Benefits of Having a Great TV Bracket in Singapore

About Benefits of Having a Great TV Bracket in SingaporeThese days, technology has become more screen-oriented such that many gadgets today come with screens. Be it LCD or LED, or be it a smartphone, watch, or computer, having a great screen is beneficial. Gone are the days when television sets are made solely for watching broadcast shows on analog. Also, gone are the days when cathode ray tubes were the only option for watching your favorite TV shows.

This is the age of flat screen TV sets of all shapes and sizes. They also come with either LCD or LED displays, as well as “smart” features. These so-called smart TVs have additional ports from which anyone can watch videos stored in an external device. They can also be connected via HDMI cables from their laptops. Also, while they are huge for their size, they are incredibly lighter and slimmer. Flat screens only need to be mounted to a wall with a sturdy TV bracket.

If you recently purchased a new TV set and a corresponding TV bracket in Singapore, you might have heard a lot of benefits. This article would expound on those benefits which will help make the most out of your viewing experience.

Seamless Room Appearance

Having a great flat screen TV setup in your living room or den provides a minimalistic look and feel. It provides the family and / or their guests the seamless impression. Without too many equipment needed to secure a TV set, it also adds up to a better viewing experience. Back when cathode ray tube TVs were still common, they were bulky overall. The living room looked cluttered and a bit uncomfortable to stay in. There was also the threat of a huge TV toppling over. Those days were long gone.

Better Ergonomics, Viewing Real Estate

Having a steady mounted flat screen provides viewers with a better reason to watch from a distance. Gone are the days when one has to inch closer to watch his favorite TV show up close. With even a decent flat screen and a corresponding TV bracket in Singapore, you can enjoy watching from afar.

Fewer Visual Problems

Back then, having to watch close to a television set is unacceptable for a couple of reasons. One, watching up close causes you to squint your eyes and therefore induce eye strain. Eye strain symptoms include sore or itching eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, headache, and sore neck and shoulders. Two, CRTs emit much more radiation than flat screens, and such radiation can harm your eyes.

Larger Viewing Experience

Watching from a mounted TV set helps improve the viewing experience a lot. It is recommended though to install a flat screen such that you do not alter your seated posture. It must also be installed far from the chairs or couches so that you are not going to watch your shows up close. By installing your flat screen this way, you reduce the risk of eye strain and eye-harming radiation.

Do you remember those days when you watch your TV shows from your CRT and you get some glare? Do you remember when you wanted to need to look towards the edge of your screen just to see more details? That’s because CRTs were not all flat. In fact, the screens look flattened but they also bulge. Flat screen TVs today do not have bulges but they are flat, even when they are curved inward. Some TV manufacturers create curved TV models to optimize viewing experience. No doubt that these TV sets need sturdier wall brackets.

Multiscreen Work from Home Setup

Another brilliant use for mounted TV sets is to use them as either primary or auxiliary screens. A freelancer who needs more than one screen can benefit a lot on this approach. He would either use an HDMI cable or wireless casting to project his computer screen to a nearby smart TV. By applying that setup, he reduces his slouching tendency and he can work with a bigger screen. One drawback is when either computer or flat screen has low resolution. Pixels would be evident, but if you only project your computer screen to your TV, it would be still enough.


Now you have read once more what benefits a TV bracket in Singapore brings to you. If after you read this and you desired to install a brand-new flat screen, contact us for your TV bracket needs. We are a professional company listed on the stock market for more than six years now. But if you have been our customer previously and you wanted to make some adjustments, contact us still. Whatever issues your TV bracket may have, we are here to solve them immediately.

We value our customers and their feedback greatly, which is why we maintain our professional standards. We do not charge high prices and perform a lousy job on our end. We make sure that you, our customer, gets a bang for your buck regarding TV brackets.

Concerned about our contact details? You can call us on our published phone numbers or send us an email.

How To Prepare For Quarantine During Pandemic With Tv Bracket

How To Prepare For Quarantine During Pandemic With Tv Bracket in SingaporeThe pandemic has had a very disheartening effect on all of us. Since the advent of COVID-19, so many measures have been taken to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, one of the most heartbreaking measures taken for most people was the lockdown. Everyone was subjected to staying indoors.

Majorly, most of the activities that added color to the lives of individuals were stopped. One of which is visiting the cinema. Almost everyone has a TV in their home but will all know that cinema provides a better TV experience.

How can one get this cinematic experience within the comfort of their home? The answer is TV brackets. TV brackets provides the same cinematic experience, you’d get in the cinema. By mounting your TV using a TV brackets, zoom meetings, TV series and movies during the quarantine are easily enjoyed.

A very good service to patronize for installation of your TV brackets is TV brackets in Singapore. Our products are very affordable and can be easily fixed by anyone. However, to ensure that it is properly fixed, you can contact us for services.

What Is Tv Mounting?

TV mounting is the process of fixing a TV (especially flat screen TVs) on the wall, using installed TV brackets. Users of TV bracket can get a full cinematic experience without having to visit the cinema.

Neck pains generated from watching Television from TV stands are avoided. Because, most TV mounts are adjustable. With TV mounts you get to experience fully fledged viewing experience.

Every Television set requires a specific kind of TV bracket. That is why not just anyone should install them in your home. TV bracket in Singapore promises professionalism and even more.

TV bracket in Singapore can install any size of TV sets. The sizes includes; 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, 43 inches, 46 inches, 55 inches and all other sizes. Our installation services promises stability, balance and symmetry.

Importance Of Tv Mounting

The importance of TV mounting cannot be overemphasized. In mounting TV’s, TV BRACKET IN SINGAPORE sees to it that their customers gain all the benefits associated with TV mounts. Written below are some importance of TV bracket.

  • Use of TV brackets or mounts protects your TV from imminent damage. Any sort of damage can occur, especially for flat screen TVs: it can fall from any light push. Imagine a house full of children with a TV without mount, automatically that TV is endangered.

Therefore, mounting your TV is important because it keeps it out of the reach of kids and away from danger. It will also prevent incurred cost for a new TV as a result of carelessness.

  • With TV mounting, a lot of home space is saved. Yes, it saves bigger space than a TV stand because it is mounted on the wall. With a TV bracket in Singapore mounted in your home, you can now host parties in your home, conveniently.

Another advantage is that it is relatively cheaper than TV stands. If you go into the market to come both, you would find the difference in cost. The difference might be small, but a TV mount will help you save cost.

  • TV mounts are modifiable. You can adjust the TV mounts to any direction of your choosing. Let’s say for example the rays of the sun is incident on your TV screen and is disrupting your view. You can conveniently move the mount to face a direction without the sun. This in turn improves viewing experience.
  • Asides just mounting TVs, our services includes hiding cables from visible eyes. The cables are tucked in, thereby, preventing tangling of cables. It also improves the aesthetics of your home. So much so that the beauty of your home decoration is not tampered with.

Why You Should Patronize Tv Brackets In Singapore

The reasons why you should patronize us are not far-fetched. We deliver premium services to all our customers. All our workers are professionals and very experienced. Our services are not limited to a particular TV size.

We fix any type of TV mount and TV size without any issues. So, you don’t have to be afraid of getting a subpar work. Even if we encounter problems during installation, be rest assured that it would be taken care of.

TV brackets in Singapore have been in the TV mount business for over six years, and not once have we received a bad review. Most freelance companies are not registered, hence, trusting them can be difficult.

With us, the trust barrier is broken because, we are a trusted and very reliable registered company. Our services are available any day at your own convenient.

Trust me when I say we offer the best customer services. We are very patient with customers and are more than willing to work at any time of your choosing. Almost every home uses a flat screen TV, let us help you safeguard that TV whilst saving cost.

For inquiries about our services, contact TV bracket in Singapore via call or message +65 9183 7250. Or you can just send an email to We anticipate your patronage and will be happy to work for you.

Mounting your TV Properly to prevent it from Falling

Mounting your TV Properly to prevent it from Falling in SingaporeDo you ever wonder if your TV might just fall off the wall it’s mounted to? Well, it can happen if your TV isn’t mounted properly to the wall. Since you wouldn’t want your new and expensive TV to fall off and break, you shouldn’t risk it and let a professional handle it. Rather than having to lose your precious TV over mere negligence. A TV can fall off the wall for multiple reasons such as,

Overloading TV bracket

If your TV is too heavy and the bracket cannot bear its weight, chances are it might take a fall. So, whenever you are looking to buy a TV bracket make sure that it is suitable for your specific TV to prevent any mishaps.

Poor Quality TV Bracket

If you’re trying to save some bucks by investing in a cheap and poor quality TV bracket, it might cause you a much bigger loss than you are anticipating. Since you wouldn’t want your tv to fall and break. Invest in a good quality TV bracket such as a TV bracket in Singapore. As it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Improper Wall Fixing

Mounting a TV on the wall might seem easy but can be tricky business for some people. Which is why it’s best to leave to the hand of the professionals. Sometimes people use the wrong fixings and sometimes they fix the TV in the wrong way on the wall. Whatever the reason may be, it can cause your TV to take a leap.

Improper Bracket Installation

Chances are that your TV can still fall off even after using high-quality TV mouth and fixings. What? Yes, it is possible that after all the investment you still might lose your precious TV. All due to mere negligence in the installation process of the TV brackets. If you do not have the required skillset to install the TV bracket, make sure to call the professionals and let it take from there.

So, in order to prevent your TV from falling make sure that you use a good quality TV bracket that is appropriate for your specific TV set, use proper fixings, studs, and washers, and lastly fix it properly to the wall. Or a simple solution to your problem can be to call in the professionals and let them take care of all your TV mounting worries.

A well-mounted TV does not only add to the aesthetics of the room but also ensures its durability and safety. It is also very practical too, as you save a ton of space making your room look and feel broader. So, whenever you’re thinking of having your TV mounted to the wall rush to TV bracket in Singapore and have your TV mounted to perfection.

You can contact them even if you’re having problems with your existing mounting. They are the most experienced professionals who will surely exceed your expectations by their amazing service.

Prevent accidents to your children from falling TVs

The new TVs are normally fashionable and seemingly light. However, this does not mean that a fall from such a TV will not harm your child. As such, you should ensure that your children stay away from the part of the wall where the TV is mounted. Furthermore, you need to use a professional who knows about mounting a TV using TV brackets in Singapore to prevent any accidents that may harm either your child or a family pet.

In summary, the discussion above has provided some tips that will prevent your TV from falling subsequent to mounting. Using frames within the walls for better stability, using the right tools when installing the TV bracket, and using the right TV bracket based on the weight and dimensions of your TV. Finally, ensure that you use a professional TV bracket installer to prevent such accidents. You had better use more money during installation by hiring the professional and remain safe than sorry.

Final Verdict

TV bracket in Singapore is a registered company that has been in this business for over 6 years now. And all of this has been possible because of your trust in their wonderful products and exceptional customer service. They offer the most credible and reliable TV mounting products and services. They always make sure to leave their customers satisfied and happy.


TV Stand Singapore How to Display your Television

TV Stand Singapore How to Display your TelevisionEntertainment is something we all yearn for. And, how better else to experience that other than our televisions. TV stand Singapore is one of the well-known companies. They pride themselves in providing quality wall mounts and stands. At the same time, they ensure that you get the best value for your money. A TV wall mount or stand? That is a question most of us struggle with. Especially considering the different spaces we own. But TV stand Singapore has a solution for this, having been in the game for quite a while.

TV Stand Vs Wall Mount?

There are always advantages and disadvantages to every decision made. Each of the options above has a pro and a con. Before getting into which is better there are some considerations to make.

The size of your TV

The size of your television will matter when it comes to choosing a TV stand or wall mount. Depending on other factors too like space required and also the sight angle you need to achieve. TV bracket in Singapore have experienced insights that may help you to make informed decision. This is why you need to consult their professionals.

The space and layout of your space

This again poses a huge weight on your decision. Getting professionals from TV stand Singapore to help you out would be of much benefit to you. Given that they have the expertise and the experience they can provide deep insights of which one is better a wall mount or TV stand.

The kind of projects.

Be it for home entertainment of office space, a TV stand or wall mount is beneficial. Depending on the projects you want to undertake with your TV, you need professionals from TV stand Singapore. They are a better fit to ensure that all your needs are met. And again, they are able to handle problems as they arise and on the spot.


One of the biggest constraints and decision influencers is the budget. Depending on the budget you have, professionals at TV stand Singapore are in a better position to offer the best advice. At the same time, provide value for money through their services.

Why You Should Get Professional Help

  • Quality products are always guaranteed when using experts. This is because they have knowledge of products in the market for both new and old televisions and come up with products that are affordable and durable hence meeting your expectations. Whether your TV requires a wall mount or stand is an answer only experts at TV bracket in Singapore can provide while putting all your needs as a priority.
  • Professionals do a better job than doing it yourself. This is more so because they have the expertise and experience as they have done it many times. They are also in a better position to provide real-time advice and solutions to problems that may arise.
  • Freelancers who aren’t registered can sometimes be expensive. Aside from that, they could also incur extra charges that you may not necessarily need as a customer. Additionally, there are no proper channels and ways to reach out when you encounter issues. They don’t provide any warranty which may be of use especially when handling expensive equipment.
  • TV bracket in Singapore is a reputable company that is registered and licensed to provide professional TV bracket services that meet all your needs.
  • Having been in the market for more than 6years, this provides them with a large amount of knowledge and experience that could be vital to you. This means that they take care of their customers at all times and ensuring they meet all customer needs.

In conclusion

Following DIY procedures can be a good idea especially if you know what you are doing. However, you may not anticipate all that may be needed and you may end up damaging your products while mounting your television. On the other hand, getting freelancers to get the work done is not a good idea as they are not registered and don’t usually don’t have references of where you can find them in case of issues.

Professional company like TV bracket in Singapore not only guarantee you quality work and expertise, but also, provide quality products. Not forgetting their years of experience that comes in handy during installations. Their customer care is available 24hrs and ready to help you at any time. Get in touch with the best TV bracket in Singapore for the best installations and services.

3 Ways to Increase Profit for your TV Bracket and TV Stand Business In 2020

3 Ways to Increase Profit for your TV Bracket and TV Stand Business In 2020 in SingaporeThe more you learn, the more you earn. Written by Warren Buffet is a quote that motivates you as a businessman. Keep learning more and more about your business dynamics for you to get optimal profits.

Since the introduction of the TV bracket and TV stand, there has been an increase in competitors. As a business, what you do unique from your competitors makes you stand out.

According to Sigmond, there is a need to change your practice as a businessman and focus on Profit. Patricia Sigmond is the founder and president of David advisory group. The group that helps business people resin veneer their business practices.

Sign in is an author of the book “six ways of making a profit.” some businesses do not make a profit, or at other times, they have no increase in Profit from their previous year.

TV bracket and TV mount businesses such as TV Bracket in Singapore is a leading TV bracket provider. Profit margin helps in business growth.

Profit means you have to reassess your business. Find ways to increase your sales and decrease costs and business risks.

Let’s look at strategies to use to increase your Profit in the TV bracket and TV stand business;

Change your standard operating procedures

Some businesses become rigid to changing times. Hence they end up stagnating with little or no profits.

I understand navigating unexplored terrain is difficult scary. But change is inevitable for your business.

To increase sales, try cross-selling- offering services. Such services as home delivery of the TV bracket or stand and installation services. Make it a one-stop-shop you can stock TV Sets too. A customer may want to upgrade their TV set to the next new model.

Offer products that complement your products. Such products as antenna cables, internet connectivity options, electric extensions. This way, you will sell your primary product with some paraphernalia that will add to your Profit. Offer services that will bring the customer to you again. For example, you can offer maintenance of TV bracket or TV installation in case of relocation.

It means checking what is working and not spice up the business to appeal to your customers.

The year 2020 is calling for further online engagement with clients. Offer online services for buying making of payments and delivery of your products. Online market has grown this year take advantage to grow your profit.

Stay Visible And Connected

Your business location favors you. Make it visible make those passer-byes turn to look into your shop. Use bright colors for your TV bracket or TV stand business. You can play some music that creates some attention. Licenses and certification for your business can set you apart from competitors. After being on the right side of the law:

  • Advertise your work.
  • Invest in a good business website.
  • Pay a professional website developer to do this for you.

Take your business online in 2020 to reach more customer base. For your website, use an own domain name such as “TV bracket in Singapore.” An own domain name shows your customers you mean business.

Make the website pregnant with videos of your products and TV installation services. Find ways to leverage referral selling by adding customer reviews to your website.

Make Everyone A Salesperson

From telephone to email and face to face, employee should be able to maximize their sales skills.

Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of your TV bracket business. Let your employees feel motivated to sell more. Employees can use their social media platforms to help market products and services.

Ways to increase employees’ satisfaction is through lunch meetings, conferences, and webinars. Which will lead you to the way to increase your profits.

Why do we hire personal doctors? It is boring to keep telling your story to a new person each time you visit a clinic. Most businesses thrive on referrals employees who serve well to ensure customers return. Employees’ turnover will impact your business. Keep them motivated to keep them longer.

In conclusion, making a business a success, you need to research the market well. Visit companies such as TV bracket in Singapore who have been serving people for the last six years. Our services focus on customer satisfaction enables us excel in this competitive market. We have a professional’s team that will address all issues about TV installation. Our one-stop-shop is a plus to our business. Visit us for benchmarks.

Top Ideas on Where To Mount Your TV Bracket in Your Living Room

Top Ideas on Where To Mount Your TV Bracket in Your Living Room in SingaporeNot so far in the past, TVs were really huge and usually took too much space; we’ve evolved from all that now, thankfully. These days, TVs are slim and sleek and are a great addition to your home. Given their space efficiency, modern TVs can be installed in your home convenience apart from your living room and bedroom.

Now you can get creative on where to mount your TV to add a bit of spice to your living room décor. The top considerations when you’re looking to mount a TV is usually finding a functional spot and also finding the spot where it perfectly blends in with your room décor.

To help you along, below are top ideas of where you can mount your TV and have it fit in seamlessly with your living room décor.

Mount it Above the Fireplace

That sounds weird! The wary homeowners may want to wave this idea off. After all, there are mixed feelings about this particular idea; many people are simply scared about having their TV above the fireplace.

But this idea does have its merits like the fact that your TV and your Fireplace are in the same place and therefore, makes it easy to arrange the furniture without having to go around the two. Our fixed mount is sure to hold your TV tightly in place if you’re scared about that.

Beside the Fireplace

Another idea for those who are wary about placing the TV above their fireplace can just be to choose to place it beside the fireplace. That isn’t as scaring as the above-the-fireplace idea, right? This is like the first option, and you get to enjoy both the TV and your fireplace without necessarily having to worry about arranging the furniture around it. The TV table stand can help you achieve an amazing look right next to your fireplace.

Mount it Up in A Corner

I simply love this idea; many people don’t usually consider the corner when mounting their TV, but it is a great idea nevertheless. Many homes are designed so many artworks that you hardly find a space in the living room to mount a relatively large TV that suits the place.

If the scenario applies to you that don’t have enough wall space because of all the other architectural features, then you should really consider the corner for your TV. Don’t be anxious about whether the TV will be hidden for viewers. With our Tilting Mount, you can tilt your TV to your convenience from the corner.

Mount-It Upon A Dark Wall

We can all agree that dark walls are really dramatic; it is also always a classic shade, and it makes your TV pop out in a sophisticated manner. You don’t have to go for black to achieve a dark wall; you can choose dark shades of colors that blend well with other colors in your living room space. This way, you will enjoy a mix of beauty and sophistication. You’re wondering how this will happen? Try one of our TV accessories. With our Full motion double-arm mount, you really couldn’t get any more sophisticated.

Mix the Modern with the Traditional

There is nothing more aesthetic than having a blend of classic look with modern style. It is super matching. If you still choose to go with the traditional mounting style on your TV, you can use the TV table stand for your TV mounting and then add some modern touches around the TV like wingback chairs, nice prints, throw pillows others.

Whatever Style You Choose, We’ve Got You Covered!

Hopefully, these ideas can give you inspiration on how to decorate your living room and also mount your TV in Singapore. Whatever idea you end up going with, we have the right TV bracket for you, and even better, we can help you mount it up.

Our TV brackets in Singapore are affordable, durable, lightweight, yet sturdy. They are also known for being stylish and safe. Whatever after-sales service you need, we’ve got you covered. The Asian market appreciates the power of our best TV brackets and mounts across the length and breadth of Singapore.


Mounting a TV in the Corner: All you Need to Know

Mounting a TV in the Corner All you Need to Know in SingaporeAs the world progresses, wider TVs are being made every day, and wider windows being incorporated into the architecture of a home. Due to that, people are finding it hard to decide how exactly to mount up their TV and still have space left for several other things. We have an idea for you; mount it up in a corner!

You’ve probably thought about it and wondered if it is such a great idea; some people worry if they’ll find the right TV bracket in Singapore to effectively mount up a TV in the corner. Well, we’ve got you covered with our many products, and the best part about this kind of mounting is that you can easily do it with a single arm full motion TV bracket or a double arm if you want to. If you need some more information about mounting a TV in the corner, here’s all you need to know about it.

What To Benefit From Corner-Mounting a TV

There are several benefits if you mount your TV in the corner:

Create a Kid-friendly Environment

If you mount your TV in a corner, you will be creating a kid-friendly environment around the house. This way, your kids can play freely around the house without fear of causing any damage to your expensive electronics. This will offer you the opportunity to rest and shout less because you know the kids won’t reach where the TV is installed.

Eliminate Spine and Neck Pain

Imagine the number of times you have to twist and turn your neck and back each time you engrossed in one of your favorite TV programs? The experience is always unpleasant, right? But with a corner-mounted TV, you can reduce or eliminate the pains you feel at the back or neck when watching your programs. But again, you will need to buy an adjustable TV mount to maximize your comfort. This way, you can even watch your program while in the kitchen

When You Should Start Considering It

If you have small rooms and a few sets of furniture to fit into your home, then a corner mount might be the best option for you. Sometimes there are no spaces left to simply mount your TV in the center of the room; this is when to consider mounting in a corner. This is because it not only frees up some space in the room for you for other things, but our tilting mount allows you to change your viewing angles so you can comfortably enjoy your TV.

Another time to consider corner mounting is when you have really wide windows, which is common amongst many homes these days. This leaves little space for mounting a TV, and even then, the space might contrast with the arrangement of your furniture. Some people who are skeptical about mounting their TV over a fireplace might just have to go for a corner mount.

The corner space is always wasted in a home, and people end up having to settle for a space they don’t really want without even considering a corner space. There are four corners in every room; one of these corners is bound to work well with your décor and save you the stress of sacrificing your arrangement plans.

How Difficult is Corner Mounting?

Corner mounting is not difficult at all, especially when you use our product. Each TV bracket of ours comes with instructions that make it pretty easy for you to mount up your TV; you can even have it done and dusted within an hour.

If you can’t do it yourself, then our team is always available to help you mount up your TV so that nothing goes wrong. There are also videos available to help explain the mounting process and make it easier for you.

How About Flexibility?

If you’re wondering about flexibility, then we’ve got you covered with our tilting mounts and full-motion mounts. They are all very strong and safe and can hold any TV inches you have. Our tilting motion can tilt your TV both up and down for whatever viewing direction you would like.

Why not try to get the best TV Bracket in Singapore from us?


How TV Brackets Maximize Safety

All About How TV Brackets Maximize Safety in SingaporeWhen we make a vital decision, we have to consider security as well. In fact, safety is the first thing to consider when installing electronics. This should come before you even give a thought to comfort.

TV mounts have a lot of benefits that come with it, but most of all, it is always a safe option for your home. If you have pets running around your home or even kids, then this article is definitely for you.

Not only does a TV mount save space in your home, but it also helps keep your eyes in optimal condition. Keep reading to find out how a TV bracket maximizes safety in your home

Keeps Your TV Out of the Way

All too often, TVs take up way too much space in our home and can easily get in the way when you’re in a hurry or trying to find something. How many times have you lost a thing and it was found behind the TV?

This can easily be taken care of with a TV mount as it gets your TV up on the wall and out of the way. You don’t even have to bump against the TV anymore in your hurry to get somewhere.

Gets Rid of the Glare

Bright lighting is great but bad for the eyes when you have to stare directly into it. If you’ve been staring into a TV for too long, then it’s time to take some action before you cause any damage to your eyes.

A TV mount provides flexibility, allowing you to move your TV in different directions, especially when you use our tilting mount. This can help you eliminate glare either from the TV or from external lightings like the sun or the light bulb. When there’s a glare on your TV from any external source, you can easily adjust your TV angle instead of having to think about how to rearrange your home

Eliminates Back and Neck Pain

Many times, people have to strain their back and neck in order to really enjoy viewing their TV. At the end of the day, your neck and backaches because you’re trying to catch your favorite TV show.

This can be eliminated with a TV mount as it allows you to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy your TV. You can even lie back and still enjoy the full TV experience. With a variety of adjustable TV bracket options available on our store, you can easily mount your TV to suit your convenience.

It Makes the Environment More Kid Friendly

Don’t get it twisted, all the crying about safety speaks more to the kids than the adults. Whether in the office or at home, having a TV bracket makes it a lot easier for kids to play around without stepping on wires or hitting their head against the TV.

If you have kids, then the first thought on your mind should be getting a TV mount. This is because your kid might want to play around and end up damaging the TV or hurting themselves.

If you also have pets always running around the house, you will rest better knowing that your TV is up there and out of the reach of your kid or pet. It is the best choice you have, really, and will make all the difference in your home.

Confers Comfort and Style

Using a TV bracket helps to declutter the living room. A room without clutters looks neat, comfortable, stylish, and safe to walk in. With a TV bracket, the length of wires around the house is reduced and you can boast of a nice-looking room.

Why Not Contact Us?

Now that you have come to a realization about the importance of mounting up a TV in your home and would like to get a TV bracket, TV brackets in Singapore have got you covered. Check out our collection of mount products for the ideal TV bracket for your home. Are you in Singapore or you’re making a visit? We’ve got everything you need to make your experience worthwhile when it comes to electronics, including TV, TV brackets, mounts, and many more.


TV Bracket Singapore: Quick Tips For Mounting A TV on The Wall

Article TV Bracket Singapore Quick Tips For Mounting A TV on The WallPeople mount their TVs on the wall for various reasons. Some do it for the aesthetic value it provides, and some do it for safety reasons. This article will see the benefits of putting your TV on the mount in detail and some quick tips for mounting a TV on the wall.

Mounting a TV on the wall is a simple yet challenging exercise. When not done carefully, it may land one into losses and accidents. Many DIY training and tips are available on the internet for such tasks. Still, you are advised that you seek professional assistance from a reputable company like TV Bracket in Singapore.

Benefits Of Mounting Your TV On The Wall

  • Mounting a tv on the wall saves space. When operating in a limited area, putting your TV on the wall will save you the space that you could have otherwise used to put a table.
  • When you mount the TV on the wall, the cables are well tucked behind and secured. This neatness prevents accidents that can be caused by tripping on loose cords.
  • A tv put on the wall or ceiling is out of children’s reach. Kids won’t play with your device, accidents will be minimal, and your TV will last long.
  • There is no straining. The TV is at a perfect angle for your viewership and offers no stress to your neck.
  • Tv on the wall is not easy to grab. So mounting a tv acts as security against robbery too.

Tips for mounting a TV on the wall

As a professional team, Tv bracket Singapore will guide you through easy tips that will help you mount your TV on any wall. This include:

  1. Identifying the right equipment and position.
  2. Identifying the right angle for your TV.
  3. Making all the cord concealing plans.
  4. Mounting the TV on the wall and securing all the bolts.

Identifying The Right Equipment And Position

For one to mount a TV on any wall, he must first have the TV. The next thing that they need is a  wall mount bracket and wall clips. They also need to spot a favorable spot. Decide on whether to mount it on the ceiling or the wall. The wall mounts brackets are of different designs and sizes.

Most frames fit TV s between 24” and 55”. There are tilting brackets, full rotation brackets, and fixed mounts. Depending on the purpose of mounting your TV, you can pick that which suits you.

Identifying The Right Angle For Your TV

The TV’s right angle on the wall mount should be such that one’s neck and eyes don’t strain when watching. The viewer and the TV distance should be reasonable, and the angle tilts around 90 degrees.

Making All The Cord Concealing Plans

To avoid unnecessary tripping and falling on cables, you will have to tuck all the cords behind the TV neatly. This organization, you can do by using cord boxed or using cable clips to hold the cords. This process also increases the environment’s aesthetic value because the cables will not be hanging all over.

Mounting The TV On The Wall And Securing All The Bolts

Here is where the real work is. Most people may try to do it by themselves, but it is not safe as an eventuality may occur. We advise people always to seek professional assistance regardless of how competent they feel they are installing the TV on the wall.

One should drill holes in cases where holes are not readily available on the wall. Install and fix the wall bracket. Secure all the studs well on the wall. Place your tv carefully on the frame and fasten the nuts and bolts appropriately. Ensure the side bolts are also secured to prevent your Tv groom from falling off from the sides. Adjust the TV to the desired angle, switch it on, and enjoy viewership.


With over six years of experience, we at TV Bracket Singapore assure you of quality service in installing your TV. We have a registered and renowned company in case of any inquiries or complaints. Don’t just trust random freelancers with your precious devices when we are where to give you professional services. We take responsibility for any accidents during our work, and we also offer skilled guidance on the best pieces of equipment to use. Reach out to us today and get to view your TV programs from a whole new angle.


Mobile TV Stands For Your TV Brackets In Singapore And Their Importance In Your Home

Mobile TV Stands For Your TV Brackets In Singapore And Their Importance In Your Home in Singapore After making that important purchase for your Flat or Curved TV Screen, you know you have a good investment that needs protection. Keeping the TV to close to you may affect your eyesight and even cause fatigue when used for long hours. Essentially, what you need to prevent this is a good TV bracket. The TV bracket in Singapore needs to be installed well to prevent your TV from falling causing damage to the hefty investment you made during purchase. As such, the following discussion will explain tips to use to prevent your TV from falling once mounted using TV brackets.

During the mounting of your TV using a TV bracket, be sure to firmly fix it on the wall. To do so, you can change the integrity of your wall to prevent your TV from falling off. This will help in case of calamities such as earthquakes or contact related accidents.

Some manufacturers of TV provide a touch bridle or what is known as a fastened cable to assist during the mounting. In addition, you should use the right type of TV bracket as well as screws to ensure that you mount the TV well. Also, ensure that your wall will sustain the weight of the TV.

When purchasing your TV, you can choose one that has feet on each side of the bottom part. This provides more security from falling and secures it in case of shaking.

A television is a necessary component in your home as it not only offers entertainment but adds to the aesthetics and décor for your home. Therefore, while considering a good TV, you also need to consider accessories as well. One such accessory is a TV bracket. While a TV bracket that is installed into your wall is okay, you can also consider a TV bracket in Singapore that is attached to a mobile TV stand. There are various benefits you gain by getting a TV bracket that helps you attach the TV to a mobile stand. The following are some of the benefits.

Your Wall Will Have No Holes

When you have a TV bracket that is attached to a mobile stand, you will not suffer holes in your walls or ceiling. This is especially so if you love to move your TV around. Imagine the amount of damage you would have on your walls if you kept moving the TV bracket in Singapore holding your TV up? Well, the mobile TV stand holding the TV mounting is the best idea to prevent such damage.


Mobile TV stands holding up TV brackets are portable as they have rollers. Therefore, moving your TV from one room to the next becomes easy. Also, you do not have to watch the TV in one location every day, you can choose different locations. It is also great if used in offices for conferences; you will save the money you need to buy multiple screens for the different conference or meeting rooms.


Mobile TV stands allow you to adjust the height of the TV bracket holding up the TV. Furthermore, you can also adjust the angle for better viewing. As such, you do not need to be uncomfortable while viewing your favorite movie or enjoying that family movie night.


Mobile stands have different sizes and support different TV brackets for different TV sizes and weights. You will get a TV bracket in Singapore that will fit the size of TV that you have and this is ideal due to the issue of weight and dimensions of your screen as the Mobile stand will withstand different sizes.

Other Features Included

Aside from attaching the TV bracket to your mobile TV stand, you can also have a stand that has other features. These include shelves for your game consoles if you are an avid gamer. You can also get TV hatches for placing other items such as your decoder. There are Mobile stands that have spots where you can hide the cables for your TV, game console, or decoder to ensure the room remains neat.

As such, the discussion has shown you the importance of having mobile TV stands for TV brackets. You can choose one made from metal or wood which are the two main materials used to create the mobile stand. The style of your home will help you decide what kind of material you need. Ensure you have a mobile TV stand that attaches the TV bracket in Singapore well and ensures mobility with no stress on your part. You will have the freedom to move the TV around well if the TV bracket is well attached to the TV to prevent any damage. Finally, you will never have to worry about damage to your walls.