5 step guide to fix your TV brackets in Singapore

5 step how to fix tv bracket in singaporeSo you are tired of your old 70-pound CRT TV and thinking may be thinking “it is time to go digital.” well, good for you because the flat screen generation of the TVs are the best choice you could have ever make.

But wait… It is not that easy, not so fast, there are some important considerations to make and one of them is how do you fix your TV bracket in Singapore? And if so, where exactly do you mount your bracket?

Many people think that it is an easy process, but in reality, fixing the TV brackets is not an easy task, you need a proper guide to mount the bracket and here at TVBracketSG, we show you exactly how to do it.

The tools that you need

Before we get mechanical, here are some of the tools that you need to have with you to ensure success;

  • Screw Driver
  • Power Drill
  • Laser Level
  • Brackets

These are the important tools that you need and just in case you are reading this but do not have the bracket because you do not know where to get them, you can check out some quality brackets at TVBracketSG.

Step 1; choose the mounting location

Is it the living room? Or the bedroom? Wherever it is, you need to be sure where you want to mount your TV bracket. The place of your choosing should be comfortable with everybody. You need to also make sure that the mounting place is at the eye level with the viewers’ pose. If the place of your choosing doesn’t allow watching at the eye level, you can consider choosing a tilting bracket.

Step 2; attach the brackets to the TV

If you check your TV, at the back, you will find there are some holes that allow screws to be fixed. Attach the brackets to these holes, use the bolts to fix it. Be careful while tightening the bolts not to break anything.

Step 3; fix the brackets to the wall

All the brackets have the wall plate bracket part which should hang on the wall. Using the laser level or any other leveling machine, get the perfect leveling for your wall mount. This ensures that your TV hangs straight. Mark a horizontal line plus the brackets holes.

Step 4; drill the walls

With the help of the power drill, make holes on the wall where you will mount the bracket. These holes should be drilled exactly at the marks that you had made in the previous step. Make sure also that the level of the mount is even and does not go down to one side.

Step 5; attach the TV to the wall mount

Simply, take the TV with the mounted bracket and attach it to the wall. This will allow the mounted TV to hang perfectly. One vital step is make sure that you properly lock the mounting arms with the TV. Do not leave at that, check to see that everything is fixed correctly.

These are the five simple but crucial steps to ensure success with your TV bracket mounting. The final step is wiring which should not be hard, as a matter of fact, follow the simple instruction on the user manual and start enjoying your TV.