10 things you need to know before choosing Your TV Bracket

10 things you need to know before choosing Your TV Bracket in SingaporeIt looks easy to choose a tv bracket for our tv but there are some important things we should know before buying a TV bracket in Singapore.


The VESA standard (Video Electronics Standard Association) defines the standard dimensions for fixing TVs and monitors via support. Quite simply, on the back of the TV, four holes allow you to fix the TV to the bracket and then hang it on the wall. The distance in millimeters between the two horizontal holes and the two vertical holes defines the standard (e.g. if the distance between the horizontal holes and that between the vertical holes is 200 mm the VESA standard will be 200 * 200). The most common sizes are 200 × 200, 400 × 400 and 600 × 600. The VESA standard is always indicated among the features of the TV and is fundamental in the choice of the bracket.

 Weight and size

The weight and dimensions of the TV are among the most important discriminants and often influence the choice of the bracket. Once these two parameters have been ascertained, it is appropriate to check within the technical data sheet that they are supported by the bracket. Do not be superficial in this evaluation as it is extremely necessary to install the bracket in conditions of safety for your safety and that of the people around you.


To avoid a stiff neck, it is best to watch the TV in front, sitting in line with the screen. Considering the sitting position, it is about 85-100 cm from the ground. In this way we will not be forced to take unnatural positions and the quality of vision will also benefit.


The reflections on the TV screen are very annoying. For this reason, it would be good to be able to position the TV away from direct light sources such as windows or spotlights. If this is not possible you could opt for tilting support or, in extremis, consider covering curtains on the windows.


Studying the best location within the rooms is often a thorny issue.

You will certainly be facilitated if you can intervene during the construction of the plants. Most commonly, however, we find ourselves in a situation where it is difficult – or very expensive – to make changes. In any case, it is good to consider how many TV attacks we have in the various rooms of the house and where we need to see the screen. This will influence the orientation characteristics of the TV bracket in Singapore. In general, the location may vary between wall, ceiling or, for more modern installations, on the floor.


The orientation is closely related to the location of the bracket. For this reason, once we have defined the location, it is appropriate to understand the orientation needs of the TV and therefore the characteristics that we will have to consider in our bracket. If you have opted for a wall mount, consider choosing a bracket that has rotation or inclination that can solve some vision defects related to a fixed support.


Let’s dispel the myth that the bigger the TV the greater the recommended viewing distance. The criterion determined to understand the distance from which you should watch TV is the definition. In a nutshell, the higher the definition, the shorter the distance required and the larger the TV can be.

Type of material to attach the bracket

Wherever you hang the TV, you need to make sure the surface is tight. The wall or ceiling must be able to support the weight of the bracket and the TV together.


Have you checked that the cables needed to connect the TV (antenna, power supply, HDMI, ethernet patch) immediately go where you are going to fix the TV? If you opt for a wall bracket, do you have enough space for the connector and the scart socket? Even if it seems trivial, pay attention to these small details that could affect the functionality of the TV bracket in Singapore and the final aesthetic result of the assembly.


Whether you mount a bracket on the wall, ceiling or the ground, it is always good to implement all safety precautions. Therefore, read the assembly instructions carefully even if it seems quite obvious or obvious to you.

Now that you know the 10 most important things to know before buying a TV bracket you can learn more about it in TV Bracket SG to find out more.