How to know what TV brackets will fit your TV

tv bracket installer provide the best tv mount installationWhen shopping for TV brackets in Singapore, you have to be very careful. The TV brackets need to meet a certain criteria else, you might be stuck with something that may do you more harm than good.

The Video Electronics Standard Association

The VESA has established a set of guidelines for the television mounting holes patterns. This is usually measured in millimeters from the center of the holes. It is one of the greatest consideration to make when going to shop for the TV brackets in Singapore. Although the VESA standards are very popular, they are not a law. The TV makers tend to follow the law, however, not universally and therefore, before shopping for the TV brackets, you’ll have to know whether your TV is VESA compliant.

Not all measurements are correct

It is not always that you will find the right mount for your TV. Be careful when searching for a mount. Sometimes, the VESA compatible claim can be loosely interpreted. The dimensions that you will be given are not always 100% correct, but most of them will apply 95% of the flat screen TVs out there.

Knowing the best TV bracket

To know the best mount for your TV, you will have to do it practically. Measuring the TV’s holes pattern is the only way to know the best TV bracket that will fit your TV. However, measuring can be a little tricky especially since the standards are usually in millimeter instead of inches. Here is what you need to do;

  • Measure from the centers of the holes patterns.
  • When measuring, do it from the furthest 4 corners holes. However, this is in case there are more than 4 holes.
  • Watch out for any curve on the back of the TV. This would affect the mounting.

Other factors to consider

Most certainly, there are some other guidelines that you are supposed to consider other than the VESA standards. Your TV approximate weight is a factor in play. You have to know the TV weight before making the purchase. It is not a surprise buying a mount and after installing it, the TV becomes overweight. This can be too risky. Therefore, in the even that you are going to shop for your TV bracket, these two considerations have to play along. Otherwise, you might buy a TV bracket only to find that it is not the right one for your TV.


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