Distance Of Fixing Holes On The Back Of The TV/ VESA Pattern

Distance Of Fixing Holes On The Back Of The TV/ VESA PatternThe TV mount is a supportive bracket designed to hold a computer. Getting a TV mount is sometimes hard to deal with, this company is here to help you solve your issues and assist in getting the suitable mount for you. To be sincere and make some specific clarification if you just bought a new TV and you are indecisive whether to place your flat screen TV on the table or preferably get a mount for it. Different types of TV mount are made available in the market today, getting to choose a better one can always pose an issue. If you are making a consideration on getting TV bracket Singapore, below are the necessary tips you must follow to get the perfect TV mount for your flat-screen TV:

It’s Best You Put Into Consideration the Measurement Of The TV

You must be very sure about the compatibility to know if the TV suits the VESA standard or not, after then ensure the mount corresponds with the length and breadth of your TV set.

Weight of your TV

Consider how massive Television is, note down the weight of your TV set when buying a TV bracket Singapore. Comparing the weight of your TV to the capability of the TV mount will prevent unnecessary loss or disaster such as your TV crashing on the ground.

The price of a TV mount depicts to a very large extent the quality. Many cheap mounts are available in the market today which seems to serve the same function as the expensive ones, but it’s advisable you choose the ones of higher price and good quality so that you can use it for a more extended period.

The most sought after TV mount is the TV bracket Singapore. The compact style gives your home a smart look, it has a lightweight, and it’s easy to install in your home. Talking about the purchase and installation of TV mount in Singapore, TVBracketetSG is all you’ve got to provide necessary assistance.

Final Words

TVBracketSG offers quality products and efficient services for its customers. Their mission is not limited to only selling products to people but also render assistance in installing the TV mount purchased from them. They ensure their services are carried out by professionals making customers to rest assured that their TV Bracket is appropriately installed. Customer care service is of utmost importance as there are ready staffs to attend to you, whether you place a call or probably send a message. A trial will convince each and everyone out there when they purchase products from this company and as well as benefits from the installation service rendered.


Different Types of TV Wall Mounting Bracket

Different Types of TV Wall Mounting Bracket in SingaporeTv Brackets Singapore is a company who markets tv-related products and services. One of the products they are known for is the TV wall mounting bracket. With the quality they provide over years, customers can guarantee the safety and durability of the TV wall mount – and it comes in different types too. Since Tv Brackets Singapore is selling different types of TV wall mounting bracket, it is suitable and perfect for everyone depending on needs.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

Fixed mount or sometimes called as low-profile TV mounts are the easiest to install among all the types of TV wall mounting brackets. Additionally, it is the cheapest TV mount in the market when compared to other types of TV wall mount such as full-motion & tilting TV wall mounts. However, with fixed mount, from the term itself, it does not tilt and do not move upwards, downwards, and left or right just like the other types.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

When compared to fixed TV wall mount, this TV wall mount of Tv Brackets Singapore costs a little higher. Tilting TV wall mounts brackets are also easy to install just like the fixed mount bracket. The only difference between the two is you can actually adjust the viewing angle in a vertical aspect. Since you this is a tilting TV wall mount, the cables can be easily changed unlike with the fixed TV mount brackets.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Full-motion TV wall mount, based on its term, can be adjusted in “full motion” or in any part depending on the viewer’s want. Since you can adjust your television in any motion, this type of TV wall mount bracket comes at an expensive price. When it comes to the installation process, full-motion TV wall mount is the most complicated type to install – certainly, you need two or more people to install it. Furthermore, if you choose to buy this type of TV wall mount, it will allow you to move your television vertically and horizontally.

Ceiling TV Wall Mount

If you don’t want your TV to be installed or hang on the wall, then consider ceiling TV wall mount as one of your options. Based on the name itself, it is installed on the ceiling which also allows you to tilts & rotate in any direction you want. This type of TV wall mount is also perfect for a very limited space.

Final Few Words

Before you buy TV wall mount brackets, it is better to know its type and some information so that you will be able to know which one is best for you. If you are looking for a company that has already proven themselves for years, order now at Tv Brackets Singapore for quality products.

Advantages of Shopping Online for the Right TV Mount

Advantages of Shopping Online for the Right TV Mount in SingaporeShopping online is very popular nowadays and it gives comfort to everyone especially those who do not have time to go out, visit the mall, and make time to buy something or a tv mount. When you choose to buy online, it will be convenient for you plus there are some discount codes and promos available in a certain online shop like Tv Brackets Singapore.

Benefits of Shopping Online at TV Brackets in Singapore


Nothing is more comfortable and less hassle when you shop from home through online shopping. Many people are doing online shopping to buy products for personal use, home use, etc. – and it’s already their past time.


If you buy in a physical store or mall and want something to return or exchange, you will go through a warranty service and there are procedures to follow. But with sopping online, you can directly contact or get I touch with the manufacturer or seller and address to him your concerns and will able to serve you right away.


Basically, the manufacturer or seller itself knows the entire information about the product they are selling and just like with shopping online you can see to the website of Tv Brackets Singapore the information, details, FAQs, and many more that will help you know more about the product you are prospecting.

Why You Need a TV Wall Mount

Tv Brackets Singapore offers a lot of products that have something to do with television and its services. As the advancement of technology takes place in this generation, a lot of people already purchased it. Here are the reasons why a TV wall mount is a need.

SAVES SPACE – not all the sizes of homes are equally made and having a tv wall mount is a huge help to save some space because you don’t need to occupy the floor space but your tv will be hung on the wall.

VIEWING ANGLE – TV brackets provided by TV brackets in Singapore comes in different types and all are suitable based on your needs. It can also be adjusted left or right for the right viewing angle.

EASY TO INSTALL – if you are having thought about how you can safely install your tv mount, no need to worry because Tv Brackets Singapore also offer Tv wall mount installation and will provide you peace of mind once finished.

Final Few Words

If you are into shopping online, make sure to look first the trusted reviews and rates from precious customers so that there would be no problems along the way. With Tv Brackets Singapore, you can guarantee the quality of every product and services they provide.

What You Need to Know When You’re Mounting a TV

What You Need to Know When You’re Mounting a TVIf you’re planning on mounting your own TV set at home, there are certain things that you need to know first.  These pieces of information will help you install the TV without any hassles and maximize its performance not only for herself but for your family members and friends as well.

Here are some of the pieces of information that you need to know when mounting your home television set.

  1. Take Note Of The Different Types Of Mounts

First off, you have to know that there are different kinds of TV mounts depending on the size and design of your flat screen.  You have to get to know these pieces of information before deciding to buy and install a TV mount.

  1. Be Aware Of The Position

Secondly, the position of your TV set is also an important consideration to make.  Particularly, you would also have to think about your distance from the TV when viewing as well as the height of the installation.

It should not be too high that you won’t be able to see it without straining your neck.  In addition to this, the location can also affect your viewing experience so much so that the video might end up being too bright or too dark depending on the location.

This is why you would have to be careful about the positioning of your TV.

  1. The Design

In addition to this, you also have to take note of the ultimate design of your TV.  Their television sets there too bulky or too slim to be viable when it comes to viewing.  If you do have the space, it would be best for you to get a large enough TV.

However, if you have limited space, a slim fit TV will certainly be the best option.  You also have to make sure that you are able to maximize the location of your TV so that you can have additional storage along with your TV set.

By doing this, you will be able to make use of your TV area in more ways than one.  Some homeowners choose to replace the TV on a TV stand or on the wall just to create more space.  However, if you feel that it would be much safer to keep the television set grounded then it would be your decision.  If

  1. Search For The Right Kind Of Mount

There is an available TV bracket Singapore that will definitely fit the bill when it comes to design and function depending on the specs of your television set.


If you want to learn more about the TV bracket Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact our website at https://www.tvbracketsg.com/blog/.  We will take care of all your TV bracket Singapore needs as soon as you log on. Go ahead and give it a try.

What to do with the TV Bracket Installation at your Establishment

What to do with the TV Bracket Installation at your Establishment in SingaporeTV bracket Singapore is one of the most trusted company when it comes to mounting your television. It has trusted review and experts have excellent knowledge about their works. Additionally, this company, the TV bracket Singapore, is so easy to reach and trust.

A lot of customers known them for having a quality service and products to offer. Because for them, the only way to protect your investments is by purchasing quality products – and TV bracket in Singapore has it!

You are lucky enough if there are TV bracket installation establishments near you because you need to go in their stall or office, or even call them, then they will assist you with your concern efficiently.

TV Brackets are Necessary for Singapore

A lot of people all over the world mount their televisions on the wall because it has a lot of benefits. So, TV brackets are not just necessary in Singapore, but also the entire world. In Singapore, every people now use TV brackets to hang their TV’s on the wall. People consider it a need nowadays. However, if you still not moved by its utility, here are some reasons why it became a necessity.

–    It decreases obstructions caused by pets, things, and of course, people.

–    It helps you to prevent someone to get away your set of television – a thief to be exact.

–    It helps you to avoid damages from disasters.

–    You can comfortably enjoy watching with your friends or yourself.

Why You Need to Purchase from TV Bracket in Singapore

To purchase everything you need in installing TV bracket is difficult. You need to canvass and look for a company that sells high-quality products to avoid hassles, troubles, and damages. And if there are any establishments of TV bracket installation near your area, you can compare and contrast all those establishments. But, there’s this one company you can give your trust, and that’s TVBracketSG. You can reach them at www.tvbracketsg.com if you need help, anytime! Here are the reasons why:

  • TV Bracket in Singapore offers high-quality products at a reasonable price.
  • Decreases reflections from windows & lights.
  • Improves safety.
  • Products from TV Bracket in Singapore Company will provide your house a new and modernized look.
  • Installing TV brackets with TVBracketSG is simple and straightforward. There are no significant complications at all.
  • TV brackets save spaces.

Using TV products from TV bracket in Singapore is like repaying what your TV offered you – the entertainment and happiness it provided. With TVBracetSG, you can guarantee that everything will be done correctly and accurately. Inquire with them now, all model and brand are available.

TV Bracket History and Trends in Singapore

TV Bracket History and Trends in SingaporeTV bracket in Singapore is a company founded in the year of 2012. Ever since then up to this current time, it supplies multi-size & universal series of TV stands and brackets here in Singapore. Aside from selling TV brackets and other products related to it, TV bracket Singapore also offers services of installing and assembling related to any television. And to make sure that everything is done correctly and appropriately, their installers, experts, and professionals have a minimum experience of five years in this field.

TV bracket in Singapore offers television-related products such as fixed mount, tilting mount, full-motion mount in a single and double arm, ceiling mount, TV table stand, mobile TV stand, gas-strut TV mount, and gas-strut desktop or monitor mount.

Choosing the Right TV Brackets Design

While there are numerous designs of TV are coming continuously, you can still find a similar trend for television brackets. As time goes by, TV bracket Singapore already became an important part of each person’s household. And to choose the right design for your TV bracket, you need to consider the following:

SIZE – to know the size of the TV bracket you need to use, first see the size of your television because it depends on it. The TV bracket you need must be reliable, long, and thick enough to hold & secure your TV.

HEIGHT – to ensure that you will be comfortable enough while watching television, you also need to consider the height of the area which will you going to put on your TV.

PRICE – every TV bracket products have its capability, uses, and of course, the cost. There are cheap TV brackets that will work out for you, and others might not. And if you have some cash to invest for an expensive but high-quality TV bracket for a better viewing experience, you can opt for that.

Reason Why You Need to Mount Your TV

  • Saves space – your room will be more spacious compared to placing a TV on the table.
  • Safety – to prevent any hazard, especially to children.
  • Viewing angles – to watch in different aspects.
  • Easy to maintain – you don’t need to drag a TV table in every part.
  • Convenience & comfortability – you can plug on & off the cables easily especially with full motion mount.

Why TV Bracket in Singapore?

With years of experience, we believe and apply the 4P principles.

PROFESSIONAL – TV bracket in Singapore gives professional advice to each of their clients and always recommend products that are the most suitable to each.

PRODUCTS – the company make sure that every product they offer are durable and made from high-quality materials that are safe to every user.

PEOPLE – the company’s team are trained and equipped well which every client can trust and rely on.

PRICE – every product offered by TV bracket in Singapore Company are reasonable.

Pros and Cons of TV Mount

Pros and Cons of TV Mount in SingaporeIf you are on the fence about deciding whether to buy a TV bracket Singapore or not, there are certain things that you need to know first before making the final decision.  Here are some of the pros and cons of the TV mount as follows:

The Pros

With the TV bracket Singapore, you will be able to experience much comfort watching your favorite TV show because it will allow you to extend the precision of your TV without difficulty.  The TV bracket gives the set the full range of motion so that you can easily tilt or move it in different directions whenever you wish.

Secondly, you will also be able to get this particular implement in different shapes and sizes.  Depending on the size of your television set, you will be able to choose the size of your TV mount for the wall specifically as well.

You don’t need to bear with a fixed size for your TV mount in Singapore anymore because they will cater to the size of the TV that you want.

Additionally, there are also different designs available for a TV mounts.  You can choose to have a fixed TV mount or the Tilting and Articulating TV Mounts.  Depending on what you need, there are different types of designs that you can choose from for sure.  You do not need to worry too much.

The Cons

One disadvantage that you can have with the TV mount is that there is a question of durability when it comes to these implements.  Will they be able to last and stand the test of time?  You have to make sure that you are able to find out more about the materials used in these TV mounts before availing of them.

That way, you will feel safer knowing that they will not break down too easily if you decide to use them for many hours during the day or night.

Fortunately, the if the manufacturer’s website can help you find out all the information that you need regarding the materials, measurements and sizes available for each of the TV mounts.  So you do not have to worry about not being aware of the specifics regarding the product itself.


For more data on the different designs and functions of TV mounts and the TV bracket Singapore, you should not hesitate to contact our website at https://www.tvbracketsg.com/blog/.

We will give you all the information that you need to know about the TV brackets in Singapore some of the specifics regarding this as well.

This way, you will not have to worry about faulty products coming into your doorstep without warning.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us right away.

Can You Do TV Bracket Installation At Your Own

Can You Do TV Bracket Installation At Your Own in SingaporeWall mounting your TV looks amazing, and you can save some space. However, there are lots of things you need to consider before doing it. Installing a TV bracket Singapore and any other parts of the world is the best idea you can make to make a room looks more beautiful and better. Yes, it may seem easy to do, and you think that you can do the entire job on your own, but it is not.

Some people don’t want to spend extra cost for hiring an expert installation company. They do not know that there is a massive risk behind a do-it-yourself TV bracket installation. Installing a TV bracket can be a DIY job, but there is a corresponding risk to it because you are not a professional one to have mastered everything about mounting a television.

Signs That DIY Installation of TV Bracket Is Not a Good Idea

You Never Do This Kind of Work Before

Ask yourself if you have done anything like mounting a TV or installing a TV bracket, and if not, it’s best to stop whatever you are planning. There are lots of results you can find about installing a TV bracket when you go over the internet, but it is not as simple as following it. There are some factors that only experts know about it. One mistake is made, and everything will get affected – even just a minor one.

You Do Not Have Proper Tools

There are special tools that you might need when installing a TV bracket – and professionals do have it. That’s why you need them to take over the entire work so that you can assure and guarantee that everything will be done accordingly.

You Do Not Have Someone To Help You

Installing or mounting a TV on a wall is not a kind of work that’s good for one person only. It needs the help of someone who also has a piece of knowledge on what he is doing. So, hiring experts from TV bracket Installation Company is a must.

Who Can Help You with TV Bracket Installation

While everyone can do the installation of TV bracket on their own, there are still corresponding people that are best on doing it. And these are the experts from TV bracket Installation Company. They are the best people for this work which can help you in any matter related to it. One of the most trusted TV bracket installation company is the TV bracket Singapore. You can rely on them and make sure that everything will work smoothly. TV bracket Singapore has the best deals and packages to offer because they offer it at reasonable and budget-friendly prices.

5 things to consider when shopping for TV mount wall

5 things to consider when shopping for TV mount wallOne of the most important things about the high definition TVs is theta they are flat and can be mounted on the wall easily. Mounting will help you to save some space in your house instead of buying a TV stand. Most TV mounts are of the same quality. There are various things that you should consider when purchasing a TV wall mount. You can also contact TV bracket Singapore to advice you on the best TV wall mount.

TV Specifications

TV specification is an important factor you need to consider for you to buy a compatible wall mount. Most mounts are designed to be compatible with specific TV size and weight. If your wall mount can support up to 32” TV and you mount a 50”TV on it, your TV may fall and crash on the floor. Ensure that you understand the specifications on the packaging of the wall mount and buy one that can support the weight and height of your TV.

Amount of swivel

Do you want the wall mount to remain at one point or to swivel? Some wall mounts can do all the functions. It may be nice to let the TV sit on the wall without moving; a swivel mount is ideal when you want the TV to point to another direction like in social gatherings.

A Wall Mount With An Arm

Some wall mounts hang the TV closer to the wall like a photo frame. Other mounts TV mounts have an arm that helps to keep the TV slightly away from the wall. Decide whether you want to keep the TV close to the wall or a few inches from the wall.

The price

There are various TV wall mounts in the market with varying prices. The cheap wall mount may attract you like any other wall mount, think of the quality and if they can hold up your TV. You can easily get a wall mount within your budget without sacrificing the quality. TV bracket Singapore offers quality wall mounts that are affordable.

Your Wall

Your wall is the final factor that you should consider. If you have a concrete, any wall mount is ideal. Ensure that you have the best fittings for the wall. Some wall mount manufacturers sell the mounts with fittings. The fittings may or may not be ideal for all wall types.  If you have a plasterboard wall, don’t mount the TV on the wall alone. The TV will tear the wall.

When buying a TV wall mount, you can consider purchasing tubing or any other device that will help to hide the cables that may be coming to or from the TV when mounted. After mounting your flat screen, think of how you can hide the cables from DVD, video game players, and other devices connected to the TV. You can contact TV bracket Singapore for better services.

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The Different Types of TV Wall Mounts in Singapore

The Different Types of TV Wall Mounts in SingaporeBuying yourself a new flat screen TV is one of the most modern achievements that you can have in your home.  However, mounting your TV onto the wall can definitely be a challenge to especially if you don’t know where to begin.  Here are some of the different TV will mounts that you can definitely use to your own advantage in the future.

The Fixed TV Wall Mount

The first option that you can have is the fixed TV wall mount.  This is the simplest and most basic design that you can have for a TV wall mount.

With this TV bracket Singapore, you can have your flat screen TV stick closer to the wall without it having to stand out too much.  It is also known as the low profile or flat TV wall mount.

The Tilting TV Wall Mount

This TV bracket Singapore is just like that fixed TV wall mount except this particular tool allows your TV to be moved around in different angles.  The tilting mechanism usually has a limit of 15°.  However, it can be very from model to model.

It gives the user the ability to adjust the vertical angles of the TV without difficulty.  This can be very advantageous to have because you might need to install the TV much higher up the wall.  Adjusting the angles would be necessary in this situation.

The Articulating TV Wall Mount

This particular type of wall mounts for your flat screen TV provides a wide variety of moving from simple tilting of angles to moving it up and down or left to right.  The full range of motion definitely comes in handy especially if you like to change positions while watching your favorite TV show.

This wall mount also allows for the swiveling motion of the TV set.  This means that you can easily pull it away from the wall without having to remove the television set at all.  With the active queue leading to the wall mount, you can easily install a television set in the corner and as well.

Because and different angles by which you can move it, you will be able to easily manipulate the machine tool, your own position in the room without having to strain your eyes at all.

Final Words

This is why you should definitely invest in this particular tool right away.  You will not regret the decision at all.  All you have to do is to make sure it to do your research to find out what you exactly need for your home and everything else will follow.

Do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion regarding these products so that you would be able to find out what it is that would fit your needs exactly in terms of the TV wall mount design.

There are many available TV bracket Singapore that you can definitely choose from.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact https://www.tvbracketsg.com/blog/ right away.