Are TV Mounts Safe?

Are TV Mounts Safe in SingaporeMounting a flat screen TV on a wall can dramatically help you improve the quality of the living area and improve the TV viewing quality and flexibility. But are the TV mounts really safe? Imagine a quite expensive TV dangling on a wall? Isn’t that enough to send shivers all over your body? Tv mounts on the surface may look quite dangerous but they are also valuable safety features. If you have kids, or pets, who at times tend to be very clumsy, then TV mounts are the best option available.

Comparing the modern age of TV with old TVs, there’s a significant difference. First, the old TVs of the cathode ray tubes were huge, bulky and heavy and this might seem like a bad thing but it is not. With their bulkiness, it also meant that chances of an accident with them were rare. However, today’s TV is entirely different – very slim and lightweight. Their small stands mean they tend to be very tipsy especially the larger screens.

Here’s what you can do to prevent accidents

Accidents happen all the time but you can do something to prevent them from happening. If your TV sits on an entertainment center or on another furniture, there are strapping tools that you can use to anchor the TV and the furniture to the wall. However, larger pieces of the furniture present their own hazardous problems in that they can easily fall off, especially if we are dealing with a case of furniture with drawers or doors that the kids can use to climb or pull aimlessly. The main advantage of the Anti-strap materials is that it can be able to secure both the flat screen TV and the furniture to the wall.


TV wall mounts are the best and will guarantee you the safety of your kids and the TV itself. The TV mounts rely on the strength of the studs in the wall to hold up the TV. Our brackets and TV mounts have been tested and proven, which means that your TV will be safely held against the wall. We will make the process of installation so easy using our manuals and guides. Our customer care team is comprised of experts who are willing to walk you through the installation process to ensure that you get everything right. Having the TV strapped to the furniture might look okay, but that won’t guarantee you the safety of your TV or your kids or pets. Mounting the Tv will.


While the safety of the mounts has often been a subject of criticism, many experts agree that there can never be any safer way to ensure the safety of the Tv and of your kids other than the TV mounts. TV Brackets in Singapore is a company that has been dedicated to making sure that you get the best Mounts in terms of quality. Our mounts will also ensure that you not only can be able to position the screen for better viewing but also, it helps you transform your entire living room or the media room aesthetic.