Guide to Choosing the Right TV Bracket for Your Home in Singapore

All About The Guide to Choosing the Right TV Bracket for Your Home in SingaporeThe great thing about flat or curved screens is that they are easily mounted on the wall to save space. To do so, you use a TV bracket in Singapore for your space-saving. Your TV can either be located in your living room or bedroom. Using a TV bracket, you can get a comfortable view in either the latter or the former. However, there are some factors to consider while doing so.

Television specifications

When choosing a TV mounting, you need to consider the specs and ensure that you have one that is compatible with the specifications of the mounting. For instance, most TV brackets in Singapore are made with the weight and size of the TV in mind. As such, what you need is to ensure that the one you choose will manage the weight of your television to prevent it from crashing on the floor.

Amount of Swivel

When buying your TV bracket, you have the option to choose whether it will have some swivel or will remain stationary. Most of the TV brackets in Singapore can manage either of the two functions. Therefore, be sure to ask the technician that installs your mounting what function it can perform. The reason for a mounting with a swivel is the positioning in case of room size or having a gathering.

Choosing a TV Bracket with an Arm

There are wall mounts in Singapore that you can choose to remain on the wall. Also, there are those that you can choose that have an arm that extends the TV some few inches above your floor. You do have the choice to decide based on the size of space in the room where you will mount the TV.

Consideration of Price

The TV brackets in Singapore are ranged in different prices depending on the type of mount you need. In addition, you will find that the type of Television you have will determine the type of TV bracket you get. Ensure you get a mounting that is of great quality and that holds up your expensive high definition TV. Avoid cheap materials as they will cause damage if they cannot accommodate the size and weight of your TV.


Some wires will be hanging out of the TV after mounting. Consider these wires and find some tubing to avoid damage to the wires. Wires from Blue-Ray Players or DVD or video consoles may be damaged if left exposed. By hiding the wires, you get an improved look to your system and the room’s ambiance.

Your Health

There are positions where you can place your TV bracket that can affect your health. This is specifically so for your neck. If your Mount is placed too high above, you may have to strain your neck trying to view your TV. As such, consider a proper height at least not above 2 meters from your floor before installation of the TV bracket.

Your Personal Budget

Naturally, you will need to consider your budget and the amount you need to spend on your TV Bracket in Singapore. As such, you need to consider the type of mounting you need as well as the cost. Your TV is expensive; as such, ensure that you do not choose low quality mountings as they may cause your TV to crash on your floor. There is professional staff in Singapore that can assist you in making this decision and ensure that you have the right TV Bracket. In addition, you need trained technicians to save you time and money during installation based on your budget.


As expected, you do have a specific type of TV that has a unique design. Therefore, ensure your design is matched by your TV design. Furthermore, the TV bracket you choose to install can look like a wall frame and improve the ambiance of your home. Therefore, choose the right design for your Singapore house based on the aesthetics you choose for your home.


As mentioned above, you need a TV bracket that is sturdy enough to keep your TV mounted. Therefore, while doing your shopping on the mounting you need, ensure you do enough research to ensure you get the right product in Singapore.


To surmise, we have provided a guide with nine good steps on how to get the right TV bracket in Singapore. There are other factors you can consider based on your living space and the size of your TV. By using the above guide, you are assured of not only saving space but keeping your high definition TV safe.