Are TV Brackets safe for big and small TVs?

Are TV Brackets safe for big and small TVs in SingaporeBeing hit by a television does not end well, ever! While flat screens today are much lighter than its older cathode-box TV predecessors, these screen size just keeps on increasing year after year, thereby adding weight to it. Even a small-sized flat screen TV is a big slab of glass that is surrounded by metal and sharp plastic fillings. Being hit by a TV can lead to grievous injuries like hearing loss, loss of nerve function, nasal obstruction, bleeding in the brain, skull and different kinds of fractures, etc.

Old tube TVs used to weigh more than 250 pounds that made it very difficult to move. But, these TV sets were equipped with a large footprint that allowed the set to be placed on a table. Later, you could install safety straps that secured the TV to a base it stood on or a wall, thereby preventing it from losing balance and falling off. Today, flat screen TV sets have bases that are relatively thinner, making them heavy on the top and more prone to falling.

It is extremely easy to prevent such accidents today. Doing away with your cabinet and wall mounting it is one of the best options that can help you prevent such disasters and, at the same time, allows you to show off your flat screen. These mounts can easily hold your TV set that weighs about 700 pounds.

But, you must first ensure the following steps to make sure you don’t find your LCD lying shattered on the floor:

  1. Check for maximum bearing weights

Different TV brackets have varying maximum bearing weights. To make sure everything works out well, you must first read through the manual of your TV brackets to check its maximum weight it can bear without breaking and compare it with the weight of your LCD TV.

  1. Don’t buy a TV set that can put a strain on your bracket

Make sure the maximum weight bearing capacity of the TV bracket is at least twice the weight of your flat screen TV. For example, if the maximum bearing capacity of the bracket is 100 pounds, it is not wise to use it to hold an LCD TV within the same weigh-category. But, if you use a TV set that is lighter than 70 pounds, then these TV brackets hold it perfectly.

  1. Adhere to the correct TV bracket fixing rules

The installation of these brackets is extremely important. If you are not able to install it properly, it will negatively affect the maximum weight capacity of the brackets. Hence, it is important to read the instruction manual and carefully proceed to install the brackets. If you are unable to do so, it is a good idea to call a qualified technician to help.

  1. Different TV brackets have different allowable maximum weights

Different types of TV brackets in Singapore will hold different maximum weights. For example, a normal TV bracket is capable of holding TV sets weighing from 80 to 200 pounds. Similarly, a tilt bracket can hold somewhere between the same margin. But, an articulating bracket will hold only some TV sets that weigh between 40 and 190 pounds because of its special functions.

Mounting your LCD TV can drastically improve flexibility and viewing quality. Wall mounts also offer substantial safety features. If you have pets or kids (who can be clumsy at times), it is important that you install wall mounts as soon as you can and enjoy the peace of mind.

Give us a call today and we can mount your TV set on your wall. We offer a wide variety of high quality TV brackets, which means you can choose according to your home size and requirements. Plus, we also offer professional TV mounting and installation services to customers in Singapore.