How to use tilting TV mounts?

how to use tilting wall mount bracket & how to measure vesa in SingaporeAs we already know, tilting flat panel TV wall mounts offer a lot of advantages over standard fixed TV wall mounts. The extra ability offered by the former might not seem much, but there are a lot of reasons this particular type of TV bracket is much more popular than its fixed variant.

A tilting mount is more preferable that a fixed TV bracket because a tilting mount offers you the ability to adjust the angle of your flat screen TV, according to your viewing position. For example, if you have installed the tilting TV bracket slightly higher than you ought to, you can tilt the TV screen downwards to face your seating position directly. Likewise, if you installed the TV bracket slightly lower than your comfort level, you can simply tilt the TV screen upwards.

This also gives you an improved picture quality when viewed as a slight angle. A tilting TV mount is very important for LED screens because they often lose out on contrast and accuracy when viewed at an angle. Also, the ability to angle the screen is useful if you have direct sunlight or bright daylight entering your room. With the help of this tilting TV mount, you will be able to adjust the angle of your television set and avoid any sunlight or glares from the window.

How to adjust tilting TV mount

While the process given below might vary from one brand to another, it is fairly similar:

Step 1

Located on the brackets are the tension knob(s). The tension knobs are used for attaching the TV to the TV bracket. There may be a knob only on one side or both, depending on the model and make of the tilting wall mount.

Step 2

Rotate the tension knob(s) to the counter-clockwise direction to loosen them up. Make sure to hold up your TV set with one hand while loosening the knobs so that it does not tilt down too rapidly.

Step 3

Gently tilt your TV set upwards by pushing the top of the set or tilt it downwards by pushing the lower end of the TV set.

Step 4

Once the TV set is in place and set according to the preferred angle, tighten all the tension knob(s) and let go.

How to find out the VESA measurement of TV?

The VESA measurements for your TV are of utmost importance. It is crucial that you know the basic of it before you decide to make a purchase of a TV bracket Singapore for yourself. Wondering what’s VESA? You need not fret about this. We will tell you all that you need for now and teach you how to take VESA measurements as well. Read on to find out more.

Defining VESA

The first step towards getting familiarized with VESA is to know what it is. There will be four screw holes at the back of your TV. The distance between the four holes is what makes up for the VESA measurements. See! VESA is just this simple. Measuring it too does not require any expert technical knowledge.

VESA is taken as a standard and premium brands of TV brackets follow this to make it easier for customers to buy TVs and set them with wall mounts. The purpose of the VESA measurements is to make sure that you do not end up buying a TV bracket Singapore that does not fit you perfectly.

Knowing the correct VESA measurements

The first thing that you need to do in order to find out your VESA measurements is to check the instruction manual of your TV. Once you have found out where the holes are located, take a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the exact distance between those holes. Remember to cover the distance both horizontally and vertically from one hole to the others.

You should know that there is a maximum VESA measurement and a minimum one too. If your TV’s VESA measurements fall under this range, then you can be sure that the TV bracket you buy will fit your TV. The measurements will be in mm, so once you have done the measurements, make sure that you have noted them down. This is so that you can match it with the measurements of your TV bracket when you plan to buy one.

We have been offering assistance in mounting TV brackets Singapore since a long time. From helping out with VESA measurements to completing the mounting process, we have served customers in all fields. If you think you would need our assistance then book an appointment at the earliest to get a hassle-free experience of mounting a TV bracket.