How to choose a TV bracket in Singapore

how to choose tv bracket in SingaporeIn times like today, TV sets have literally been modified into ultra-thin panels that look stunning on the wall and saves a lot of ground space as well. Therefore, mounting a flat screen TV set on the wall is a great idea. Also, the process is not that difficult. All you need to do is pick the right type of TV bracket.

Below, we are offering a guideline that you can choose to recall when you are shopping for the perfect TV bracket, including the different types of mounts available.

What are the different types of TV mounts?

TV mounts range from basic fixed models to those that offer unlimited flexibility and viewing angles. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. Fixed mount

This type of TV bracket is the cheapest and simplest of all. In this setup, your TV set is placed closer to the wall than other types of brackets. The fixed mount bracket has no angle adjustment, which makes it perfect if you will be sitting directly in front of the TV, with the centre of the screen right at your eye-level when you are seated.

  1. Tilt mount

This is another type of TV bracket that is common and almost similar to the fixed mount. The major difference in this TV wall mount is that you can change the viewing angle of the TV set via its vertical angle adjustment. A tilt wall mount makes it much easier to compensate if the TV set is above optimum viewing position, like placed high up on the wall. This angle adjustment also reduces screen reflection.

  1. Full motion mount

This is a type of wall mount that allows you to angle your flat screen TV set according to many different viewing angles, thanks to the side-to-side swivel adjustment. This gives you a lot of different viewing options and is a smart solution for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot.

  1. Ceiling mount

In some situations, a wall mount will simply not suffice (for example, a brick wall). In cases like these, you should consider a ceiling mount. This type of mount fits on your ceiling and will provide you with great viewing angles.

Why should you not mount the TV bracket yourself?

Imagine that you have just purchased an incredible and costly flat screen television set. But, you want to save some money and assign the duty of installing a TV bracket all to yourself. But, something goes horribly wrong with the fitting and your television falls from the faulty TV bracket, shattering into pieces.

Yes, this is the scenario of a majority of flat screen owners who decide to handle the task of fitting the TV bracket all on their own. Hence, you should always acquire the help of a professional to install it. There are many reasons why one should not mount a TV bracket on their own.

Some major reasons for the above statement are:

  1. Choosing the right placement

On your own, you will not be able to determine the best location for your flat screen TV set. A professional can help you set up the TV bracket in a place that will provide optimal viewing for the entire room. They will be able to place your TV set in the most perfect spot.

  1. Ensuring correct mounting

You will not be able to get the correct mount if you plan to do things on your own. How will you know whether your TV set has been mounted correctly? Obviously, the last thing you would want is your TV set to fall and potentially hurting your children or pet. Hence, you should contact a professional who will be able to get the job done correctly.

  1. Hiding the wires

While having a wall-mounted TV set and the corresponding sound system might sound great for your room, things can look ugly if there are wires dangling around. If you choose to handle this issue on your own, chances are that you might end up short-circuiting the TV set or, worse, hurting yourself. Hence, professional installation is needed to hide those wires.

  1. Needing expert recommendation

Even if you manage to mount your TV set on the mount, there is no way of knowing what will work best with the set. For example, you will not know what sound system will work, etc. Hence, a professional technician will be able to give you the best solution for your TV set up.

There are many more reasons why one should never mount a TV bracket on their own. If you are looking for help on something like this, go ahead and contact us. We have the best team of technicians who will help you safely mount your TV bracket Singapore without risking your expensive TV set.