How high should your TV stand be?

How high should your TV stand be?Let’s face it, a house with no TV is just like a fairly tale castle in the clouds. Well, as this may sound like a slight overstatement but nonetheless, you will find a few homes these days are without a TV. Though it is not a necessity, but it adds the sense technology in your home.

You want your TV to be the focal point in your living space which only leaves one question, how high should your TV stand be? Therefore, when designing your living room, the TV space is something that you need to take into account.

Remove the distractions

Planning your TV location means that you will have to ensure that it doesn’t distract any other living room’s focal points, just to mention a few, fireplaces or even the exterior view. By ensuring that the stand is of the right height, neither too high and neither too low, will help you keep your living room look right.

The Television height

It doesn’t matter where you position your television but this one rule should always stick, the center of the TV screen should always be at the eye level of the viewer.

Well, determining your viewers height may be a little tricky but as a general rule assuming that your sofa is of average height and that your TV is not the over-sized, the idea TV height should be around 42 inches from the ground.

Distance between the TV and the sofa

This is one of the consideration that you should make when determining the height of the stand. This depends on the TV size you have chosen and also the dimension of the living room. There seem to be a number of interior design rules surrounding the arrangement of the TV stands and their heights. That being said however, all these rules shouldn’t overrule your personal design preferences.

The stand height

The moment you’ve calculated the best and the right height for your TV with consideration to the seating height and position, you can now think about the TV stand height. The stand that you chose should dictate the height at which the TV will be set, making it one of the most important decision in your house.

One thing you will likely to find out is that the low sofas will require low stands and the opposite is true.

Therefore, when buying a TV stand in Singapore, these are the considerations that you need to make. But remember, you really do not have to adhere to these principles, go for a stand that complements your design house.