How to Install Flush TV Bracket Singapore

How to Install Flush TV Bracket Singapore A flush TV bracket can be compared with a panel that has many slots. TV bracket Singapore can be used to flush-mount a television onto the wallboard. If you want to do this in a perfect and professional way, turn to TVBracketSG Company in Singapore. We will install the panel and flush it with the wallboard in a specialised and technical way.

We will also make sure we plaster the connection between the wallboard and the panel to craft an unvarying appearance on the wall. In this process, the television is mounted on the brackets and connects it directly to the wall to give an appealing effect to your room.

Our qualified technicians will do this by having the TV brackets Singapore flushed to the wall before hanging your TV on the brackets of the mount. There can be a fairly small space between the television and the mount to make the attachments hardly invisible.

We have different models and kinds of wall brackets you can choose from, while we will recommend a TV bracket Singapore that can grip the size and weight of your flat screen panel. The flush TV wall brackets are the easiest TV brackets to fit and mount for us at TVBracketSG.

However, you need to get your tools ready if you want to carry out a do it yourself installation. Once you have started the installation process, looking for one tool or another could be more difficult. You will need a drill with the right drill bits, a level, screwdrivers, epoxy glue, bolt wrench and nut, cable finder, pipe, and stud finder. Although you may not need all these tools, but it is better to make them available in case you will need any of them.

– The level – This is to make the TV wall mount even and straight on the wall.

– The Stud Finder – This tool is used to locate studs at the back of a wooden wall. But this may not be required if you are attaching to a brick or cement wall.

– The Wrench and Screwdrivers – These tools are essential as you will use them to tighten the screws and bolts on the TV wall bracket and the television to the arms of the brackets.

Flush TV Bracket Singapore Installation Process

Lay the longer horizontal wall plate flush beside the wall and mark the fixing point with your indelible marker. Make sure you press the wall mount against the wall, even and level to both the ceiling and the floor. Six drill holes should be available to fit the back plate to the wall.

Make sure studs are at the back of the wall where the holes are put if your wall is wooden as plasterboards are not tough enough to accommodate the weight of both the TV and TV bracket Singapore. On the other hand, avoid the cable and pipes behind the walls when you are drilling into the wall.

Apply your epoxy glue into the holes once they are drilled and put the six wall plugs. Screw the back plate to the wall, making sure all of them are tightened safely.

With the television facing downward on a soft surface, attach the two bracket arms to the back of the TV, and use spacers and washers to tightening the bolts in place as required. Putting the TV on the wall mount should not pose any problem because the majority if not all TV and wall mount producers comply with VESA standards.

Connect the power wires and cables before you hook the television on the wall plates. The process of mounting TV flush mount bracket on block and wood walls are the same. However, the material you will attach the TV mount to is the major difference.

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