Available and Types of TV wall brackets

Available and Types of TV wall brackets in SingaporeGetting to choose the best TV that will look enticing in your house or room and at the same time give you the services you need is definitely very exhausting. You get to spend a lot of time and energy and once you spot that perfect match, you spend part of your fortune on it.

After going all that to get this important entertainment tool, you find yourself in another complicated situation, that of finding the best wall mount or bracket. I am so sure you cannot manage to guess on this one, else your TV comes down crashing. There is an alternative of placing the TV on a table or other forms of stands but let’s face it, a flat screen looks awesome when hanging.

If this is how you found yourself here searching information on the best types of TV stands and what they mean, then you landed on the right page. The main types of TV brackets or wall mounts include tilting brackets, flat (also known as fixed), articulating brackets, and full motion TV brackets.

So now that you have seen their names, let’s get to knowing what they stand for and how they differ.

Tilting TV brackets

Tilting wall mount brackets are designed to allow you to tilt or slant your TV to an angle that suits you whether you are watching the TV from the floor, on your sofa or from a higher level. Each model can have different tilting angles, and comparing them can aid in determining the best tilt for you.

The key feature of this type of bracket is the ability to modify the angle of screen even after the TV has been fixed to a wall. An example of a place that the tilting bracket can be used is in a bedroom or hotel room since one may consider watching the TV when sitting on the floor, on the bed or even lying on bed, without hurting their neck.

Flat wall mount TV brackets

It also goes by the names fixed brackets or low profile TV brackets. The flat wall mount TV bracket is the commonly used compared to other types since it is the most basic and straightforward, and in most cases more affordable. It will let you fix the TV as close as possible to the wall, hence the TV does not protrude into the room. In most of them, as the name suggests, once you mount it on the wall it gets fixed there, adjusting it could mean a lot more trouble.

Therefore, it is important to consider some aspects of your TV before mounting the low profile bracket. If the cables such as HDMI and satellite cable are connected to the rear of your TV, consider leaving enough space before mounting, or go for adjustments cable adapters.

The wall or area of fixing must also be spacious and clear so that it becomes easy to set the brackets depending on the audience’s angle of viewing.

Articulating wall mount TV brackets

These are the more flexible TV wall mounts that give the user a wide range of application and adjustments. The articulating wall mounts can be viewed as a combination of the other TV mounts. Articulating brackets can be in simple form of a swivel mount that lets the screen move from left to right, or can be a complex flexible swivel and tilt TV brackets that makes it possible for the TV screen to be moved away from the wall and angles adjusted. Depending on the type of model of the articulating TV mount, it is possible to get some or all these adjustable movements in one bracket.

Articulating TV brackets are also advantageous as they can be fixed in a room’s corner, as opposed to the fixed and tilting brackets.

Full motion wall mount TV brackets

This is the most flexible type of wall mount TV brackets and as the names suggests, it allows the screen to be moved to any preferred angle. Most models allow the screen to be pulled out, moved to the right or left, up and down, and some allow 90 degrees and 180 degrees turn.

When mounting it, it is important to consider the folding extension arms that allow navigation. The full motion TV bracket is the most expensive, but also provides the widest range of benefits.

Having gone through the different types of TV wall brackets in Singapore, you can now have the confidence to get to the market, whether you are visiting the store near you or making an online order, and get the most preferable to you without getting confused by those marketing terms.