Free Up Your Working Desk with a Desktop Monitor Mount

Free Up Your Working Desk with a Desktop Monitor Mount bracket in singaporeHow you set up your work station impact your productivity, work performance and job satisfaction. As much as you love your job, you have to find the right arrangement for your desk which in the long run will help you streamline your productivity, boost your confidence and even help you feel better and happier about your job. Imagine a situation where you have everything all haphazardly set up, that can be very unsatisfactory and can cause frustration making it difficult for you to get things done. If the ergonomics are bad enough, a badly set up workstation could pose a health problem. Many workers have complained about stiff necks, back pains and straining their eyes as a result of a poorly done workspace.

Therefore, do avoid all these problems, a gas-strut monitor mount can help you achieve the ideal workspace and set up, not only in your office, but also in your home helping you feel more comfortable and at ease in your workspace.

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What is a monitor mount?

Just as the name suggests, a monitor mount is a type of a mount designed specifically for the monitors or desktops. It is a strong but highly flexible ergonomic arm that provides support to the monitors. While the traditional mounts provide a firm and quite stable position for the monitors, the disadvantage is that they are very firm and hold the monitors in a locked position. You don’t want that for your desktop. What a desktop monitor does is that its allows you to move and adjust the height angle, or the position of your monitor. Supposing you have two monitors, you can use the monitor mounts to find the perfect arrangement of the two making it easy for you to see and work with.

Monitor mounts are quite advantageous, first, they let you customize your arrangement of the monitors adding more comfort, and thus increasing your productivity and work habits. Secondly, with a desktop mount comes improved posture. With the traditional set up of the desktops, they tend to make the user sit in a slouching position, or the user has to lean forward and so many other poor sitting habits, all of which are associated with health issues. When the desktop, the chairs and everything in your workspace is arranged ergonomically, sitting with a proper posture becomes one of the most effortless and natural thing to do. When uncomfortable, even so unconsciously, it becomes hard to focus.

Improve your work efficiency

One thing you have to understand is that if you are using your laptop on a daily basis to do your work, chances are, you are already wasting too much of your time already. Switching on and off and back and forth between multiple windows while you attempt to complete one simple task can be very frustrating and tiresome. This is where the monitor mount comes in, with it, you can spread your windows out across two screens. It is an added advantage for the mounts as you can arrange windows and files so that they are easy to find, view and edit. You will be amazed how adding a monitor mount to your desk will be advantageous and helpful in increasing workplace efficiency.

Away with health problems

With an uncomfortable sitting and working position, comes health problems with develop over a period of time. It is not uncommon to find your self after a long day of work developing painful crick on the neck. This discomfort can be done away with by using a desktop mount. The normal standard desktop mount positions the monitor at a certain position, which is often the wrong position for you. With a both a high and low positioning of the monitor, this can cause your neck to crane into awkward angles to view it.

A desktop mount allows the user to customize the settings such as height, angle and depth of the monitor. An ergonomic mount position allows you to view the monitor straight without straining up and down. Your neck should be relaxed.

Finally, a desktop mount such as the gas-strut monitor mount can help increase employees focus. Imagine a dual mount setup which spreads the work across two or three screens. Such a set up helps create a more immersive workstation by limiting the field of your vision beyond the screens and thus limiting distractions. This helps employees create more focus on work and thus it becomes easy to navigate various work items you are working on.