how to mount your tv by own or professional in singaporeAre you trying to move your screen higher or lower, or move it to a different location? Do you want to move some muscles and fix mount your television alone without the help of a professional? Well, in this post, we’re going to show you how to mount your display on the wall. However, mounting your display can make for heavy lifting, so it’s always recommended that you get someone else to help out.

Well, as we stated in other posts, mounting your TV on the wall saves your enough floor space; you can also get a better viewing angle, reduce glare from windows and lights, and finally gives your room a more classic and organized look. Apart from all these, if you are a lover of pets and you have kids, mounting your display on the wall will keep your television, kids, and pets out of harm’s way.

So let’s quickly dive into mounting your TV

  • Verify the kind of walls.

Let’s say you moved to a new place or a new room and you need to re-mount your television; you have to first verify the kind of walls you have. There are two different kinds of walls in a home, which are brick and studs.

For a brick wall, you can mount any television of any size. You only have to be sure that you mount directly into the brick and not the mortar. This is because mounting into the brick will provide the mount more secure fitting.

Most interiors walls are usually made from a wooden stud frame and plasterboard attached to it. These studs are strong enough to hold your display, but if you intend on mounting directly to the plasterboard, then you also need to use some plasterboard fixings. You need to ensure that your mounted TV weight does not exceed the fixing kit’s weight limit.

  • Get the necessary equipment complete before mounting

You must ensure that you use the right tools to mount your TV. Each state of the installation has equipment that’s suitable for it and you must get them in place. Here are tools you need to mount your TV:

Tape measure


Stud detector


Spirit level

Pencil, and

Rawl plugs

Now that we have everything gathered and you already know the exact position your television is going, let’s move to mounting your display.

  • Place your television in the right position

Before you begin drilling holes on your wall, you should confirm the exact position where your television is going to be positioned. It is always a good idea to first make a template of your TV so that you stick it to the wall and sit in the exact position you would want to view your TV. This will help you determine if the display is too high or too low, and you can now mark the exact position where you want the display mounted.

  • Place the mount on the wall

Now that you have decided the exact position you want to place your TV, you can place the wall mount bracket on the wall using the right tools, of course. While drilling, ensure that you are not drilling close to any electrical cables or pipes. After drilling, position the bracket over the drilled holes and attach the mount. Fix any adjustments and tighten up your screws.

  • Fix the bracket to your TV display

This is a nice and easy one. Simply lay your TV screen down carefully on a larger surface than your screen, search for the mounting holes, and attach the mount firmly. Be sure to confirm that the screw holes are lined up properly

  • Fix the cables and place your TV

The last step is to connect everything you want to attach to the TV before mounting it. Then, you can now carefully lift the television into place. You can do this part with someone to avoid damaging your display. And we are done! You can now enjoy your perfectly placed display.

Final Note

All the tips and mounting guides listed here are from our experienced professionals, but if you have any doubts or simply want a touch of professionalism, simply reach out to us, and we will help you mount your display. The truth remains, smashing or breaking your TV accidentally is never fun.  So, engage professional is most important to solve your worries.