How to Install A TV Bracket like a Pro at Home

How to Install A TV Bracket like a Pro at Home in SingaporeYou finally bought the TV you have been saving up for the last few months. You can’t wait to power it on and get started with the amazing features that made you religiously save for. There is a little problem, however. You hadn’t budgeted for the installation costs. Instead of waiting for another month to raise the fees, how about you do it yourself?

Mounting a TV is easy. With the right tools and information, it is a task that you can do easily.

This article can give you the basic information needed to mount that TV bracket in Singapore like a pro.

First, let’s get you a good wall bracket for your TV.

Types of TV Brackets

There are different types of wall mounts depending on your preference.

  1. Fixed wall bracket- This wall bracket is immovable. The TV sits close to the wall.
  2. Tilting wall bracket – This only tilts (Vertical movements). It may be perfect when you have kids at home. Mount it high for their reach. Because kids will always be kids anyway. They are little explorers. But they don’t have to strain their cute necks to catch their favorite episode of Hannah Montana.
  3. Full Motion wall brackets – It swivels. Also another name for the wall mount. You could move it horizontally, vertically or even angle it.

The full motion and the tilting wall brackets help reduce reflections from windows. Gone are the days when you had to hire the big companies to wall mount your TV. Today you can simply hire a freelancing Company to do it for you or you can simply do it yourself.

Where to Mount

After getting the perfect TV bracket in Singapore for you, it is important to decide what wall you want your TV to be mounted. This might look like a mundane, little, unimportant decision but it can make all the difference.

So, do you have drywall or a brick wall? Are there any electrical connections running behind your walls that might be drilled through? Do you have easy access to power from the wall or do you have to run cables across the house to access power? Is the position you decide to mount your TV completing the look and feel and deco of your home?


  1. Drill
  2. Spirit Level
  3. Screws and Screwdrivers
  4. Bits


You have the bracket, you know where to mount it and the equipment. Let’s get to the interesting part, the installation

  1. Take the spirit level and measure horizontally
  2. Take the wall bracket, Mark the points to drill with a pencil
  3. Drill the marked points using drywall bits or the brick wall bits
  4. Install the wall anchors
  5. Fasten the wall bracket against the wall using a screwdriver
  6. Test the firmness of the wall bracket before mounting the TV
  7. Screw in the other mounts on the TV until firm
  8. Connect the necessary cables to the TV
  9. Mount the TV

Cable Management

Now, you don’t want to have a great looking, well-mounted TV and cables running everywhere ruining the whole show. There are various cable management options you could look into for the neat crisp finish.

Double-sided Tape – This option is cheap and easy to do. Bundle the cables together, but neatly, and tie the double-sided tapes around them

Cable Trunking – Another DIY option. They are cheap too. It involves laying a base. Drill it to the wall. Run your cables above the base. Lastly, cover. Best of all you can paint to blend into a wall.

There are other options like the in wall cable management systems where you run the AV cables and the power extensions in wall.


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