How high should a TV be mounted?

How high should a TV be mounted?As flatscreen TVs are becoming common day by day due to their various advantages. It adds more space to your rooms and gives a nice and unified look to them. There are several things that you need to keep in mind before mounting your flatscreen on a wall and most importantly, how high should it be mounted on the wall.

So, learn about mounting as to how high should you mount your flatscreen. There are a few things that you need to know before mounting your TV on the wall. Let’s move on to them with no further delay!

  • Size

It all depends on the size of your TV as it even represents the screening area. If you have 32-inch screen TV, then mounting height would be different from the 55-inch one. So, the size determines the mounting. Along with that, you need to bear in mind the distance from the floor to the center of the TV and not from floor to top or bottom. Hence, the size of your TV represents the diagonal screening area.

  • Viewing Distance

This is another factor for determining the mounting, which also depends on the size of your TV. The ideal viewing distance is the one when you sit away from the screen. It can only be calculated by dividing the size of your TV by 0.55. For instance, if your TV is of 42-inch, then the viewing distance should be 76 inches whereas, for 55-inch, the optimal distance should be 100 inches away.

  • Eye level

It is one of the important factors to determine how high your TV should be mounted. You need to calculate eye level from the place you will watch your TV. For this, you can need to determine the distance of your eyes from the floor to know how high you are sitting from the floor. The viewing angle for watching TV should not be above than 30 degrees whereas most viewers sit at an angle between 10-15 degrees while lying down.

According to a general rule, a 42-inch TV should be mounted on a wall at about 56 inches from middle of the TV screen to the floor whereas, for 55-inch TV, it can be around 61 inches. If you are mounting your TV for the first time, then it is best to take help of professionals.

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