Is it necessary to get professional help installing a TV bracket?

tv-mobile-stand-singaporeInstalling a TV bracket or mount is not a DIY job. It requires professional expertise and experience. At TVBracketsSG, we have trained our technicians for the best workmanship and with an eye for detail.  Installing a TV bracket or mount requires certain tools and instruments which you might not be having and without those tools it could result in loose fitting bracket or mount. You wouldn’t want your TV, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, to fall on to the floor just because you did not have some tools. That is why it is necessary to get your TV installed from a professional who knows his/her job. Many times, the wall over which you intent to hang your TV have some certain peculiarities with their specification, it might be too hard or have many electrical wires running through it. If you are novice, you’ll probably end up drilling through an electrical wire and could lead to electrocution!
The wall might be made of wood/polycarbonate/aluminium in case of partition walls. It is not an easy job to install a bracket on such walls, at least not DIY job. But a professional technician will certainly know the tricks and techniques. If you intent to hang your TV on a ceiling mount, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional for the job. It involves work at a height and any misbalance could result in you injuring yourself as well damaging your TV.

Why TVBracketsSG is your best choice for getting a TV Bracket/Mount Installed?

As mentioned earlier, installing brackets and mounts require experience and expertise, which is what TVBracketsSG is proud to possess. Over the nearly 7 years in the business we have installed great numbers of TV Bracket, TV Wall mount and a TV stand in Singapore.
At TV BracketsSG, our motto is to follow the 4P Principle,
Professionalism – Our business’s motive is not completely for profit, We understand that in customer’s benefit lies our pride. We don’t overcharge customers. We give customers logical recommendations regarding the product(s).
-All are Brackets and Mounts and Stands are made from high quality SPCC steel. These are high strength and light steel to sustain the weight of your TV. All brackets are VESA compliant. All other attachments and extras used in the fitment are high quality ones. We keep our product line updated with latest products and technologies.
People– Our team consists of trained technicians who have long experience in the field. Our technicians have been doing complex installations in commercial applications so a Bracket or Mount in your home is an easy task for them. Our technicians take care that your Wall or decorations do not get damaged during the installation.
Price- We ensure that we offer competitive prices. TV brackets for home use are available for as low as start from SG Dollar 30! All our fitment charges are fairly reasonable and you’ll surely appreciate the quality of work done by our experienced staff.