Don’t Focus on The Bracket, Focus on Your Television

Don’t Focus on The Bracket, Focus on Your Television in SingaporeOver the years, I have read tons and tons of materials about Tv Brackets in Singapore and they all have one thing in common, they put so much emphasis on the bracket itself forgetting that there are several aspects of the television that the user has to consider when shopping for the right even before focusing on the bracket related aspects and features.

Why the television you might ask because its why we have gone into the trouble of finding the right mount. A lot of people make a mistake and go buying the Tv Bracket in Singapore without first of all considering the television and today, we are going to discuss some of the most important consideration about the television before buying the wall mounts. This might seem very obvious and having mounted televisions for quite some time now, I can confidently tell you that the most important consideration you can ever make is about your television.

Weight Limit of Your Television

The weight of the television is an important consideration that you need to make before buying the mount. Most people make the assumption that just because the flat screen panels are slim, they are light, and they are, compared to the CRT tubes.

Putting this consideration in mind, whenever shopping for the mount, you must check that your best choice for the mount can support the weight of your television. The worst tragedy is mounting the television and the next thing you know is that it has fallen down. However, I am not saying that if you exceeded a certain weight limit that the television will fall, most of the manufacturers err and therefore, you must check the maximum capability that your television mount can carry.

We’ve seen it happen especially with the full motion television brackets where a person exceeds the maximum weight and the result has been catastrophic because when you put a strain on the full motion bracket and then you try pulling the television out of the wall, the weight become excessive.

Maximum Size of The Television

This seems so obvious and in fact, most people would ask what relation there is between the size and the bracket capacity, at least, for the weight it would be understandable. If you are unsure of the size of your television, measure from corner to corner of your television in inches and that is the size of your television.

Why size? Most people don’t know that the older version of flat screen television had a wider frame around it and therefore, you would make an allowance for this. Most of the newer versions barely have a frame at all, the infinity screen but you will notice that they come with two sets of speakers on the side which makes the television appear bigger. And while this might seem a non-issue, imagine when you want to access a cable on the back of your tv but you cannot because you are being blocked and can’t reach the cables. So, this is an issue that most people forego but it is very important to make that consideration.

The VESA Guidelines

This perhaps is the most important consideration you will have to make before purchasing the television mount. The VESA guidelines allow the user to fit in the television perfectly on to the mount and exceeding the weight or the size parameters of the television is obviously bad, but not being able to fit in the television on to the mount is tragic! VESA positioning is measured in millimeters. Before purchasing the mount, you have to check the measurement, otherwise, it will be a drain of money and effort, after that, check with the Tv Bracket in Singapore that you have purchased is compatible with the television.

One other important thing, do not assume that because VESA specifications of the TV brackets exceed that of the distance between fixing holes on the back of the television that it will automatically be fine because it won’t.