Can you reuse an old TV brackets?

Can you reuse an old TV brackets in Singapore?If you happen to buy a new TV, you may be wondering if it is possible to re-use an old TV mount. There are benefits and risks that come along with that. Each of the TV has its own specification and each bracket has its every own specification too and if these two are not compatible, then it will be chaos and can result into damages. Therefore, before re-using an old TV mount, it is best to first of all weigh the pros and cons of re-use an old TV mount.

Pros of re-use old TV bracket in Singapore

  • Save on time; one of the benefits of re-use an old TV  mount is that you get to save a lot of time that would have otherwise be used trying to fix the new design. If the old TV mount is compatible with your new TV, then there is no need of installing another bracket.
  • Save on money; what would be the need of purchasing a new TV bracket if the old one can work comfortably with your TV? Therefore, re-use your old TV bracket will help you save on money plus the installation cost.


Before you can go ahead to re-use the old TV bracket check to see whether the old TV bracket specification are compatible with your TV. If not, then you will be forced to replace it with a new one.

Holes drilled into the walls

Is it safe to re-use the holes that were drilled into the wall using the old mount? Someone may ask. It depends, because assuming that you did not strip the holes when removing the old bolts, then you probably should use the same holes. However, sometimes this is not the safest option for you to use and therefore to make sure that nothing goes wrong, it is better to get the professional TV Bracket Installer to do it for you.

At TvbracketSG, to be safer we recommend drilling some new holes into the wall and then fitting the bracket.

Cons of using an old TV bracket

There are certain thing that you need to watch out for when re-use an old TV bracket. It may be rusty and adding new weight may break it thus damaging your TV. Furthermore, old TV bracket may not be compatible with your system and therefore, this poses a risk to damage your TV.

To avoid complications and problems, it is always advisable that you install another bracket rather than using the old TV bracket. It is the best option and also may see the contact from here.