3 myths about TV brackets in Singapore

3 myths about TV brackets in SingaporeDue to technological advancements, TVs today are thinner and lighter than ever before. These features make them easier to be mounted on walls nowadays. But, some people still prefer to make use of their usual TV stands. While some reasons sound quite genuine like lack of time to watch television or other expenses, others consist of some cryptic myths.

You will come across many myths related to the TV bracket in Singapore. Most people tend to believe in these myths for reasons unknown. Below, we will be revealing the top three myths for our readers and explain each one of them.

  1. The overall quality of the image is affected

According to several video experts, this myth revolves around the fact that apart from the neck-craning problem, the quality of the picture has to be taken into consideration. This myth states that if the viewer is not looking straight at the TV screen on the mount, the viewer will be able to see only a fraction of the light produced on the television.

The truth of the matter is that thanks to modern technology, the picture quality is not a concern anymore. You will find different types of TV brackets that allow you to angle your TV set according to different angles that are watchable as well as comfortable.  Also, TV sets are fitted with such technology that changing your viewing angle by some percentage will not hamper your viewing experience.

  1. A TV set can be mounted at any place

Mounting a TV on a wall can only be successful when every eventuality has been considered and taken into account for. You need to ask questions like will the wall made of a material that is strong enough to support. Obviously, if the wall is made of paper (like the ones in Japan) or any other similar materials, it is impossible to install a TV bracket on that wall.

You also need to consider a lot of different things as well. For example, you chose a wall that you like. But, is there a power supply nearby anywhere? Is the TV protected from elements like direct sunlight, dust, rain, etc.? Are there any other important lines in the wall that can get compromised during the TV mounting procedure?

  1. A mounted TV set is always secure

When you are mounting a TV set on your TV bracket, it is important to consider a number of precautions to make sure the TV set is placed securely. There are many unfortunate homeowners who have attempted to mount TV sets themselves, only to end up with broken glasses and crashed TV sets on the floor.

The reality is that the TV set is only secure when the correct precautions are used while mounting a TV bracket and fixing the television on to that. This entire procedure consists more than fixing some nuts and bolts and the TV set can still be at risk.

If you are looking for help for mounting a TV set on a bracket securely, you can give us a call. Our expert team is well-prepared and will offer the best professional services. Also, if you are looking for a TV bracket, do not hesitate to contact us.