Installing A TV Bracket on The Ceiling and How It Works

Installing A TV Bracket on The Ceiling and How It Works in Singapore

When you choose to install a TV bracket on the ceiling to mount your TV, the main issue to consider is the height of your ceiling. The height is a major influence on how well the installation is set up. TV brackets in Singaopore may not be a common sight in public places such as offices. However, you will find them in private structures such as the bedroom in your home. Naturally, the dimensions for the TV are a major factor to consider. You also need to know the viewing distance and this is determined by the height of the ceiling from the floor.  Here are some pointers when installing a TV on the ceiling.

TV Measure

The details for the TV measurement can be accrued from the conveyance container or the TV manual. If you are not certain about these measurements you need to consider contacting the manufacturing company from where you purchased the TV. Using the TV bracket from Singapore will be easier when you have these measurements. Also, you will prevent any accidents that can occur if the TV bracket cannot support the TV. It is essential to note too that the TV mounted from a ceiling is working against gravity. Therefore, it needs to be well supported.

Viewing Distance

This is the distance from the TV to the position where you place your seat. The distance is used to decide the optimal height for mounting. It is also sheltered based on the size of the TV that you purchase. Your range should be between 55 inches to 70 inches to provide room for viewing.

Eye-Level Height

The dimension for which you watch the TV is what determines the amount of stress to your eyes. In addition, the dimensions should be agreeable to prevent this from happening. The eye-level is, therefore, the distance from the floor to your eyes from the Screen. The TV bracket in Singapore that you use also determines the eye level as there is a distance between the height of the ceiling and the distance that the TV bracket provides. If you are unsure about this height; be sure to contact a professional TV bracket installer.

Installation Of The TV Using A TV Bracket For Your Ceiling

  1. Get the appliances that you require for installation. This includes a ladder, screws, drills, a screwdriver, and a TV bracket. After setting up your required tools, be sure to inspect the TV VESA holes since different TVs have different ranges.
  2. Attach the TV bracket in Singapore to the TV and consider the fact that the bracket holes are aligned to that of the TV. Upon attaching the bracket ensure the screws are tightened to prevent any accident and subsequent damage to your TV.
  3. Next, ensure you tighten the screws that are attached to the TV.
  4. After this, climb the ladder to find the stud where the stud position is. If the TV brackets fail to be mounted to the studs, there is a possibility that the TV may fall off the ceiling.
  5. Use your drill to make holes on the ceiling where you intend to attach the TV bracket. The holes also help keep the TV cables hidden. If you live in an apartment, it may be hard to run the cables through the roof; therefore, you can hold them using a tap.
  6. Finally, attach your TV to the TV bracket. Ensure you have help when fixing the TV to avoid it falling during the installation.

Once you have made the right purchase for your TV, you need to consider the right TV bracket to match the TV. For instance, the weight of the TV as well as the design considers these factors. If you buy a flimsy TV bracket, your TV may end up on the ground damaged. In addition, the design you require may be swivel, 90 degrees, or just flat screen to the wall.


In conclusion, it is always okay to use a professional to help mount your TV to the ceiling. Using the above pointers, you can manage to do a stand-up job that will allow you to enjoy viewing your favorite movies or programs.

Be sure to manage the above process perfectly as an accident from a falling TV from the ceiling can cause not only damage to the TV but also cause accidents that may cause injuries to you, a family member, or a pet.