How to mount Flat screen TV on dry wall

tv bracket supply and install at different wallIf you’ve recently purchased a flat screen TV, you probably be wondering if it is alright to mount your TV on a dry wall. Although most people would like and be comfortable with just the ordinary stands, TV brackets present the best option as it offers a more clean, modern and classy feel on your home. It is best to follow the manufacturer guidelines but here is how to mount the TV bracket on a dry wall.

Mounting the TV bracket with studs

The first step is to find two studs in the location that you have targeted. This can be done using the stud finder. Some of the stud finder finds the edge of the stud while some others will find the middle of the stud. Therefore it is very important for you to know what type you are dealing with. Another important consideration is knowing whether the wall is made of metal or wooden studs.

Are the studs aligned properly?

By using the stud finder, make sure that the studs are aligned properly in order to ensure a successful mount. More to that, make sure that you have two studs point that are close to each other to provide the proper mounting points. Mark the studs by simply drawing a line in a light pencil on the wall, along the edges or the center of each stud.

Attach the bracket to the TV

Before making the holes in your wall, it is important to make sure that you can properly attach your brackets to your TV. Most of the mounting kits that you will find from most dealers will comes with a set of mounting hardware that will help you in this process.

Measure the wall space to determine where the TV will hang

This is one vital step and all you need to do is choose a visually appropriate location and centering the TV on a space, measure the calculated edge position. You can use an extra set of hands where someone will hold the TV in place to determine the exact positions, adjust accordingly. Drill the holes into the location where you had identified the studs and according to the positioning of the TV.

Attach the mounts to the wall

Using the holes that you have drilled, attach the mounts to the wall. The TV will hang from these and thus you have to verify that each of the mount is plumb and none of them is crooked. After mounting the TV brackets into the wall, what remains is attaching the TV on the mounts. There are usually hooks on top of the brackets attached to the back of the TV, this should be simple, hang the TV on the mount. That is the process of mounting the TV brackets on a dry wall.

As opposed to what most people think, the process is very simple and straight forward. However, it is still better for you to get the trusted and professional TV Bracket Installer in Singapore to fix it for you.  Contact us from here.