How to Choose a TV Bracket in Singapore

How to Choose a TV Bracket in SingaporeA myriad of TV brackets crowds the market offering a very diversified possibility of viewing: wall, ceiling, or floor. And then again: manual or motorized brackets, fixed or mobile. From a few tens of euros to a few thousand. Hanging the TV is not only a matter of necessity but also allows you to save space and give order and cleanliness for minimal decor. For each TV, there is the right TV bracket. Choose an appropriate TV bracket for your TV and increase the worth and beauty of it.

The 3 key points to better choose your TV bracket in Singapore:

Key Points To Choose Your TV Bracket

Determine the weight of the TV and the material of the wall to define the fixing of the support.

Predict the orientation needs of the TV and choose a fixed, rotating and / or tilting support.

Consider the size of the TV to fit the stand.

What to Look For While Buying TV Brackets

To choose the most suitable TV bracket in Singapore for you, check:

  • The compatibility between the support and the screen based on the VESA standard, which indicates the vertical and horizontal distance between the four holes located on the rear of the screen.
  • The size expressed in inches or cm, the screen size must be adapted to the size of the stand.
  • The weight of the TV as the chosen support must be capable of supporting the weight of the screen.
  • The distance between the wall and the screen to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Some TV brackets in Singapore offer shelves to be able to place a reception terminal such as digital terrestrial decoder etc. Their structure allows you to easily connect the cables (coaxial cable, satellite cable) that connects the television to the reception equipment (antenna or satellite dish).
  • The choice of TV stands according to the type of wall.
  • The determining factor is the surface of the TV wall mounting plate, together with the weight of the TV.
  • Hollow materials, such as brick or plasterboard, must receive TV supports with large plates to space the attachment points without the material deteriorating (maximum weight of 30 kg for plasterboard, with a spacing of at least 40 cm).
  • Full materials have no restrictions; they can receive any type of TV support.
  • Whatever the material, it is mandatory to choose the dowels well (Molly dowel, chemical seal, dowel for solid materials) and consider the positioning of the support and the weight of the TV. The installation itself is simple and consists of drilling the wall according to the different points provided with a drill and a drill suitable for the material.

Examine the VESA Standard

  • The VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface standard.
  • VESA is an abbreviation for the Video Electronics Standard Association, a consortium of 225 manufacturers of TVs and PC monitors formed in 1989 which, among other things, has established the standard dimensions for fixing TVs and monitors via supports.
  • The stirrups often inform approximately the compatibility starting from the polliciaggio. We find such things: 32-inch TV wall bracket, 50-inch TV tilting wall bracket, 60-inch screen ceiling mount, and so on. However, the information regarding polliciaggio could also be completely ignored.
  • The first and main element to check is which is the VESA standard compatible with our device. It is always clearly indicated and it is difficult to be mistaken as it expresses the distance expressed in millimeters between the mounting holes on the rear panel without risk of ambiguity. In addition to the formats already mentioned, today the most popular ones are MIS-E.
  • Weight, space and dimensions, in addition to the VESA dimensions, it is necessary to check that the weight of the TV is suitably supported by the bracket and that the wall is adequately stable. It is always better to choose a load-bearing wall or use dowels and screws long enough and resistant to fix the fixture permanently.

Why You Need Us

Being faced with the choice of TV bracket can be confusing. To tidy up your ideas and clarify the ocean of TV brackets, you need the expert’s or professionals’ advice. They can not only guide you in the best possible manner but can tell which TV Bracket in Singapore is best according to your budget and space. That’s why to find out more you can come here on TV Bracket SG and find out more about TV brackets in Singapore.