How to Set Up Dual Monitor Mounts

How to Set Up Dual Monitor Mounts by tvbracketsg.comAccording to an article that was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, more than 80 percent of the people who have computers in their home suffer or complain about severe back pains. Most of these problems occur mostly because of the poor sitting posture while working on computers in Singapore. Poor posture occurs due to some several reasons, one of the prominent one being a poor setting of the working space. Wrong positioning of the computer causes stiff necks and a strain on the eyes, and the back.

Use A Gas-Strut Desktop Mount

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Setting Up the Dual Monitor Mounts

One of the main reasons why should consider a desktop mount is for health reasons. With a desktop mount, you can be able to customize the mount to your specifications, that is, height, angel and depth for optimal viewing. More than that, a desktop mount also allows you to decluster your working space. TV bracket Singapore suggests the following steps necessary to set up a dual monitor mount.

Step One: Choose A Desktop Mount

One of the first steps, even before going ahead to determine the location of the mount or how to mount it, you have to choose the right desktop mount that you will be comfortable with. Tv bracket Singapore has a variety of these highly specialized mounts to choose from. Check from our store the desktop mount that you will be comfortable.  I would recommend using the gas strut monitor mount as it offers superb customization features.

Step Two: Assemble the Various Part of The Mount and Attach

Basically, as with most of the mounts in the market, they always come detached and you have to assemble the various parts of the mount to make a complete, well organized mount that can be mounted on to a wall. The process is fairly simple. TV Bracket Singapore offers the assembly process, we will walk you through it, so that at the end of it, you’ll have a complete gas strut monitor mount. The package comes with all the necessary tools that you need to connect together to make the different parts of the mount.

Step Three: Attach the Clamp to The Desktop

After assembling the various parts of the mount, you need to attach the clamp to the desktop by placing the washers at the top of the clamp’s bolt, and sliding it on to your desktop. Using a wrench, tighten the bolt until it is secure.

Step Three: Adjusting the Clamp

At times when setting up the mount, you might find that the clamp is not fitting the desk. Here at TV Bracket Singapore, we recommend not going ahead with the process until adjusting the clamp appropriately. You can do this by unscrewing the two bolts and then removing the lower clamp from the main clamp assembly. After making sure you have your clamp attached well, reassemble the clamp so as to make sure that it fits the desk well.

Step Four: Attach the Dual Arm

This is fairly simple all you need to do is to insert the dual arm in to the clamp set up. In addition, insert the two gas arms into the dual adapter. Lastly, insert both the horizontal rms into each gas arm. Caution, for this process to work, you have to make sure that you have the set up on the clamp part is nicely done. Otherwise, you will keep on reassembling your set up every now and then.

Step Five: Monitor Attachment

After setting up the dual mount, the next step is to place the monitor. When doing this, place the monitor face down on a plain surface, this is a precaution we advise people in order to make sure they don’t scratch the television in any way. Attach the vesa mounts on the back of each monitor using a screw driver.

These are the five steps that TV bracket Singapore advise you to follow when setting up the monitor mounts. Once the monitor attachment is complete, insert the horizontal arms tighten them and that should be it. The process is fairly simple and very straightforward.

If you are still prefer looking for professional do install it for you, at tvbracketsg we able to provide you the best installation service in Singapore.  Our contact can be find from here.