Curved Televisions: What you Need to Know About TV Bracket

Before buying tv bracket in Singapore, here’s what you need to know about Curved Televisions,Curved televisions in Singapore are a thing of the past now. A few years ago, there was a strong push for these type of television with the major giveaway being that they were revolutionary and for the simple reason that they were curved, they allowed the viewer to have a more immersive viewing experience. Thus, compared to now, these two elements made these televisions be sold at a premium. The main argument that I can make for the curved televisions is on the basis of their aesthetics, some people prefer the curved televisions in Singapore simply because it makes the house look cool, other than that, there’s no dramatic difference between the flat and curved screen TVs.

They improve immersion

One of the arguments for the curved screen televisions in Singapore is that they improve immersion. Basically, images on a curved screen television are slightly forward to mean that the world that you are watching seems to be ‘wrap around’ you more, entering slightly into your peripheral vision and thus drawing you deeper into the what you are watching.

The depth is enhanced

One of the arguments that most people with curved television will give you is that watching on a curved screen for the first time looks like 3D even when the source is 2D. the main reason for this is that, curving the edges of the images  towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you are viewing.

Wide field of view

Something that most people might not be familiar with is that bending the image towards the viewer as in the case of the curved screen television is that it makes the user feel as if they are seeing a wider image as compared to the flat screen. We do this practically, if you draw a line from your head position to the edges of, say a 55” curved television and then do the same with a flat screen television, what you will out is that with a curved screen television, images appear to stretch further across the wall than the flat screen television images, despite the size of the screen being the same.

Better in contrast

Well, this is a new one and an interesting argument for the curved televisions. What the proponents say is that the curved television is able to focus light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes, much the same way as a satellite dish strengthens the signals by focusing them onto an LNB and therefore, curved screens are able to deliver between 1.5x and 1.8x higher in contrast. It is hard to quantify this argument objectively for comparison purposes with the flat screen televisions. However, it is true that much of the curved televisions have a truly remarkable contrast.

Uniform viewing distance

The curved televisions track the rounded shape of the viewers eyes better and thus it delivers a more focused, comfortable image than the flat screen televisions. Perhaps one of the reasons why this argument has been put forth for the curved televisions is because they are used in commercial cinemas where the curved nature helps the projected image retain even sharpness right into the corners of the vast screen sizes.

Should you buy a curve screen and mount it?

Curved screens are better, very classy and brings an aesthetic ambience around the house. However, if you have ever stood in front of one of these trick mirrors in a park, you’ll know that curved or any shaped glass tends to have a weird effect on the reflections. Which is the same thing that happens with the curved televisions sets.

Curved televisions can be mounted. You just have to find the right kind of bracket and here at has all right tv bracket in Singapore. While the curved televisions will give you a slightly difference picture compared to the flat screen television, the difference is not that big and it is only noticeable at the extreme angles or viewed from up close.

Mounting is almost similar as that of a flat screen television. However, if you are not sure about how to go about the process, you can contact us for a more professional advice.