Mounting Tv Bracket in Singapore on a drywall

Mounting Tv Bracket in Singapore on a drywall_If your house was built in the last 50 years, there is a chance that all of the walls and the ceiling are covered with dry walls. A drywall is a modern-day alternative to the hand applied plaster and therefore, this raises a lot of questions when it comes to mounting your television. You have to, at all cost avoid the dry walls.

The studs are what you should be looking for and once these are found, the process becomes so easy and trust me, you will enjoy yourself. Over the years, this is one question that has always emerged time and again. Dry walls are often built on a metal or a wooden framework. In reality, mounting the television on a hallow wall could work, but it depends on the situation at hand.

Find the distance between profiles

This is important. I really caution people that if they are unsure, they consult with us first. Typically, most people do not have any idea whether the upright profiles are well fixed to the floor or to the ceiling. That could be a problem while mounting the television.

Today, most builders use two types of system,

  • A wooden frame profiles.
  • The metal stud profile.

In most cases, what you will find is that both the systems, the metals, and the woods are placed at a center to a center recommended distance of about 600 mm. however, in some cases, you will find a placement of a distance of 450 mm.

Checking the distance is the fun part. For the wooden profiles, you check the distance by knocking on the wall until you find the place that sounds less hollow. After you find it, mark this place, then check whether the next upright is 450mm or 600mm apart.

For the metal studs, the best way to find the studs is by using the pipe finder, this allows you to spot the metal profiles.

For a wooden frame wall

In case your house is made with a wooden wall frame, after performing the check, you should continue with the installation without an issue. You can use either one of the mounts like the flat mounts, the tilt mounts or the full motion mounts all of which we have in our store. Mostly, the mounts are suitable for a 450 or the 600 mm frame which you will see it bridges the gap between the two wooden upright profiles. Most of the Tv Brackets in Singapore will fit in between the two profiles but if you are having problems, consider using the stud adapter which allows you to mount the television centered between two wooden uprights.

For a metal stud wall

In case you find out that your house is made of metal stud walls, you will find that the walls are reinforced with an extra back plate of sufficient thickness, or the underlayment. It makes a lot of sense to have such an arrangement because the metal stud profiles are only 6 mm thick. If you go right on to install the Tv Bracket in Singapore straight on to the profiles, there is a high chance the television will tip over

Also, it is very important to check if the rear wall is sufficiently thick. We are talking about an approximate of 18 mm thick, together with the plasterboard approximately 30.5 mm or thicker. This should be enough to support our bracket.

Materials you will need

To check for the materials that you need, drill a hole with a small drill at the location where we have both the uprights. As we have discussed, you may come across wooden or metal uprights, this is also very useful in checking the wall thickness. For a single wall, typically, 12 mm plasterboard is used. In addition, this step is important for checking the length of the screws needed. In case you are dealing with wood hollow walls, we recommend pre-drilling holes with a 5 mm wood drill and then, tighten the wood threaded bolts with a size 13 socket wrench. Why pre-drill? We have found that if you miss this step, there is a high chance that the wooden frame will crack.

Lastly, it is still better to get tv bracket specialist to mount it for you.