Answers these 5 questions from TV bracket Singapore before mounting your television today

Answers these 5 questions from TV bracket Singapore before mounting your television todaySuperficially, mounting is a great option. Most people are preferring mounting to the traditional television set up and there is a very good reason for that. Here at Tv bracket Singapore, we have covered in great details the advantages of television mounting, check out our blog for more inspiration. Mounting the television to the walls is a good idea, it saves a lot of space, keeps the television very safe and lifts the television on a higher place where everyone can be able to view.

At least, that is all what we know, what most DIY people forgot to mention is that if you start the mounting process without a place, it could end up being chaotic. However, you can stop that from happening. Help the process of mounting by answering these 5 questions from tv bracket Singapore mounting manual.

What’s your space like?

We have said this, mounting the television doesn’t require much space. However, that goes for the television, what about the other components that goes with the television? If you are like most people, you probably have other numerous gadgets all waiting to be hooked up with the television once it is dangling in the air. One of the questions here at tv bracket Singapore ask is if you have the sufficient provision or room for the other gadget.

If you have a limited space, you can solve this problem by simply installing floating shelve units under the television. Other creative ways that you could use for your house is may be having a book shelve under the television that acts as a placement for all the components that goes with the television.

What’s your plan for the cords?

With mounting, one of the obstacles that you will come across is the cable work and coming up with a solid solution on how to conceal them. Tv bracket Singapore advices that before mounting your television, you have or make a provision for the cable work. The sleek design of a mounted television can be easily destroyed by dangling ugly cords stretching up from the wall. Even if you are not going to use a single plug for the devices to be connected to the television, it would still leave an unsightly look for the television. The television cord itself from the socket could disrupt and defeat the whole purpose of mounting.

There are however a few solutions that TV bracket Singapore advices to make sure that you leave a clean look for your mounted television. One of the ways is to have tv bracket Singapore professionals install the cords inside the walls. The other solution to the cord problem is having the power outlet installed behind the television, this is a good solution since it would mean that the power cable doesn’t need to dangle. Hide the cords with a cord-hider which camouflages the wires.

And the walls, can they handle it?

Before mounting, our professionals have to assess the walls. I imagine if you are going to mount all by yourself, this is a consideration that you are taking seriously. The wall type in your house determines in a great length the future of your television. Whether or not your wall can support mounting is something that you need to take into consideration when mounting. What we find is that most people make the assumption that with the modern televisions, given their feather weight, they can easily be installed on any wall. The fact is, even with most modern, lightest televisions, they can be quite heavy to some of your presumed heavy framed pieces.

Tv bracket Singapore advices mounting on a stud where you suspect the walls to be weak and wont support the television as they ought. Do not attempt to anchor the television on a dry wall, it could be very dangerous. If your walls do not have any stud, find another location.

How far to the ports?

We have seen this happen in many cases where a person just mounts the television without considering the location of the power socket. Before mounting, check to see whether the television plug will reach the power outlet. In addition to the power outlet, tv bracket Singapore advises on checking to see where the ports are located on your television. If most of the ports of the television are located on the back of the television, you will need to purchase a mount that has a telescope outward which allows a better access to the back of the television. It would be unreasonable unmounting the television every time you want to access a port on the back of the television.

 Are you really comfortable?

Lastly, what’s your position? What’s your angle? Are you comfortable? Most people will place the television based on their sitting position. what happens when you change your sitting position? Does it mean you will have to unmount the television to place in another angle?

Tv bracket Singapore advises that in such a case, you have to choose an adjustable television mount that you can easily adjust or customize to suit your various viewing preferences.