How high should a ceiling mounted TV be in Singapore

ceiling mount  tv bracket supply and install in singaporeHow to install a ceiling mounted TV bracket

For the most part, regardless of whether you’re not utilizing a ceiling mounted TV bracket, the subject of the perfect height for the television is one that influences all installation setup.

TV brackets mounted on the ceiling are not a typical site in private structures. Anyways, in office spaces that expects everybody to look at certain data on a general screen, the topic of the proper height for installation asks to be answered.

To decide the height that the TV ought to be mounted. We first need to know the measurement of the TV, the viewing distance from the TV, the eye level height from the floor and the leaning back recliner angle(RA), this point is typically zero degrees in the event that you are sitting upright or 10-20° if your head is laying on the headrest of your sofa.

Step 1; TV measure

This detail can without much of a stretch be gotten from the TV manual or conveyance container. In case you’re as yet not certain what the TV estimate is you can reach us to enable you to decide the size.

Step 2; the viewing distance (VD) from the TV.

The viewing distance is the space between the TV and each chair in the room. This distance is utilized in deciding the optimal mounting height, and it’s sheltered to expect that in case you’re purchasing a huge TV (somewhere in the range of 55 creeps to 70 inches), you have a huge room where to see it.

Step 3; Eye level height (ELH)

The dimension at which you should watch your TV is one that would not cause stressing of your eyes, and a dimension that ought to be agreeable. The eye level height is the distance between your eyes and the floor when you’re situated.

With every one of these estimations taken. It is anything but difficult to accomplish the optimal height for your screen installation, regardless of whether you’re utilizing a TV bracket mounted on the ceiling.

Another technique for accomplishing the right height for your installation is a mathematical formula that causes us to put all our estimation in one piece.

TVMH = tan(RA) × VD + ELH

This formula combines all our parameters to give the approximate right height for your screen irrespective of the mounting option you decide to pick. Remember if you’re not sure of the calculations, you’re making, you can always reach us at TV bracket Singapore   we would be glad to help you at an affordable price

How to install a ceiling mounted TV bracket

Step 1: Gather the necessary appliance that you’ll need for the installation. These would include a ladder, screwdriver and screws, drills, and the TV bracket mount. After setting up the tools, inspect the TV VESA holes as most TV have different arrangement for the holes.

Step 2: Attach the TV mounting bracket to the TV; remember this should only be done if the bracket holes are aligned with that of the TV.  After attaching the mount, tighten the screws firmly.

Step 3: After tightening the direct screws between the TV and the TV mount, tighten other part of the TV mount to the already attached bracket.

Step 4: Climb the ladder and use a stud finder to identify the stud position, (the stud finder would reduce the stress that you would have undergone in identifying the stud position). If the TV brackets are not mounted on the studs, there’s a high possibility that the TV bracket might snap out of the ceiling.

Step 5: Next step using the drill, make a hole in the ceiling for the insertion of the TV bracket. The hole would helping in keeping the cables out of site. However, in some apartments it might be difficult to pass your cables through the roof, so you can run the cables on your ceiling and hold them with a tap to prevent scattering.

Step 6: Fasten the ceiling mount to the ceiling and ensure the screws are drilled in securely. After this point, attach the mounting arm.  However, ensure that you have calculated the right height for your screen before attaching the arm.

Step 7: Finally attach the TV to the arm of the TV bracket. But ensure you get help in fixing the TV finally to avoid it falling down in an attempt to do it alone.

If you’re still not sure about the details of installing your TV bracket-ceiling mount or you would like to talk to a professional,   contact us at   or send a mail to we would give you an experience that you’ll always treasure.