Is it Better to Use a TV Bracket Singapore or TV Stand for Your TV Set?

 Is it Better to Use a TV Bracket Singapore or TV Stand for Your TV Set?Is it better to use a TV bracket Singapore or a TV stand for mounting your television to the wall is a frequently asked question by many homeowners. But to answer this question correctly, and know the best choice, you need to put some things into consideration. On the other hand, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the two alternatives to identify the one that will suit you best.

Things to Note and Consider:

The fact is that there are Pros and Cons to each alternative.  Therefore, look at the following factors when you are establishing your viewing needs for the room in question:

  • The size of your TV
  • The layout and size of your seating area
  • Will you have to shift the TV for viewing purposes?
  • Changing the furniture layout and arrangement

The Pros of TV Bracket Singapore

TV bracket Singapore has quite a lot of benefits and reasons to choose it for your home. Some of the advantages of Singapore TV wall brackets are:

  • Singapore TV wall brackets offer opportunity to make use of different types of TV mounts such as swivel, tilt, and flat.
  • It is a very good space saver
  • With TV wall brackets, your TV set will not get damaged or scratched by pets or kids because it is out of reach.
  • You can decide to include some surround sound speakers to boost the atmosphere of your room once you mount your television.
  • TV wall bracket allows for the mounting and use of SONOS play bar, which assists in magnifying the sound in the room
  • TV wall mounting gives further local point to your TV set, such as a piece of art on the wall of your home. This is a finest, cleaner look, making the screen the major focal point because all the cables and wires are concealed.


  • Mounting your TV can lead to a number of superficial damage on the wall and completed surfaces because the mounting needs the use of hardware.
  • If the wall mounts are not adequately installed in a suitable location, it can cause problem. Hence, make sure your wall mount can carry the weight of your flat panel TV and that the wall brackets is well positioned in a suitable location

The pros for Singapore TV Stands

  • Singapore TV stands can easily be moved from one place to another, particularly when you want to do the rearrangement of your home furniture or dispose your house
  • Connecting additional components is easier as you only need to plug the exposed gadgets into the television


  • TVs placed on television stands can be reached by pets and children easily as against the wall mounted TVs. This makes your TV prone to damage or falling.

The TV stand would be your ideal choice if you like something simple but wants to display your newly purchased TV set at the same time.

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