How to replace your old TV bracket with a new TV bracket in Singapore

How to replace your old TV bracket with a new TV bracket in SingaporeReplacing the old TV bracket with a new one has to be done in details and attention as would be with a fresh installation of the brackets. It is good to revolutionize the looks in your home with new items. A panel of television that is not correctly fitted may cause serious damages and injury to those around it and therefore, if you are unsure about the installation process, it is best to seek out the council of professionals such as the TvbracketSG.  However, for someone with necessary experience, replacing the mount should be quick and very easy.

Choosing the replacement

You may have, for a long time be using a TV stand and want to upgrade to TV brackets in Singapore. Well, it is a smart option but nonetheless, you may not be knowing what TV mount to use. Or else, you may have been using the TV brackets but want to upgrade to another. The following are the types of TV brackets there are in the market and you can choose from TvbracketSG;

  • Fixed TV bracket which are ideal for larger TV
  • Pivoting TV bracket which are effective at reducing the effects of reflection glare.
  • Articulated TV brackets which are effective in allowing the TV to be pulled from the wall in either ways.
  • Friction TV brackets these allow the TV to be stowed out of the way when no longer required.
  • Automated TV brackets and these are special in that they allow the TV to be re-positioned using a remote control.

These are the TV brackets that you can use to give your house a swish look.

Removing the existing mount

For a stand, all you have to do is remove it but if you have a wall mount already in place, it is necessary to ascertain the method that it is held in place. The fitting instruction should detail the method which the mount can be safely removed from the wall.  Basically, Tv brackets are made up of two parts one that attaches to the wall and the other to the TV. When the two are locked together the bracket can be able to support the TV well.

Separate the TV from the bracket

This should be the first step that you perform. Undo the locking mechanism securing the TV to the bracket. The best way to go around this is by first of all separating the two parts of the bracket. When you have safely removed the part holding the TV, you can now safely detach the Tv. If the TV doesn’t come out immediately, the biggest mistake you could ever make is forcing the TV out. Instead, you should let the weight back onto the TV mount, lock it back together and investigate what method will work for you. Once the 2 holes of the TV wall mount have been separated, carefully place the TV on a soft surface. Unscrew and remove the old TV mount from  Tv and from the wall.

Fitting the new TV mounting

The procedure here differs with accordance to the device or the TV bracket. The device may be identical to the one that you are replacing it with or a different design. Whichever the case, it is important that you use the fixing which have been corroborated by the hardware specialist as capable of supporting your TV.

After you have ensured that everything is right where it is supposed to be, it is time to fit the new design into the wall. If the holes pattern differs, you should drill some others compatible with the new design. Then fit the two components together. That should be all. The process is not hard at all.