Are TV And Monitor Mounts Interchangeable?

Are TV And Monitor Mounts Interchangeable?Sometimes, finding the best TV bracket Singapore can be quite difficult especially if you have specific needs that you want met.  This is why most people tend to turn to monitor mounts just to compensate for the lack of choices that they have.

However, one may ask if TV and monitor mounts are indeed interchangeable or should we stick to one design when trying to buy this particular implement in the future?  This article can help you answer this question by giving you some points that you need to remember before buying your very own TV mount in the future.

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The Ultimate Answer

It all boils down to the standards set by VESA.  This nonprofit organization handles the industry-wide interface standards for personal computers as well as related devices all over the world.  If the monitor mount passes the specific standards, you will be able to use it in lieu of the TV mount.

The standards are as follows:

The display mount should have four or more screw holes on the back.  It also should have the square pattern located at the center of the active area.  They should also have a similar size and weight as compared to the television set itself.

The Caveat

However, most monitors nowadays are attached to their own stand or a TV bracket Singapore and cannot be removed easily.  This is why it would be difficult for you to replace your TV wall mount with the monitor stand unless you buy it separately from the store.

If you don’t have a TV stand available, in lieu of monitor’s stands, an effective suggestion could be that you just place it on top of the table or the counter with the additional drawers for storage so as not to mount it onto the wall or to use a stand at all.  This way, you will also be able to the functionality of the TV desk in terms of storage.

This way, you will feel safer knowing that the television set will not end up falling because of loose screws from the wall or the TV mount.


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