Do-It-Yourself Methods to Place TV Brackets on your Wall

Tools If Do-It-Yourself Methods to Place TV Brackets on your WallThese days, having a flat-screen TV is seen more as a necessity than an option. Compared to previous-generation TV sets, it touts more technological and environmental benefits. It also improves a house’s aesthetics and makes it look more livable. However, these benefits come at a much more expensive cost, which makes proper installation necessary. Improper installation of TV brackets or wall mounts can affect both viewing experience and the house’s integral structure. However, it is also possible to DIY installing a TV bracket in Singapore. All you need to have are the right tools and the right measurements.

Measure Properly

It takes quite a lot of effort to measure dimensions properly; there must be minimal margins of error. Otherwise, the TV bracket would not fit on the wall, which could render your flat screen unusable. You can draw up a sketch of your living room where a TV bracket in Singapore would be installed. Do not forget to include the dimensions where an approximate space would be allotted for the TV. If you only allot enough space for the TV bracket it would look impractical for the living room. That’s why it is necessary to allot enough space to cover the TV dimensions with some allowance.

Also, take note of the height where you would place your TV mount. A standard benchmark is to gauge the height of the center of the TV relative to your sitting height. If you are using a tilting TV bracket in Singapore, you can place it a few centimeters higher.

Lastly, prepare all the necessary tools and equipment needed to install a TV bracket. You must include a screwdriver, a wrench, a cordless drill, a tape measure, a utility knife, and a stud finder. Prepare extra screws and bolts as necessary, especially if the TV bracket does not have a mounting kit.

Use Stud Finders

Now that you have prepared the measurements before installing a TV bracket, use a stud finder. It can locate studs in the wall and help prevent accidental hole-drilling. Sometimes, electricity-related accidents occur because holes were drilled where wires occupied the space. Usually, electronic stud finders are used, as they can determine whether the area behind the wall has high dielectric constant.

Mark Dimensions Properly

Part of proper measuring is marking where the holes would be drilled. For one, it ensures that the house’s structural integrity is not compromised. Also, it prevents the error of installing a TV bracket which looks unaligned. If this is not done, the measurements could get messed up pretty easily. Another important thing about marking dimensions is that it also helps prevent additional measurement changes. Therefore, it is necessary that once you identify where you would install your TV bracket, mark it well.

Know Your TV Bracket Specifications

It is not enough to just buy a TV bracket without knowing important details. These include the size and weight of the TV and the size of the bracket holes. Without knowing these factors, the flat screen could become unusable. Also, make sure that you choose TV brackets wisely. Usually they have properties that support TV screens up to this size and weight.

They also have holes with which you need to adjust your screw and bolt sizes accordingly. A nice suggestion is to buy screws, nuts, and bolts whose diameters are slightly smaller than that of the hole. If the screws or bolts are much smaller than the hole, the TV bracket would not support the TV properly.

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