6 questions to answer before mounting your TV in Singapore

6 questions to answer before mounting your TV in Singapore Mounting a TV can seem like quite a good idea, judging by all the advantages it comes with. Not only does it save up your floor space but also places the TV screen in such a way that compliments the interiors of your home and is visible from various corners of the room.

However, if done without palling ahead, it might bring unforeseen problems and give you a headache. To help you to be more equipped in the process of buying and installing a TV bracket, we have come up with a list of 6 vital questions one should ask oneself before opting for a TV bracket:

  1. Is your wall strong enough?

Since you will be mounting a while TV which is of a considerable weight, you might want to check if your wall is strong enough to handle the pressure. To make your job easier use a stud-finding tool to find the places in your wall in which the studs are located. Now, you can figure out where to hang the TV on your wall.

  1. Do you know your angle right?

Putting the TV at a perfect angle is very crucial to the process. Setting it at a wrong angle might cause long-term health issues, such as backache and cramps in the neck because of having to strain your head to get a good view of the TV screen.

  1. Have you got all the tools?

Before beginning the process of mounting your TV, have all the tools handy, if you are doing it yourself. A Drill, screwdriver, stud-finding tool, etc., is a must.

  1. Can you hide the cords?

One of the major functions of a TV bracket is to make your room look sleek and tidy. To ensure that this functions, be careful not to leave behind any dangling wires or buy a cord cover that can hide all your extra wires.

  1. Can you access the ports?

Check the ports of your TV first, depending on which your TV bracket should be purchased. Even when you would want to add other devices like speakers, microphone, etc to your TV, you would want to have total access to the ports. If your wall mount is such that the ports are at the back, it might cause problems.

  1. Is the location right?

Always check if your TV is coming in the way of sunlight as it might spoil the delicate screen. Be careful of placing the TV on top of your fireplace as well.

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