Location matters a lot when Installing the Television Bracket on the Outdoors

Location matters a lot when Installing the Television Bracket on the Outdoors in Singapore Think about it for a minute, a television mounted on the outside. It sounds crazy yet if you can paint a clear picture of what we’d expect, you will see it is something actually really great. We have covered a blog before on the tips to mount the television on the outdoors, and in case you missed our 6 tips to install a TV bracket outdoors Singapore check this blog out because what we’ll be covering on this blog is an extension of our previous blog.

It is not a new thing; it has been there from time immemorial and the growing trend of fancy homes and great interiors has pushed people to demand having their television mounted on the outside. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. While relaxing on the patio, you could be catching up with the day’s events. Mounting a television on the outside is just as the same as mounting inside the house. However, there are precautions about the location that you should take to ensure the safety of your television.

For a fact, mounting the television on the outside exposes it to multiple risks. Therefore, before installing the television outside, here are some precautions about the location you need to make.

Location is key for all the people considering to mount tv brackets in Singapore outdoors. It is a main factor that you have to seriously consider when opting to mount the television on the outside. While considering the location of your television, look at the light, is the area receiving too much direct light during the most common times you will be using it? How high is the place you want to mount the television, can someone from a far still be able to view it comfortably? If placing the television above the outdoor fireplace, will the heat and the smoke from the fireplace affect the television? All these are question you need to ask before mounting the television as far as mounting tv brackets in Singapore on the outside is considered.

Though the essence is to leave the television outside, probably for all its lifespan, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to make the necessary measures to protect it. As such, it is important to reduce or even avoid the outside elements as much as possible to prolong the life of the television. Once you have located the ideal place to mount the television, it is important to again choose the appropriate installation method you should go for. Some of the options you might have to choose from are;

  • On a wall. This provides a sturdy attachment for the tv bracket and a firm surface. More so, I would prefer this rather than having to build another structure to accommodate the television.
  • Pole mounting. If you choose this method, you’ll have the freedom to choose where you want to locate the television. Though not as stable as a wall, it gives you a boundless experience such that you are not limited to mounting the television on the wall or any other existing structure.
  • Ceiling mounting. We have covered ceiling mounts on the inside and if you are considering mounting the television on the outside, this is a valid option and mostly happens in the restaurants outdoor patios that have a covered ceiling. If you have such a provision on your home, you can opt for this choice. Mostly, I would advice you to go for this option if you intend to serve a large crowd of people watching.

The location where you choose to mount the television will also be dictated by the weather conditions. If you live in areas with extreme weather condition, I would advise against mounting the television on the outside.

To also improve the viewers experience, make sure that while mounting you place your television facing north, so that the sun is behind the television and if you are considering mounting the television above the fireplace, it is good to make sure that you place it at least 6 feet away. This reduces the impact of heat.