4 creative DIY ideas for your room interior TV stand Singapore

tv mobile stand singapore with wheelsWho wouldn’t want a great looking living room with the TV displayed in a manner that shows elegance and class? You may be thinking that having a TV stand is not all that important after all, you can just pick a piece of the furniture in the house and place the TV on it. Well, that may be true, but according to TVBracketSG, traditionally, that may have worked but nowadays, it is not an option given that the TVs we have today are nothing like they used to be before 5 years ago.

With the evolution of the TV and existence of the Flat-screen designs, you may consider setting your own stand, and i am here to help you along with that. Setting your own standard design for your stand. I will outline 7 DIY methods for you chose to give your house that classy look.

Crate TV stand plan

The TV stand Singapore as one of our first option DIY method is the crate plan. Very beautiful, elegant and classy. Here is what you need to do;

  • Use four crates of the same size. There are so many places in Singapore where you can get the crates. Arrange the crates in twos that stand together. This way, you will end up having four shelves, where you can put anything that you want. Secure the crates with the screws so they can stay strong to hold your TV

The TV brackets

TV brackets in Singapore is one of the method of holding the TV that we’d strongly recommend. There are so places where you can get the spare parts to make your own TV bracket, for example, TVBracketSG. You need to assemble the spare parts and following the simple instruction in the manual, you can be able to make your own bracket. Fix it in the position that you’d like in the house and finally, mount the television.

A cinderblock DIY console

This is another DIY method that we recommend. If you really aren’t that mechanical with your hands, that is, with fixing brackets, you can try the cinderblocks out. In Singapore, there are so many places where you can get these. You can also opt for the secondhand cinderblocks if they are still in good shape. Stack them up and put the right size of a wooden board on top. To avoid damages, make sure that the plank is strong enough to support the TV.

The galvanized pipe stand

To make this, you will need to have two large pine boards. Chose the sturdiest. Before you can stain them, you need to sand them which will avoid the traces of the wipe strokes, usually blend in the stain. Leave them to dry as you fix your pipes. You need to paint the pipes black. Drill some holes into the bottom piece of the wood. The pipes will function as the legs of the stand. Drill the second layer but ensure that it is at the same spot. Put the top bases on where the pipes end. Screw the pipes on the lower layer of wood as tightly as possible.

These are the four creative stand designs that you can use in your house. However, most people usually do not have the time or the resources and that’s okay because at TVBracketSG, you can find the right stand with a modern design to suit your home preferences. Otherwise, try some of these designs out, you won’t regret.