How to fix a Tv to a wall without piercing the wall

How to fix a Tv to a wall without piercing the wall in SingaporeWhen a professional tv bracket installer goes somewhere they’ve asked a thousand times and often: how can I hang a television without having to ruin the wall in support? Or, I have to hang a screen for a presentation or an event, but the support wall is temporary and therefore it is not sufficiently stable to bear the weight.

The solution is this beautiful design product whose name already suggests everything: “Stand It Tv Bracket”

Efficiently Fixed In A Different Place

Stand It tv bracket is a column with double steel support, floor/wall. What does it mean? That the base rests on the floor, it is wide and therefore provides secure support. The upper part of the column instead naturally rests on the wall and is equipped with an adhesive part that is fixed to the wall, thus cushioning the weight.

Where you Need to use it

Stand It tv bracket in Singapore is perfect in any context: offices, showrooms, but also hotel rooms and temporary exhibitions. Its simple and linear lines adapt to any decor. It is also so thin that it can be covered by a piece of furniture without creating annoying protrusions.

The Technical Sheet

Stand It tv bracket is also versatile because its surface lends itself to being personalized: it can be painted or covered with adhesive films. To be in line with the mood of the surrounding environment. The fixed TV bracket is recommended only if there is only one useful position to view the screen and you want to minimize the overall space as much as possible.

In these cases, it is advisable to place the TV frontally for example in front of the sofa or front of the kitchen table and at a height such that the head should not remain bent either upwards or downwards. With this solution, the TV will appear to hang on the wall almost as if it were a painting.

Invisible Connections

TV bracket that provides the orientation of the TV both horizontally and vertically, but without having to drill the wall. The elegant tempered aluminium base ensures product stability, the aluminium column is equipped with a practical system for hiding wires inside of which you can run all the cables to create a neat and modern TV environment. Thanks to the Invisible Connection it is not necessary to have raceways or artificial thicknesses: the cable is so thin that it does not disturb the sight; moreover, although the sources are all connected to the external box, which is perhaps several meters away and placed on the side.

TV Bracket With Track Method 

Similar to a large grid that receives the flat screen and is fixed to the wall, this TV stand considerably reduces the space between the screen and the wall. By occupying a substantial surface of the wall, this support often allows use on the plasterboard. Depending on the configuration, the stand can be tilted or not. In the case of limited space, a tilting bracket can greatly improve the viewing experience. If, for example, we are forced to fix the TV high on the wall, perhaps at a height of 1.80 or 2 meters due to the lack of space, an adjustable bracket with an inclination of 10-15 ° allows you to enjoy the screen with the correct viewing angle.

Very Slim And Supportive 

This support is fantastic. It has a very thin design that allows your TV to be even closer to the wall at just 42mm and extends from a central position to a remarkable distance of 452mm! It has a refined design with panels to hide the cables that maintain the orderly appearance of your living space. For lazy people who want to stay comfortably seated on the sofa, there are motorized brackets that can be adjusted with remote control. If you are not sure that the wall supports the weight or if you do not want to make holes, there are floor TV stands, these too fixed if they end with a pedestal or mobile if they have wheels. Finally, the design also takes its part: not only brackets that hide behind the TV, but also supports that hide wires and plugs, equipped with shelves useful for decoders, DVD players and remote controls