example, stainless steel wall mounts and Singaporean TV brackets can definitely be a good investment because of their durability. You will never go wrong with this particular decision at all.

The Brand

Think about the brand that you would want to use for your TV wall Mount. The brand can offer you reputation and product quality if you choose the right one. Look for a company that has been around for at least a few years now so that you’ll know that the company you’re working with his reliable.

Customer Feedback

Do not be afraid to look into customer feedback before making a decision. This way , you can be sure that you are making the right choice with any insurance agency with your going to work with and the future.


Also, you would have to make sure that you would only get a TV bracket from Singapore or similar wall mounts from reliable and reputable sources. This way, you will be able to receive sufficient customer support along with the many other benefits that you can get.

Ease of Installation

You also have to consider if the TV wall mount would be easy to install. Some customers already express their desire to use a TV wall mount. However, the only problem is that some wall mounts are not easily installed. If this happens, you may need to call for additional help.

It would be best for you to look into instruction manuals first before trying to call customer service for help. This way, you would have exhausted all efforts on your own before asking for help from the professionals.

The Final Words

These are just some of the major considerations that you need to make before buying a TV wall mount. By knowing these pointers, you will be able to make informed choice and not just rely on any kind of online information when it comes to TV wall mounts.

Now that you know the basic considerations that you need to make when buying a TV bracket in Singapore, all you need to do now is to log online to find the best options when it comes to TV wall mounts.

We at TV Bracket SG will definitely be able to help you find the best TV wall mounts or a TV bracket in Singapore out there. We will even give you some tips on how to install it on your own and give you a way to contact professional installation experts if you really can’t do it by yourself. Go ahead and give it a try. You won’t regret it.



How to hire a TV Mount Company online

How to Hire a TV Mount Company online SingaporeMeta description

TV mounting has become one of the most commonly practiced method of TV display. This task may require an experienced hand to do it safely and effectively. Many  online companies have come up with the service including the TV Bracket in Singapore. Join me as we explorer what hiring a TV Mount company may involve.

What is TV Mounting?

This is a method used to display TV in our homes, places of work and social places. Displaying your TV through mounting may not be as simple as it may look. It involves attaching your TV on wall directly. It needs an expert. TV Brackets in Singapore, with over six years business experience offer their professional technicians for an expert touch.

Features of a good TV Mount company for hire online

There are many companies offering TV Mount services but you need to settle for a company that meets your needs. There are several factors to consider and they include;

  1. Hire a company you can afford. At the end of it, you will pay for the service. Ensure you know the price and any hidden charges involved and you can afford it.
  2. The reviews should tell you about customer experience after interacting with them. Take time to read the third-party reviews from real customers who have worked with the company in the past.
  3. Longevity/ duration in the market. As much as we need to support upcoming companies, it is safer to deal with a company that has been there is the market for sometimes and is known. Maybe consider their physical location and truth of existence to avoid dealing with quacks and robbers. Remember they have access to your home and maybe family. TV Brackets in Singapore is your best choice in this.
  4. Authorization to operate. The certification by the board that licenses the services and the local government licenses. The staff should wear the badge of the company or show proof of it. Verify the workers sent to your home before you give them access.
  5. Proof of insurance. The company should provide a fully signed document showing that they will cater for any damage that they may cause, before installation. This is very important as these devices come with a high price tag.
  6. Availability of installation materials. It is always convenient if the company would have the accessories used to mount the TV. It may be cheaper in terms of time and minimizes the risk of buying items that don’t fit the asset. The technician provide the right items and the services and you are charged together.

What To Consider Before Hiring A TV Mount Company Online

  1. So you need to hire a profession to install your TV, can you afford the extra cost? Availability of finances to cater for the cost will determine if this is what you should do or choose another method of TV display.
  2. Do you have the right item? Mounting TV comes with a pre-evaluation. This may include the strength of your wall, the condition of the position intended, the landlord authorization, and the right assets. You have to tick all the boxes before calling in experts. Remember, even if they come and don’t manage to install the TV, you may be charged for the trip, hence giving money for no service.
  3. Is it necessary? You may want to make it modern but is the extra spending necessary? If other cheaper methods of TV Display can work, consider them.
  4. Is there a cheaper alternative? Do not mount your TV at a house you are not going to stay for a considerable time. It is expensive and not necessary. Uninstallation may cause wear and tears that could have been avoided if placing it on a table was considered.
  5. Availability of the technicians. Some places are so interior and remote for a technician to reach. Elsewhere, this is yet not a commonly used method of TV display and therefore, no company is available in the region. You can learn how to do it yourself or consider paying more to have the technician come in. Alternatively, choose what is available in the region you are in.

Reasons For Hiring A TV Mount Company

  1. To ensure you do it right from the start. It is important to ensure you have the asset mounted properly. If you don’t, it may slide and fall causing damages to people in the family and loss. You may also need some readjustments if you have factors like height and light reflections wrongly considered. This is an extra cost of time and money.
  2. To ensure your asset is safe. Some TV are very expensive. Though it may seem a simple thing, it is expensive to replace and maybe get the same asset again. You are at peace and you enjoy your watching comfortably if you know that you trusted your work to professionals.
  3. For the comfort of the mind. You can learn the basics of how to install the TV on your own. However, not everyone has time or the ability to grasp the terms used and do it well. It is better to let the work be handled by the experts. TV Brackets in Singapore have skilled technicians and over six years of experience in the market with the best customer’s experience. They are your best choice.
  4. To enjoy the discount. Some companies offer the service at a discounted price. Lather that gong through the trouble of learning how to do it yourself, you can pay a little cash for an expert job while you relax and watch.
  5. Expert recommendations. Mounting your TV will involve more than having the TV on wall somewhere. An expert will help you purchase the best installation materials, best TV to install, best positioning, and the whole experience can be good, fast and cheap.


We want you to hire the best TV Mount installer the first time. Hire a company that fits your needs and that you would want to recommend too.  I believe you can get all that at TV Brackets in Singapore. All the best and enjoy your new TV.

Benefits To Know More Types of TV Wall Mounts

Benefits To Know More Types of TV Wall Mounts in SingaporeWhen you are looking to buy a TV wall mount, the first question in your mind is not always the price or the size of the wall mount but the type of wall mount you need. TV wall mounts have become an essential part of our lives, if you don t have a TV wall mount it actually sounds weird and probably a major inconvenience to your life. Most TVs these days are designed to be mounted and that has made life simpler and for those with tiny spaces but who love to watch, TV mount is a necessity.

Enough with the blabbering. What type of TV mount do you need? In this article, you will learn the different types of TV mounts, their advantages, and disadvantages and the best place to buy them. Spoiler alert! The TV bracket in Singapore is the best place to buy your next TV wall mounts.

Types Of TV Wall Mounts

There are different types of TV wall mounts and each has unique features that make them special individually. Below are the types of TV brackets.

  • The fixed wall bracket.
  • The movable TV mount.

In these two types of TV wall mounts, there are several under each with their unique feature which you will read shortly.

The Fixed Wall Bracket/Low-Profile Mount

The fixed wall bracket/tv wall mount does not have any maneuverability. This type of wall mount is common and best suited for those who have no interest in tilting or moving their TV. As the name suggests it’s your TV will be fixed on the wall.

Ultra-Thin TV Wall Mount

This is a type of low-profile mount. It gives you the ultimate minimalistic design in your home and also allows your TV to sit incredibly close to the wall. You must have cables hidden inside your wall, if you don’t then this type of wall mount is not for you.

The Movable TV Mount

The movable TV mount allows you to move your TV in the direction you feel most comfortable.  With this kind of TV wall mount, you can tilt, swivel or do both when you have it.

The Swivel TV Wall Mount

With this kind of wall mount, you can move your TV horizontally. If you love multi-tasking this TV mount might be suitable for you. You swivel the TV in our direction while washing dishes or cooking. This way, you don’t miss your favorite TV shows. It’s adjustable too.

Do you think this is the mount for you but having doubts? Get expert advice from the TV bracket in Singapore. They offer the best services and have experts on standby to help you.

The Tilt Bracket

The tilt bracket allows you to tilt your TV vertically. It’s most suitable for people with kids and pets. That way when they watch they don’t have to is adjustable and can give you between 5 and 15 degrees adjustment so you can move to the vertical view you enhances the viewing experience to relax and enjoy.

The Multi-Motion Tv-Mount

It allows the TV to be movable horizontally and vertically. Its cost is a bit higher than the rest but that is acceptable and worth it. With a kind of TV wall mount, you can watch while in any position in the room. It allows you to swivel and tilt your TV and is easily adjustable and this will give you the best viewing experience ever. Its installation process is complicated and you should let an expert install it for you.

Advantages Of The TV Wall Mount

  • It frees up space in your room and makes it look more organized. Your room will be less cramped and that blank wall will be fully utilized
  • It’s safer for kids and pets to play around if you mount your TV in the wall. There they can’t knock it down and cause tragic accidents in the house.
  • It will enhance your décor and make your house pleasing.

If you have read on other blogs on how to mount your TV wall then you are up to date, but the process may seem easy and you may be tempted to mount it yourself. DONT! It’s highly recommended to let an expert do it for you.

The TV wall mount is good for you. If you ever think of buying one, visit the TV bracket in Singapore. They sell various types of wall mount, offer installation services and the best expert advice.


Best 40- Inch TV to Buy in 2021

best 40 inch tv to buy and using our single arm full motion tv bracket in SingaporeElectronics measure up assets in a home. A home without electronics especially television may be looked up as bare and empty as there will be little entertainment which will increase the liveliness in the home. With quality electronics in the home, you are assured to get the best viewing experience while at the same time creating the spice and cinematic experience this will bring into your home.

This certainly will not be the case for viewers with old or sub-par television as you can’t assure the best viewing experiences for your viewers especially if you have family that spends quality time watching television.

Televisions like a 40-inch size is a perfect combination of function and appearance; since it gives you a great cinematic experience and a blend of the latest tv technological advancements. Its features are well suited to give you the experience worth its price.

Features to encourage and increase your viewing time are its image quality, its blackness, and its resolution. This will guide you on the 5 best 40- Inch Tv, it finely features best suited for you as a buyer in Singapore, and why it’s your Tv choice for 2021.

Let’s take a look.


Its superior picture quality is a strong reason you will want to check out and the optimum viewing angles make viewing from any direction easy. It comes in a screen size of 48 inches with a direct LED panel type.

Its sound system is Dolby Atmos and is sure you are offered a 4K resolution. This design comes in a W42.3 x H25.7 x 10 Inches dimension; be rest assured it won’t take all of your space.

It’s your choice since it provides and unleashes excellent image quality, excellent sound performance as a result of its sound system and superior viewing angles. It comes also with a magic remote to control gestures and how best to blend into your smart home.


It features a screen size of 43 inches, and Edge QLED panel type, and a screen resolution of 4K. Its sound system is Dolby Digital Plus. The dimension for this spec is W96.6 x H55.53 x D4.58cm while weighing 11kg.

It’s price-worthy since it portrays a gorgeous look in any space while providing a great viewing angle for viewers from any direction and hangs well to the wall since it’s mounted with no gap creating a beautiful blend-in to your wall. It brings in a new AI-based curation feature.


There’s a 43-inch screen size with a 4K resolution. A LED panel type with a weight of 8kg and a dimension of W96.39 x H55.89 x D5.96cm. It provides you with built-in voice assistants and excellent targeted sound.


It’s packed with a 40-inch screen size and Dolby Atmos sound system. Screen resolution of 4K and a LED panel type. It comes with universal HDR support and a dimension of W90.1 x H51.7 x D6.3cm.


This design offers a 43 inches screen size and a LED panel type. Its sound system is Dolby Atmos with a dimension of W96.7 x H58.95 x D18.9cm and lightweight of 8.8kg while also offering a 4K resolution.

Final Thoughts

Electronics are beautifiers in the home and if you are after quality to enjoy a cinematic experience; the 40- inch TV is your best line of thought.  The single arm medium tv bracket is suit to all 40 inch tv in Singapore.

However, there are still many other types of good choice of tv mount for you to get.

You should trust as we are provide you tv bracket products in Singapore directly from the manufacture and assuring you of quality and durable products at reasonable prices to give you a good experience.



VESA- Mounting (Explained)

vesa explain for tv bracket in SingaporeAfter acquiring a new television, another task you might need to get clarity on is how to hang it on the wall. This is important especially if you don’t want to stand your television on a table.

While mounting is stress-free, you can get hooked up if you don’t choose the Vesa. If you can find out what the holes at the back of your TV stand for and how exactly to place them to produce the magic you want it to give you as a result.

You’re encouraged to calculate the VESA- which stands for Video Electronics Standard Association. It refers to a basic standard used for all mountings for various flat screen tv products and brands. You can take measurement from left to right.

You can define it as the distance in millimeters that is in between the four mounting holes behind the TV – measured as distance horizontally and distance vertically. This standard is applied to TV mounts and wall mounting systems.

Mostly the size applied is the 200 * 200 for TVs of 32 inches, VESA size 400 * 400 for TVs of 60 inches, and VESA size of 600 * 400 for larger screens of 70- 84 inches.

How Easy can I Locate my Tv VESA Size?

You don’t need to worry so much about how to discover your TV’s VESA size. You can find it by either going through your electronic manual on the TV specifications or better still just locate it by measuring it on the wall.

First, try and locate the holes at the back of your television, then proceed by measuring the distance between the holes horizontally. Do the same by measuring the distance between the holes vertically. With these details, you automatically know the VESA size of your TV.

Finding the Wall Bracket for my TV

If you are wondering if you can discover the wall bracket for your television, then this is the right place for you. For buyers in Singapore, offers different TV Bracket sizes well suiting for your tv brand and your home.

Available sizes are:

  • VESA 75 * 75
  • VESA 100 * 100
  • VESA 200 * 100
  • VESA 200 * 200
  • VESA 300 * 200
  • VESA 300 * 300
  • VESA 400 * 200
  • VESA 400 * 300
  • VESA 400 * 400
  • VESA 600 * 400
  • VESA 800 * 600

Final Thoughts

VESA is a standard for every television and mountable device. Whether the TV is mounted by fixed, tilted, or swiveled mounts, you should refer to the VESA specs. They all level up to the same VESA size which is the horizontal distance multiplied by the vertical distance. provides you with the best tv bracket in Singapore that are compatible with the VESA interface standard ensuring it fits properly with your television and mounts perfectly on your surface. For all your Tv brackets in Singapore, pricing is not a problem as the company offers some of the competitive prices you can find in the market.